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    another short test, testing out dying and stuff. i know it's like 6 seconds but I still like it. Plus I can't figure out how to do scenery without my pc dying so I can't make pretty looking longer animations ;-; anyways enjoy and as always helpful criticism is appreciated!
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    A moving day in MetroCity.
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    pretty damn soon™

    pretty damn soon™
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    So after a week of thinking about it, and multiple friends pushing me to do it, im announcing my departure from MI all together, my last animation will be a Doctor Who christmas special featuring my good pals @Rollo and @Swift. I will still be on the forums and discord if any of you want to get in contact with me and what not, but anyways here are the titles for my christmas special! (theme by hardwire) im sad to say im leaving MI after 4-5 years of working with it, and in my opinion i have definitely gotten better, but its sadly time to leave it. though i might work on a few random stuff in it, but im mainly going to try out new things like blender!
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    Extreme Forum Make-over

    Listen, I don't mean to say the forums look bad or boring (still debatable), but it's definitely outdated to say the least. It uses the default color scheme that comes with the Invision package, same default layout, everything. Not to mention the fact Invision has been putting out numerous new features and not one of them is being used. Of course, none of this stuff is really necessary, some of them would just be nice I think (file sharing and gallery are already out of the question though for storage reasons). I tried out a little demo and had a bunch of users test out each of these (except e-commerce for obvious reasons). All of them were tested but the one that really stood out I think was the Clubs feature. It basically lets your users create small groups together, which would be perfect for animation teams, collab organization, etc. Plus there are a lot of options you can give or take. There are a whole bunch of different options that you can give in terms of clubs. You can change how exclusive individual clubs are, you can give them a mini forum category inside the club itself, you can even use it in tandem with the Calendars feature so they can schedule certain events as a group, such as the release of a certain animation or the deadline for a collab (that collab deadline thing would be a huge reason to include the Calendar feature). Plus you can make it so mods have to approve clubs after being made before they're usable (which might be appealing to this particular community). That is why I think the Clubs feature would be a very useful thing to have considering the nature of the forums. And then, there's the design of the website itself. It's pretty outdated. It looks okay, but it could definitely be spruced up a bit with a modern, Modelbench-like color-scheme. The current scheme may have worked for older versions of Mine-imator, but now we have a shiny new concept for Modelbench that looks so much more colorful, elegant, and still professional. Perhaps Voxy could help out a bit and you can update the colors a little? That would be very fantastic. Apparently I'm not the only one with this opinion I've found. Thanks!
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Custom script executor

    For experienced programmers who would want to bypass the limits of Mine-imator, there should be a console on mine imator allowing to execute GML (or whatever the language is) scripts.
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    Pls fix this

    Please supply more info, like a crash message, your log file or a download to your project folder.
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    Not sure if I mentioned it here on the forums(I know I have on the Discord.), but Modelbench 1.0.0 will have an option on by default to backup models like Mine-imator with settings to change how many is allowed to be saved and how frequent a model should be backed up. Now since the "Parts must have unique names" warning will still remain to prevent saving to the main file(Because Mine-imator won't load them and don't worry, it's been fixed.), backup files are not affected by this warning and will save with duplicate parts.
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    Minecraft BR School

    some people just want to watch the world burn.
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    A classical tragedy remastered. I suppose since David made the video I stole the audio from, this counts as a tribute to him since he stopped developing Mine-imator. Good luck, @david.
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    I know you guys have been waiting so long for it, so i'm showing a teaser trailer! music: legend.ogg sounds: from the upcoming Going remaster
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    Murder in the Halls 4K

    It was suppose to be for Halloween but I didn't finish it in time Anyways here it is, also I didn't edit this time (I was lazy) CC appreciated but don't be rude about it or to other peoples CC pls
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    1956 Ford Pickup Model request

    So I have been getting some wallpaper inspiration from Instagram recently, and I really need a 1956 ford pickup model. I suck at Modelbench, so someone please help. Pics The back is more important than the front, I'll only be using the back in the planned wallpapers. Someone, please help! Thanks.
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    new wallpepper
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    Thank you for the advice
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    Did you not understand that monster school is bad? Try animating parody’s of things or animate something else based on your imagination (racing, flying, etc)
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    If you can send one of the worlds I'll be able to have a look at this for the upcoming patch.
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    Simple Wallaper

    You might want to find a higher resolution background
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    Going deeper - Nether

    "going deeper" ......................... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Besides that pretty good!
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    Um. I forgot that rig existed. This one stands for something else though. It is called Ben's Super Face Rig. I'll change the title to not be in letters.
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    Ben's ͛ Super Face Rig

