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    That's Life

    Thanks @Foxtrot0806 for the idea and skin.
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    Sword of faith.

    This is a single render with no editing to make the reflection.
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    My First Wallpaper

    Here's some criticism. Remember, this is all just my opinion Don't put a watermark inside the wallpaper. Either slap it onto the wallpaper in an editing program, use the watermark feature in settings, or don't have one at all. Right now, the lighting looks like it's coming from nowhere. I suggest putting the point lights inside the torches and lowering the range. I suggest lowering the shadow blur in settings. The camera angle is kinda boring. Maybe play around with the camera effects as well as the position, rotation, and FOV until it looks good to you. That was just a few tips. Keep going and listen to criticism, and I'm excited to see what you do next!
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    FNAS Lightroom Renders

    Hello forums! I'm back again. Just gonna drop these here and be on my way.
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    Grey Cat

    [CLEO] UMP40

    [message start tone] This is Cleo, Weapon delivered. Apolo angels forty,ten mikes. Posit one one lima november nine nine Julliet six one romeo There's the location : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ght1bg5d3h5rmab/%5BCLEO%5D_UMP40_by_Grey_Cat.zip/file [message end tone]
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    Environmental Props Pack Update #7: so i made a lot of progress today, i made the good'ol chair and table, spoon, fork, knife, clipboard, paper, blackboard and whiteboard, and Construction Barrier the chair and table is compatible with 16x16 block texture, so you can change the texture into whatever you want. i still a few models to go and after that, it will be released.
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    Picnic Table Model

    Whoa, 9redwoods is posting a model? Yes, I am. Here you go. Images: There's an oak variant and an oak/spruce variant. If there is any bug, for instance the variants aren't working properly, please tell me via the comments or on Discord DOWNLOAD
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    Models 'n Rigs 'n stuff

    So I have this story for my character, but I don't have any information on it anywhere or animations about it. It only exists in my mind, but not for long. I've started working on things in an effort to finally make an animation on my character's background. Here's pretty much what I've done so far: I've made the swords as well as the eye texture. I need to model more weapons, and I'm considering making a version of m character with "detailed pixels." Anyways, any suggestions are welcome.
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    Using Particle Creator?

    I'm not aware of any tutorials but I think your best bet would be is trial and error. Just mess with stuff and see what you can do with it.
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    It's been a while since I posted something here but I thought that this would be important to some people. I present... the start to my long awaited series. ============ LONG FORGOTTEN ============ Now I know some of you is gonna get mad that it's a "Reality Ripoff" or "It's a MGB" Tbh, I enjoy making this series, and I hope some of you enjoy watching it. Here is also a little QnA I want to address: -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Will there be voice actors? There will be in the future, hardest part is finding that are actually good. Can I be an opponent in the series? Since the series has a more thought out plot, it's harder to just add people in left or right. But as a background character, sure! --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
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    fortnite meme

    made this as a joke a long time ago also tested if i could copy frames from a reference animation, which seemed pretty successful. so ignore the background elements
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    So 3 days ago I realized I hadn't made anything for the fourth of July, so In about an hour, I threw this together. I didn't have time to add the details due to what I was doing that day. I just thought I'd post it, even though I'm 3 days late. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UUu7aOdQxLj2xasNWXsdBRpIlo8GXwME The Insert image from URL button would allow me to put in the image. Tell me if you don't have access.
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    My First Wallpaper

    Wow so sexy and hot!
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    Dr. Nexil

    Independence Day Wallpaper

    This looks pretty nice! Things I noticed that were really good, especially for a beginner: There's enough light to see what's happening. Many new users use the default night without any other lights and so their renders are too dark. Good Job! The text and the particles have their brightness turned up. This is good, and helps viewers actually see the stuff. The cinematic ratio. It's more of a preference thing, but I really like it. My suggestions: Add more scenery in the background to cover up the edges of the schematic. It doesn't have to be much, but it'll make the render look a bit better. Try out some of the new camera graphical features, like Depth of Field. These settings can make your render pop more! There's no right way to use them, just experiment! Be sure to use every rotation of a limb or object, even subtle changes to a character's pose makes them more lively. Imgur is a good image hosting website, and integrates nicely to the forums so that your render can be displayed on your post instead of a link. I'll put a link to a tutorial at the end of my post here. Another preference thing that you don't have to do, but might be fun to try, is the rule of thirds. Give it a google and see what you think! Well, that's all from me. I hope to see more of your stuff in the future! Here's the Imgur tutorial:
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    Hello everyone Well, I'm about to finish the collab, so it seemed a good idea to show you the intro for the collab.I hope you like it. I will take any suggestions to improve with my animations.
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    My First Wallpaper

    Hello everyone This is my first post. I like it. What do you think of this picture? [It may look a little good ❤] Reply me please
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    Pixel Nitro

    Skywars: Lucky Blocks

    give me feedbacks and stuff i need to improve
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    Kirby Rig

    Feel free to use it, but you need to credit to me. Download Rig : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BSbbakzBBH8GLGCXWCtqfMM8eGPv_GIn/view Software Used: Vegas Pro (bye Camtasia Studio 8 I dont use you anymore ). Mine-imator. Paint.net. OBS Studio. I forgot to disabled the watermark again.
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    Nedia's Trombone Rig

