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  1. 9redwoods

    Worst day of my life

    omg i posted the song Best Day Of My Life but then I read the wallpaper description im so sorry
  2. are you saying humans have human pets
  3. 9redwoods

    200 Subscribers

    Thank you all for your love and support. Just recently my channel has hit 200 subscribers. It may not be a big milestone, but it's taken time to get here. I want to thank all of you again, and if you haven't already, maybe subscribe! It means the world to me. Anyways, enjoy the video. I've gotten way better at animating in the last few months without even animating. it's magic. Love you all no homo bye

  5. This is a glitch, right?



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    2. 9redwoods


      this is a glitch or sub bot or something. Small channels don't just gain 40 subs overnight.

    3. Fray


      Or your content is super good

    4. DuallyElemental
  6. 9redwoods

    A Hard Days Work HD 720p

    Looks like a Skywars map. Also, you should never have flatlands anyways, so he did the right thing if he doesn't have MC. On topic: The camera angle is a bit claustrophobic, maybe back up the camera more. If you back it up enough, you could lower the FOV, which would also improve this wallpaper. A slight DOF would be nice. You can probably look up a tutorial on how to do DOF. If you can't get the light to work with you, maybe just use the normal MI sun, and turn the rotation around until you can see visible shadows. Also, maybe try to position his pickaxe in his hand a little more. That's all I have for you. Just a bit more practice and some more criticism, and you'll for sure get better in no time. Good luck!
  7. 9redwoods

    A List of my old Animations

    Woohoo @Dr. Nexil saves the day in the first one
  8. 9redwoods

    MineCraft Moments #2

    what Ghatos said. This happened in your first one, and It's really annoying to listen to it this way.
  9. 9redwoods

    Terraria Rig Pack

    I'm so excited to see this pack grow!
  10. 9redwoods


    I'm glad I don't have to be lonely for Valentines. Although the singles have rebelled against this holiday and called themselves single pringles or something.
  11. I just realized (after reading the forum rules) that we break a lot of them, and no one really cares.

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    2. BaconSandwich


      Well the "No status updates for topics" thing only applies to ones that are still visible in Recent Topics. I didn't really see any other rules you might have been talking about other than that.

    3. TheJeweledWolf


      Wait, which rules?

    4. 9redwoods


      Also having conversations in topics

  12. 9redwoods

    Some sneakpeeks again

    AMAZING are you making a bunch of these, like a human walk cycle with each individual frame? A terraria rig pack would be great.
  13. are there some obvious generations of people on the forums?

    Well there are the original members, and then what? There should be some timeline with different "ages" and generations. That would be interesting.

  14. 9redwoods

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    Kinda looks like a hole in the earth because the blocks touching the water aren't evenly submerged. Awesome effect, though. Ever think a reflection is just a window to a different dimension except flipped? Like your reflection is not actually you, but a different person in a different dimension that's so similar they copy your every move? obv its not real its just fun to think about
  15. 9redwoods

    Lost in the Fog, 1

    Posing is a bit strange
  16. 9redwoods

    She Died In A Cave Redone

    Spawners have particles in MC Maybe you could make the pose and aspect ratio a little more interesting.
  17. 9redwoods

    Death by nightfall

    If you can't find any snow stock footage, please leave it blank instead of drawing dots. You'll understand later if you don't now.
  18. 9redwoods

    Scenery Test

    At least explain what's bad about it. It's almost disrespectful to tell someone their work is bad and not say what's bad about it.
  19. 9redwoods

    Improving wallpaper

    This is awesome! I love the lighting and everything. The only thing I have a problem with is the annoying glow. The portal doesn't glow in some parts, and it just looks a bit messy. I suggest using bloom instead for more reliability.
  20. 9redwoods

    Physic test #1

    Then I suggest using Ease In for the Y, and just to slow down everything.
  21. 9redwoods

    Death by nightfall

    dat snow please don't use dots. I suggest finding a stock photo to use, then lower the opacity a bit.
  22. 9redwoods

    Physic test #1

    Yo that's some FAST gravity I suggest using folders so you can individually control your Y and X/Z movements.
  23. 9redwoods

    Scenery Test

    The part closest to the camera is lit up, and no where else is. i like the DOF
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