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    Im nearly sick of random kissing scenes
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  1. xXsentienXx

    Worst day of my life

    thanks i had to drink rum to take my mind of my mom's death
  2. xXsentienXx

    Worst day of my life

    well *sigh* how can i explain recently my mother passed away i fell into despair and heartbroken calamity and so i made this and im still sad until now (this was after the funeral)
  3. should i make something special once i hit 100 rep 

    1. Skjold


      If you really are 37, like your profile says, I'd probably say that special thing should be reevaluating your life choices.

  4. xXsentienXx

    Pixie Rig

    Damn this rig takes me back and the memories i had in terraria this is a good rig
  5. xXsentienXx

    wallpaper with Deydara

    lighting needs some wrk i dont understand why he is in a giant parrot although the rig is nice
  6. this new profile pic gave me some good memories

  7. xXsentienXx


    This is my first ever rig to be finished at last Lindow (corroded or aragmi ver) blade devourer Lindow (human ver) download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vihe895hcanecqa/Lindow.rar/file
  8. xXsentienXx


    lindow the rig is not officialy fiinished im placing a cape cloth thing on his lower sides NOTE:his massive jaw arm thing is suppose to mimic an enemies weapon when hit...btw he was one of my older rigs back in v1.0.6 of mine imator Rindou the blood moon fox NOTE:his tails,face,etc isn't done yet Sathal-ka the mantis or whatever Note:the only thing thats missing is her head,textures,details,and her tail
  9. xXsentienXx

    Commonly suggested features

    it would be awesome if they had that thing for like cloth like pinning one object to another but use like dual parenting. kinda like if you bend an arm the object would stay in one end like the body and the arm could drag the rest of it just like a rope
  10. xXsentienXx

    A God devourer's return

    oh beacaus this one is where i fixed portal lighting,added a minecart,added 1 more skeleon
  11. xXsentienXx

    A God devourer's return

    thanks this took me a while to complete cus my pc was dyin from lag
  12. xXsentienXx

    A God devourer's return

    thank you
  13. xXsentienXx

    A God devourer's return

    from the depth's of an old mine someone had awoken the devourer of gods i did a rework and fix lighting from the last version of this wallpaper i changed the steve skin into this monstrosity of a rig but last for not least ENJOY!!!!!!
  14. all of my rigs are nearly done i cant wait to make an epic wallpaper soonly

    1. TheJeweledWolf


      Just find something to motivate yourself

    2. xXsentienXx


      yeah ill find something that can motivate me thnx m8

    3. TheJeweledWolf
  15. xXsentienXx

    Tennis ball in the yard -Realism Wallpaper-

    holy damn i actually thought in my head this is not MI but this is really impressive
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