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  1. Free C4D MC RENDERS

    Moved the topic to Random Talk > Art.
  2. Wallpaper - A New Day

    Ayyy welcome back. For what's supposed to be an intentionally simple wallpaper, it actually doesn't look that bad at all.
  3. Which is better? Opposing force or Blue shift

    They're both really good. If you haven't played them yet, I'd recommend playing Blue Shift BEFORE Opposing Force, since Blue Shift doesn't have as much content (new weapons, enemies and stuff) as Opposing Force does, and if you do vice versa it can kind of make Blue Shift seem more disappointing than it really is. I haven't played it through myself, but if you have two PlayStation 2's lying around, or access to ModDB for the PC port and the know-how to set up a server, Half-Life: Decay is apparently really good as well. However, its two player co-op only so grab a friend!
  4. RELIEF [3rd 4k Wallpaper]

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule_of_thirds It's a rule in several different fields including photography and cinematography; here's a pretty detailed explanation of it.
  5. Put this skin I made up on the Discord a while back, but no one really commented on it so decided to repost it here.


  6. Steampunk Skeleton but I'm in a maid costume

    I think I might've just found my waifu. /s
  7. Adventurers Respite [4k]

    Not gonna lie, I thought this was a modded Minecraft screenshot until I saw the screenshots with all of the posed characters.
  8. [4k] A world of color

    And this is relevant to the topic... how? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bubsy
  9. Neomorph Rig by Arczision

    Five main movies (plus one prequel and two non-canon crossovers) is a lot better than Friday the 13th's eleven, or Nightmare on Elm Street's eight plus one remake.
  10. I Walk This Lonely Road

    I walk alone, I walk alone I walk alone, I walk a, Yes, totally. [shifty eyes intensify]
  11. when the map is just too big.

    False, as a little thing can happen called a "perforated colon".
  12. [Guns] "Bloodhunter" pump-action shotgun

    The scattergun isn't based on any real-life weapon. Plus, there's already a Winchester M1887 in TF2, it's called the Back Scatter. Because it's based on a sawn-off Ithaca M37...?
  13. Happy Birthday! :D

    1. Aronanners


      Thank yooou. c:

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