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  1. Someone had hacked my account and was posting inappropriate posts with my account. I did get the IP of the user. IP is at the bottom of the post. Please fix this! (By the way, I just enabled google auth so it doesn't happen again)
  2. Nice video. Also the note block one was funny. Here is a cookie:
  3. I didn't say the F*** You. My account was hacked.

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    2. BenJamin9794
    3. Ethanial


      Instead of being pissed off, maybe you should contact a mod.

    4. thatkidyt
  4. Somebody hacked my account. Please remove all the F*** You posts the hacker posted with my account. To make sure this does not happen again I enabled google auth.

  6. *sips tea* Nice to see a fellow Benjamin

    1. Foxtrot0806


      Hello, Benjamin and Benjamin. I'm Benjamin. *tips fedora*

    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Ayy Benjamin, welcome to the Benjamin club, care to meet my beautiful wife benji?

  7. When I import a large image (I used 4,096 × 4,096) it imports fine, but when I select the image for a texture Mine-Imator crashes. I didn't do this in the latest version, but later I tried updating to latest and the bug still happened, so yes I was in the latest version. Here is the crash report: Here is the code for my .mimodel file: Here is the image that crashed the program when used:
  8. I think it is because they are from different programs. They probably have a different format.
  9. Um. I forgot that rig existed. This one stands for something else though. It is called Ben's Super Face Rig. I'll change the title to not be in letters.
  10. Ben's ͛ Super Face Rig Download Here Images Here (Please note this is a trusted image site. It is not a scam. It's okay to click.) Skin Format: (Edit) Tip: If you place the rig at an angle it can look like it's smiling or frowning.
  11. @Zappierstature84 you are abusing the downvote.
  12. LOL I changed my avatar to the banned icon even though I'm not banned! ?


  13. The main purpose of this is that it is simple to use and change expressions. It is easy to use just not best design. I've had trouble with that one like changing the skin.
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