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  1. PNGs are lossless image compression formats. Jpegs are harsher compression formats that lower the space an image takes up while creating unwanted artifacts and making images look messy. Pngs also support transparent backgrounds while jpegs can't. Take this well-made example.
  2. Don't worry, I'd only create reasonable prop blocks.
  3. Nobody asked for this, but it's good for decorating. Make sure to tell me if you want to see more of these mini blocks.
  4. I love the environment, but the Z-fighting does ruin the arms for me and throws off the quality. Other than the clipping, I love it.
  5. 9redwoods


    What a great set. With the proper lighting, this could look outstanding.
  6. This is an English forums. Please speak English only.
  7. Please don’t leave in the Chinese. This is an English forums. I do love this pack. Good job!
  8. It's just like any other renders. It depends on the quality. But as you said, it's unoriginal and cliche, and no one should make as many as you do
  9. Yes, I have! I think it's a great and well-made game. I don't play it a lot, but I will if I'm really bored on hypixel. I'd give it a 6/10.
  10. I'm the only Redwoods. Except for the forest, ofc We merged bodies.
  11. What have I done? this is why I shouldn’t have done AMA.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      yeah it's weird how when someone just does one thing everybody else does it

    2. Rollo


      yeah it's weird how when someone just does one thing everybody else does it

    3. Eliphaz


      It actually wasn't Red. =P 
      Not for me at least. This one is what made me make mine. 


  12. It’s been good, what about yours?
  13. You’ll have to elaborate. I’ve never heard the term THY. hypixel. I play bedwars often.
  14. Could be. I really don’t know yet. My career will hopefully involve computers in some way, if it’s graphic design, artwork, or animation.
  15. I think you’ll have to find an example. The best way to avoid glitchy lighting would be to use spotlights with low lighting range and have the shadow quality cranked up and the shadow blue size around 10% I have trouble making renders that even satisfy me. The ones that make it through the creation process without being scrapped are probably about half the ones I keep. We think we always have to one-up ourselves, which makes it hard to create a render you’re really proud of. I’d say follow tips from other members and ask for criticism on discord. No one else would play Motivation? I’ve got no motivation. Can’t help you there. If I had motivation, I’d be pushing out actual animations. volumetric lighting is simply cubes with “only render glow” enabled and a simple gradient texture. These act as the light rays. Mess around with the glow radius in settings and lower the opacity in the cube’s keyframe tab until you think it looks decent.
  16. Lots of aspects go into this. Along with what I said in my first response, you also need to pay attention to the centering of your subjects, depth of field semi-accurate to real cameras, and making details count. The little things can go a long way, and a wallpaper with more objects in the scene can feel more professional and believable. This obviously isn’t the case all the time. Take a look at Hozq’s renders, which can be very simple but intriguing and nice to look at. It depends on which aspect you choose to pay attention to the most. Another biggie is camera angle. My best advice would be to take a look at your favorite movies and shows and pay attention to the camera. It can teach you a lot about cinematography and that junk. this is just my opinion. don’t yell at me
  17. Floor reflections are simply a floor with a lowered opacity and objects with negative scale and "show backfaces" enabled. Wall reflections are trickier. You'd be better off be asking YoGames Studios.
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