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  1. how in the mother russia do you make these
  2. wut do you mean "coming apart" sure ill give it a shot and also thnx also cus its a lower quality its beacause my pc couldn't handle trying to make a 4k wallpaper actually there is i just didnt want to increase the brightness too high
  3. pls i need someone to crticize this i know there is a flaw in this wallpaper
  4. pls give cc it would be nice so that i could improve more cus im making another one tom *in my country its 11:35 so yea* hint for next wallpaper: COUNTRY ROADS TAKE ME HOME!!!!!!!!!!
  5. boi why are these crabs the size of a ravager tho
  6. linear movement and foot sliding use transitions
  7. the black dudes eyes are clipping
  8. before i post a new wallpaper i just need people to cc this really quick and also i need to sleep early so ill be back around 8 am or 9 am 


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      the fire does not emit any light, the dead body is sinking in the floor and there's an antialiasing glitch on the shoulder

  9. i just wha...what...but..w...why...what...what is this...what have i walked into...i think i may have found myself way too deep into a rabbit hole...also i am sry 


    and i think someone is gonna hate me

    1. Ghatos


      Thoses damn furries...


      No am not hating furries don't downvote me plz ;-;

  10. first thing that came to my mind almost instantly on topic: the watermark is a bit too big and its dragging away the attention *if im wrong someone pls tell me*
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