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  1. i did, but there alot of people just went in and steal the project template and leave and there alots of untrusted people and troller joined so i revoke the invite link, you can only get it via dm [another another animation, so i know that you not an animaion stealer and stuff like that]
  2. I'm glad that you want to join, but you have to DM me on discord with your animations in order to join now, sorry about that please recheck the post, just edited it
  3. Howdy everyone! I am looking for people to join my collab. Here is what the collab is about "The collab is going to be about me and my sister who is finding actors for our upcoming movies. The actors [People who joined the collab] will be acting themselves saying lines from a movie/show or something random, like "Hey, this isn't my script!". They can animate themselves doing some kind of dramatic move or being nervous or something like that, it up to your imagination!. It's not a really good collab but still, it has some nice ideas to it r-right?" The Rules: 1. NSFW is not allowed 2. Entries must be 5 - 30 seconds long 3. You can only make 3 entries in total 4. Do not mess around with the setups in the template except for the lighting 5. Use the render setting below 6. Gore/Blood is allowed but keep it minimal 7. If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks then you will be kicked out of the server 8. You can have 1 - 3 characters in the scene, but not more 9. You can break the 4th wall 10. You can scale the setup back to 1 to animate easier, but you have to scale it back to 10 when you render your entries out 11. 2D animations are allowed 12. Render your entries in 1080p 30 fps 13. Sound effects are allowed, music is not recommended but still allowed 14. You are allowed to use voice lines from movies/games/etc... 15. You are allowed to record your own voice and put it in your entries Rules might be update in the future! Here is one of the entries for the collab [I will be sending about 1 - 3 in total so you can understand what the collab is about, the entries i sent still going to be in the final video]: 1. Made by @JosSamLoh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you interested to join the collab, here the invite link to it discord! [Discord Link REDACTED] In order to join now You have to DM my Discord: RandomJeremy#6675 I hope you have a good day! : b the collab reached 70 members idk if i can edit any more entries but that doesn't mean you can't join it anymore, just uh-- dm me on discord i might not responde, but you can still dm me without friending me just right click my pfp after you attempted to friend me and click messages i will check it when i have a chance ok bye better late than ever right xd
  4. *i didn't say anything about not having upvotes and rep but ok*
  5. < 3 i dont deserve em it might be the wrist bend idk. but i'll try to stop overusing it next time i make a similar render cereals with milk or without milk
  6. howdy yes im back from the dead i been making some render recently and i want to show you guys it [my english is bad so yeah, bear with me] First Render: "Childhood" Second Render: "Subway Train" Third Render: "Tired" Fourth Render: "All nighter" Yeah that about it Critcism are very much welcome If you like my render, remember to HiT THat LiKe AnD sUbSCriBE BuTTOn For MOre OrigINAL ContENT i mean hit upvotes and share them to your friend [with credits ofcourse] ily you all no homo < 3
  7. RandomJeremy

    Tori and Asgore

    oh hecc, didnt know that thanks for telling me tho
  8. RandomJeremy

    Tori and Asgore

    oof, i dont see why you would post it on a mine-imator forums but still it hella good my dude
  9. Howdy Yes it ya boi randomjeremy back with it again with a renDER :bbb Hours Took: 2 - 3 hours Software used: Mine-imator 1.2.0 Pre Release 3 ok bye < 3
  10. how dare you posted c4d on my mine-imator christian forums
  11. howdy doody my fellow doodie guess who hit 666 subs this boi yeet :bbb
  12. Howdy, here is a non-edited render. made in Mine-Imator 1.2.0 Pre-Release. ; b
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