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  1. CodyBI

    Ian's Molotov Model

    Did your nickname inspired by his Nickname?
  2. CodyBI

    Izhmash AKM Assault Rifle

    i can clearly see it's unproportional
  3. CodyBI

    Izhmash AKM Assault Rifle

    1. bad proportions 2. did you know that in reality rear sight shouldn't move because it would be really inaccurate 3. skrillex
  4. CodyBI

    Voxel pistols pack! [3 different pistols]

    because not the Juan Deag
  5. This pack includes: -PM (USSR and East germany variants) -Sig P320 -Glock 19 with TFO TruGlo sights (Made with items, works both 1.0.6 (CB 1.0.3) and 1.1.+ Screenshots Download
  6. CodyBI

    PL4 Defender

    Are you crazy?
  7. CodyBI

    Guns Schematics

  8. CodyBI


    The rule says If man is laying down on spine - he is probably dead If man is is laying down on his stomach - he is probably alvie, but unconscious...
  9. CodyBI

    M1 Carbine Animating

    Bolt should be twisted a bit when closed
  10. CodyBI

    SKS Animating

    Nope , you can't eject clip by closing the bolt
  11. CodyBI

    Movable Pixels Block Rig

  12. CodyBI

    |THE RAGE| - Intro Template

    >INTROs TEMPLATES #enough >PVP INTRO #enough x2 >21 PILOTS MUSIC
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