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  1. Why The Animatronic So Small ?
  2. Skincraftxa Can You Teach Me On discord How To Post Like Rig Image Or The Other On Mine imator forums
  3. I Know Bendy Have Boris I Have Well Only Sammy And Alice Angel That I Not Have
  4. For My Animation If Not For What ? Bendy and the ink machine
  5. This Map Cool But Im Getting Lags When I Add This Map
  6. Well I Really Like f@d Ok ? And Im A Fan Of It Dont Say That If You Not Like f@d
  7. mephilis12 For Withered chicken and the fox just the body make just edit to be normal and chicken wire delete and the jaw take to up then for Francisco Pizzaro edit all the body of hole
  8. Oh Wait,Why You Doesn't Make The Unwithered Animatronic ?
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