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  1. u dont post any creations though smh
  2. I suggest adding light to the light source blocks, but great job!
  3. some awesome stuff happening recently:




    Thank you all <3

  4. 9redwoods


    but why
  5. We'll need more info about the animation before sending strengths and weaknesses and stuff.
  6. Oh man you’re right I agree with you. Thanks for your input!
  7. That was on purpose Thanks for the criticism, though!
  8. Nothing I can do about that for now, sadly.
  9. Criticism is appreciated. Have a good day!
  10. The image compression makes it look a bit sloppy. Changing the camera angle would help IMO because right now, you can't really see the monster well, and I can't really understand the pose of your character. I hope this helps
  11. what the heck is the comment above me? Anyways, this is actually really pleasing to look at! The only thing I suggest doing now is adding some point lights so there are a little more shadows visible, instead of having the scenery one brightness level. +1
  12. Try overlapping the keyframes a bit more. The movements went back and fourth a bit too much imo.
  13. But like, let’s face it, who is actually a flat earther?

    no sarcasm, no lies

    1. FredMCGamer


      What about the block earthers? :P

  14. lol the world is folding
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