    Hello! It's been quite a while since I produced a rig, but I decided to end that with this rig, and more rigs to (hopefully) come. Actually, the idea of a trombone rig has been one that I have had for years, so it is nice to finally see it come into fruition. Being a trombone rig, you can expect the slides (both the main and tuning counterparts) to move, which you can see in greater detail in the gallery below. And that's really all to see. Now, as mentioned previously, I want to continue producing more rigs. However, for the sake of challenge and fun, I want the rig ideas to be suggested by YOU! Suggest anything that you want. and it might just actually happen. I might make a whole separate topic for rig suggestions, so be on the lookout for that. Anyways, here's the download! Don't forget to like and comment to support more quality rigs to be produced by me! I'll see you all soon. (EDIT: Something weird happened with the spoiler. It should hopefully be fixed now.)
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    dose this seen look any good I need feedback. I render some https://streamable.com/ynt7q
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    Realistic graphics: then: Higher res textures, higher poly models and more visual effects nowadays: LeT's aDd wAtEr eVeRyWhErE! aLsO lEt'S cAlL iT rAyTrAcInG bEcAuSe oF tHiNgS hAvInG rEfLeCtIoNs aNd sHaDoWs!
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    My First Wallpaper

    Be constructive. Lighting needs some work, posing is lacking some emotion, and camera position is kind of eh?
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    Grey Cat

    [CLEO] UMP40

    [Massage start tone] Thank you for your advice [Message end tone]
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    Environmental Props Pack #6: on sunday i have very little time doing work cause life stuff, so i spend all of my time working on this very detailed saw, and tbh, it's not the best but i tried
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    Poug and Dhill

    My friends new animated series!!!!
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    I have seen a lot of animations using the same method to pick up items. It does not look professional, so I decided to show all you peoples how to do it smoothly in the end, you should get something like this https://streamable.com/eqa26 (hopefully better than this xd) Starting off, for the item pickup, you need to start off by animating the character when he is going over to pick it up. Now you want to parent the item of choice to his hand. Position and rotate the item in his hand in the certain position that you want him to pick it up from. Now, duplicate the character (if your scenery is very laggy, you can delete extrusions on the duplicate.) Make the alpha of the rig set to 0. delete previous keyframes except for the keyframes that shows him picking up the item. On the original character, make the item's alpha also set to 0 and leave the duplicate's alpha alone for now. Okay, now on the keyframe right after the pickup frame on the duplicate, set the alpha of the item to 0 and do the opposite for the original sword. Now you can go on and animate the original character to pick up the item. Throwing is similar, just reversed (kinda, idk). Make the animation where the character is 1/4th (i think) way through throwing it and when the item is about to go out of his hand. Pretty much do the same things from the pick up tut with the throw tut. Then, animate the item to be thrown somewhere. Have any questions or want me to do a video tutorial for further explanation? Let me know. in summary, duplicate characters, keyframe alpha, and don't be lazy
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    Here's a comic I never finished.

    Here's a comic I never finished.
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    Grey Cat

    [CLEO] Galil

    [message start tone] This is Cleo, Weapon delivered. one one tango mike papa two five charlie zero five romeo There's the location : http://www.mediafire.com/file/oww1tiuu78gvxhx/%5BCLEO%5D_Galil_by_Grey_Cat.rar/file [message end tone]
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    Grey Cat

    [CLEO] Galil

    [Message start tone] Thank you for your advice. [Message end tone]
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    That's Life

    I say that's life, and as funny as it may seem, some people get their kicks, stomping on a dream
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    While I greatly enjoyed this, I kind of want to bring up how, personally, I think the episode flows much better without that intro where everything is explained.
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    Picnic Table Model

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    Mineshaft Animation

    Picnic Table Model

    Did you just post cringe?
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    GPU, but you need to make sure the GPU wont be bottlenecked by your CPU, say you wont be able to run a GTX 1080Ti with a AMD A8 together properly due to the CPU not being powerful enough to keep up with the 1080
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    MI:DG Rigpack "get ready!"

    by. Yanuar Mohendra This isn't the last post for my Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack before it get released, I'm working on the resource pack for each zone/biome I or we have seen in the trailer, so wait for it. And also ... ... take prepare for (When the time has come, even if the resource pack isn't finished yet, I'll still release the rigpack. It's free to use after all)
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    Environmental Props Pack Update #5: so i decided to take a break from making an object and decided to make something for brick block and that's what i did, sorry if the quality is prettybad, i'm on a rushed today so i don't have time to render it
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    Fourth of July [4K]

    Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there! The Skeleton is about to set off an extra-large firework, with Dave and Chesty all tied up! Will Mine manage to rescue them in time? Advanced Skeleton Model by @SoundsDotZip.
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    <------= work in progress =------> idk where to post this, this is the promo animation of my upcoming rigpack that i've shown so i posted it here. no spoil for now, just showing the promo animation i've made one of the stuff, and that's the MC: Dungeons character menu rig, you can just search for it yourself, i afraid to put the link of the rig... what do you think about all of it? like the promo animation, the mc:d character menu rig, or the previous rigpack preview? i'd love to see your comments, as long as it isn't too bad for the words... if you use my rig, please credit me, or just don't claim that you made it. support me by subscribing my youtube channel and give an upvote for my post. i always watch my youtube subscribe count even tho i don't have adsense on it lol
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    Assualt Rifle LVOA-C

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    TF2 Medigun [Wallpaper+Rig]

    Seems like people liked my last TF2 rig which was the rocket launcher and i got some great feedback on it, so here i am with another rig from the TF2 world. Love to hear your opinion on ze medigun, and if you want to use it yourself to practice medicine there's a download link right under this text somewhere If you can't find it then I have bad news for you because you might be zurückgeblieben (that means retarded in german) the more you know now you can call people retarded in german... only problem is saying the actual word Medigun Download
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    Sword of faith.

    Too Shiny, But still awesome tho.
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    IMI Desert eagle

    Download Don't upload another Website
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    so I didn't know that cussing was a bad thing here uhhhhh interesting
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