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    1. wafflecakes


      that was an accual post

    2. wafflecakes


      just checked nope

  2. Nimi is too powerful. He can not be contained. Only our browser histories can serve as a sufficient sacrifice to prevent him from bringing about the end of the world through meer computer code.
  3. Challenge mode: Do one of these for every biome. Every. Single. One. /s
  4. You, a simpleton: "You're really bad at darts."
    Me, an intellectual: "I'm just really good at freestyle acupuncture."

  5. Honestly, I only see one problem with this. That is, the clubs possibly resulting in drama similar to how forum teams did back when they were widespread. Besides that, and even then I'd imagine a way to prevent that from happening (or at least reducing the frequency if it does happen), I have no problem with implementing some of IPBoard's newer features and giving the forums a bit of a spruce-up whatsoever.
  6. Mine-Imator already has both 2D and 3D text implemented, so putting in the work to implement it into Modelbench as well would be rather counter-productive. Oh, and what Nimi said. In addition, you can load Steve in as a model template if you absolutely need it as a reference point.
  7. Poke.

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    2. Dannyboi


      Don't worry, he's still alive.

    3. MYSELF3200


      Nobody is safe from the "poke".

    4. Aronanners


      Indeed, I very much am not dead, not yet at least.

  8. This has gone for long enough, what do you all think? Locked the topic.
  9. Last time I checked, having a heated political debate on a forum dedicated to Minecraft-based animation software wasn't exactly the most sound of ideas, whether or not the topic is a test model inspired by the current President of the United States, as nothing gets accomplished and it just ends up becoming a scheiße-flinging contest that someone like myself is then forced to clean up. If you're here to try picking fights on a site where the majority of the population are literal, actual children [it obviously seems that way considering your attitude and how you leave your political views right there on your profile, making sure to leave little patronizing statements after each one just to piss people off] because of whatever view towards politics they have, if any at all [as there are often pretty young kids on this site], just me a favor and perhaps find somewhere else to go that's actually oriented towards having political arguments. Debate.org, r/TheDonald, something. If this gets more out of hand than it already has been, I'm locking the topic. Savvy? Also, *.300 [7.62x35mm] AAC Blackout c: Just call it an M4 Carbine. As that is what that caliber is designed for.
  10. Sorta got off on the wrong foot earlier, but I trust you'll make for a good part of our ranks. c:

  11. Moved the topic to Random Talk > Art.
  12. Ayyy welcome back. For what's supposed to be an intentionally simple wallpaper, it actually doesn't look that bad at all.
  13. They're both really good. If you haven't played them yet, I'd recommend playing Blue Shift BEFORE Opposing Force, since Blue Shift doesn't have as much content (new weapons, enemies and stuff) as Opposing Force does, and if you do vice versa it can kind of make Blue Shift seem more disappointing than it really is. I haven't played it through myself, but if you have two PlayStation 2's lying around, or access to ModDB for the PC port and the know-how to set up a server, Half-Life: Decay is apparently really good as well. However, its two player co-op only so grab a friend!
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_thirds It's a rule in several different fields including photography and cinematography; here's a pretty detailed explanation of it.
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