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  1. MG34 Enviroment Testing

    Reload is wrong - Should bolt back before inserting belt
  2. Yet another vroom-vroom test! :D

    you know, you could @CodyBI me

    unfortunately, fad is still popular in mine imator :c
  4. Evolution of Ordillotv 2013 - 2017

    in this video no credits at all
  5. Evolution of Ordillotv 2013 - 2017

    you still get the point, right?
  6. Evolution of Ordillotv 2013 - 2017

    6:55 it`s my car rig, ain`t it? somebody should read "README" files more often
  7. AKM Animating

    looks like Escape from tarkov reload
  8. gyGvnQV.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. EnderSculptor
    3. MYSELF3200


      Whoops. My modern rifle recognization is still rather rusty.

    4. Skjold


      I usually dislike gun rigs, but this is nice.

  9. This uses special rig with folders, so i can make it really smooth
  10. "Glock 17 9mm" Pistol rig

    Ever wanted a realistic pistol in Mine-Imator? Well, here comes the GLOCK 17 Features: -Looks very realistic and similiar to the real one -Moving slider -Ammo in magazine -Moving mag release button -Tilting barrel -Moving trigger -Iron sights Download (Give credits if used) *click*
  11. Gun & Character Rig Test

    colt isn`t double action
  12. Christmas tree rig by Alexey Uspensky

    dont you see how Alexey`s is way better
  13. TF2 Shotgun Rig [Functional 3D Pixel Rig]

    why it`s so overrated?
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