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  1. this is truly The True Mine-Imatorian Dream
  2. prerelease 2 is ALREADY out?? let's goooo
  3. is there any way to see your top posts? i wanna see what i did a while ago

    1. __Mine__


      When viewing your Topics, you can choose to sort by "Most Viewed".

      Sadly you can't sort by "Most Reactions" or something, but I'd say popular Topics would have a lot of views.

      Also sadly, this only works for Topics; Status Updates can't be sorted in this way.

  4. I made a beach map in WorldPainter today and thought to myself, what a wonderful world but also that something was missing. Parasols, of course, so I had to make some. Features: simple & consistent with Minecraft's general look 2 textures, a default rainbow design and a Japan flag design. you can use those as a base for your own! textures with "umbrella" in their names because let's face it, parasols and umbrellas are the same thing Download
  5. https://streamable.com/jnx314  quickly threw this animation together on mine imator 2.0 showcasing how big schematics can now be, yes i know lighting sucks, yes i know the music is weird although it's because any other track i imported did not work and yes i know it's generally just scuffed

  6. title says it all. here's some video footage of the immediate crash and audio files failing to load: https://streamable.com/xj5ska there is no crash message at all whatsoever, no crash report message in the next start up either. one of the projects i have functions somewhat, but an audio file (danger zone by kenny loggins because why not) does not play and that is a huge shame. the crashes seem to happen at certain points of the animation projects when playing after pausing, but playing before those parts and continuing into them does not cause a crash. i'll temporarily revert to 1.2.9
  7. a project of mine now loads very fast, but now has a static noise in the background for the entire duration, fails to load some MP3 files and crashed after dragging the timeline around a bit. errors like these now appear a lot, and the program often stops responding or crashes without a message at startup. just playing my animations crashes the entire program, which is very very very very concerning
  8. i'm hyped for MI 2.0's prerelease, i'll probably work more on MDVDCDC after that comes out

  9. finished GTA 4, hits hard

  10. at the airport (which looks very retro futuristic), going back home. Paris was a pretty good time tbh






  11. Cryptic Runner

    Tommy Gun

    Taxi (GONE WRONG) in the 1930's
  12. 1/7 wonders of the world babyyyy 


    i also went on it, stunning view



  13. i'm in Paris right now. just went to an art museum (Grevin) and they literally had a Cyberlife store from D:BH which is awesome

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Yeah Detroit Become Human. A Favorite game on 2018.

  14. WOW sleeping dogs is one of the best games i've played in my life

    1. LacaMenDRY


      Yeah set place in hongkong.

      I already play the game and complete and beat the game 5 or even more times.

  15. i watched dune a few days ago and it was (probably unintentionally) the funniest movie of all time


  17. hilda is a very fun series where paperwork plays major themes in the plot

  18. the vine boom effect is missing, you have greatly insulted the ? culture
  19. does anyone else have the issue with MI where it doesn't import recent worlds, even though they're in the same version as other worlds that already got imported? it says "importing region 0%" and doesn't ever progress

    1. Fox Miner

      Fox Miner

      Hmm... Did you try to install the newest patch? Just download the installer again and then install the download!

    2. Cryptic Runner

      Cryptic Runner

      i fixed the issue by opening an older world then getting to a similar area by using /locatebiome. i have no idea why it didn't load newer worlds but oh well

  20. i love how in open world games where you're part of a resistance, destroying billboards counts as stopping oppression so people are like "wow he has destroyed the billboard, our savior!"

  21. finally sort of revealed the ambitious project i've been teasing for a while woohoo

  22. after a looooooooong time, i've started working on an ambitious animation project which will definitely raise the bar for MI animations to come, featuring epic action moments, epic action moments, epic action moments, 80's music, humor and An Engaging Storyline. here is a teaser of it which features a vague acronym for the name! featuring @Cryptic Runner @9redwoods @DragonPixel @Phyre @MikTRF @belmo @Floofy @Frost @Jake_28 @Jnick ...see you in Lorse Vaygice ; )
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