    This thing freaks me out anyways, if you're too lazy to click on the imgur link, here's the pics: Now for my opinion: well this rig is great for a beginner, but the're already many, MANY facial rigs on the forum, also some of them are easier to use than yours and looks better (Such as SKIBBZ facial rig) you just have to type "facial rig" on the search bar and BOOM, you got pages and pages of topic:
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    Pls fix this

    Why im always crash
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    Ricky T

    Two Short Tests

    Ay up fellas, me again. Damn I'm feeling inspired, so I animated some more scenes, really liking my new style as well, but tell me what do you think?
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    Cubic Ralsei

    FACIAL RIG V.1 !!!

    why use the exclamation marks? it's like if you were screaming the name of an image: "DEFAULTDANCEFROMFORTNITE.PNG!!!" (otherwise this rig is pretty nice) (oh wait its stolen)
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    Random Items Sheet

    I have this sheet of random items that I felt like sharing. Do whatever you want with this stuff. Last update: May 9, 2019 Includes things like: Customizable armor, tools, ores, etc. 3D ladders, iron bars, vines, and rails. More food, weapons, and gems. Other dumb cosmetics and whatnot. Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and over. (If you want this stuff in earlier versions for whatever reason, you should cut it down to 256x256.) You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
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    Custom script executor

    I think that would require horrendous amount of work. I like the idea though.
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    maybe cuz of level.dat
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    Here is another Star Wars wallpaper with lightsabers No external softwares were used, only Mine-Imator. Enjoy !
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    Hi, please share a download to your minecraft world.
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    Its Christmas

    Its Christmas
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    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Thank you for making it in the first place! Farewell, and good luck on nonminecraft projects, would be very interesting to see what you can make! Good luck to you Nimi, being in charge completely!
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    attention parents and grandparents of young children, gerber life is accepting applications for their affordable grow up plan. the grow up plan gives your child $10,000 in whole life insurance protection now, then doubles automatically to $20,000 later at no extra cost. help give your child a head start, for just pennies a day
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    [Suggestion] Inverted 3D Planes

    This will be in the next update.
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    I'll be uploading these two car rigs this weekend.
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    Minecraft BR School

    "We never said that his animations are bad" "The reason I said it it was cringe is because it looked so bad and i never saw any context in the story at all." Next time instead of just showing him the door, why don't you guys actually give critique and "constructive criticism" so you can help the animator more than hurting them.
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    FACIAL RIG V.1 !!!

    The download link have "SFR" on his name Does that mean you used the SKIBBZ facial rig for doing this one?
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    Vs. Ethan

    Vs. Ethan
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    Red Riptide

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Thanks for all the great things you've done, and thanks in advance for the great things you will do. Congrats, David. You have inspired hundreds of young animators, and you've earned yourself a spot in the unofficial Minecraft hall of fame. You did good, David. Thank you.
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    Model — The TARDIS (2018)

    Hey there, fellow time-travelers! This is my newest model, the TARDIS from the upcoming eleventh series of the British sci-fi show Doctor Who! I figured that with a new Doctor and a new TARDIS, it was time to update my old rigs. This model is based on the 13th Doctor's TARDIS (Jodie Whittaker). I might create variants based on the previous ones in the future, so stay tuned. Once again, being a model created with Modelbench, it's only compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.0 or newer. Enjoy! Credit is not required, but please don't claim the model as your own!
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    It's been nice david.
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    Dev update #14: Moving on

    No, don't worry. Development on Mine-imator is going to continue, but this time, Nimi's in charge.
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    You DO know that is extremely easy, right?
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    Hey guys! Mr. MG asked me to make a abandoned mineshaft and ravine, well, I did. Even tho he requested it, everyone feel free to use it! (A bit a credit would be nice tho! ) This is the raw version, meaning I have not added any pointlights to the torches and stuff (oh and chest aren't open-able). I might, just might do these features in the future and upload a new version, but I'm not sure about that yet Also the ravine might be improved later on! But for now, just enjoy the schematic, hopefully it'll be useful for your animations! It'' a 6 and a half KB mine (My sincere apologies for the aweful lightwork in the preview pictures...it doens't quite show the quality of this build, you'll just have to download and see it! ) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/mtcdlmvara51aqu/XCTMine.rar
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    Extreme Forum Make-over

    Honestly, I only see one problem with this. That is, the clubs possibly resulting in drama similar to how forum teams did back when they were widespread. Besides that, and even then I'd imagine a way to prevent that from happening (or at least reducing the frequency if it does happen), I have no problem with implementing some of IPBoard's newer features and giving the forums a bit of a spruce-up whatsoever.
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    Extreme Forum Make-over

    My plans for the future includes, if everything goes to plan, an actual branding for Mine-imator that could extend to the forums through a custom theme, so let's hope we'll get to move away from the default Invision theme to something a little more Mine-imator-ey!
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    At Last It's Been Realease I Happy Right Now
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