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  1. I don't think it would be very impossible.
  2. Aight, real talk. Every time I use Mine-imator, my fan goes insane while Mine-imator is only getting at max 30fps. I don't have this problem with other programs like Blender. I suggest they optimize the program and have it use less ram than it needs. Btw, it's not just my pc. I mainly use Blender and it does not use my cpu and ram to the extent Mine-Imator does. We need O p t i m i z a t i o n
  3. So since the search feature is supa weird, Idk if anyone has suggested this. Basically, fcurves... the ability to change how the animation flows just better than using preset transitions. I think that if they were to implement this, it would have to be optional. Reason being is because so many people using mine-imator are just starting out, so the preset transitions are a good start. However, for those who are more experienced with animation, I feel like they should be able to upgrade their animation quality using Fcurves.
  4. yeah, I was going for just a basic animation just to show the concept of smooth pick ups. Obviously, if I were doing a full-on animation with this, I would make it look better
  5. I don't really see it often, probably because I only look at youtube. I just decided to give this tut bc I feel it will help a lot of people bc I don't see it used very often
  6. I have seen a lot of animations using the same method to pick up items. It does not look professional, so I decided to show all you peoples how to do it smoothly in the end, you should get something like this https://streamable.com/eqa26 (hopefully better than this xd) Starting off, for the item pickup, you need to start off by animating the character when he is going over to pick it up. Now you want to parent the item of choice to his hand. Position and rotate the item in his hand in the certain position that you want him to pick it up from. Now, duplicate the character (if your scenery is very laggy, you can delete extrusions on the duplicate.) Make the alpha of the rig set to 0. delete previous keyframes except for the keyframes that shows him picking up the item. On the original character, make the item's alpha also set to 0 and leave the duplicate's alpha alone for now. Okay, now on the keyframe right after the pickup frame on the duplicate, set the alpha of the item to 0 and do the opposite for the original sword. Now you can go on and animate the original character to pick up the item. Throwing is similar, just reversed (kinda, idk). Make the animation where the character is 1/4th (i think) way through throwing it and when the item is about to go out of his hand. Pretty much do the same things from the pick up tut with the throw tut. Then, animate the item to be thrown somewhere. Have any questions or want me to do a video tutorial for further explanation? Let me know. in summary, duplicate characters, keyframe alpha, and don't be lazy
  7. So basically, in blender, you are able to code your own addons, allowing you to do a lot of things. If only this was implemented into mine-imator, where you had an interface where you could code your own addons/plugins for mine-imator
  8. Hello peoples! I am a yoshi who still uses hitfilm for his intros ecks dee dee dee I also make minecraft intros so....OOOF Mine-Imator really taught me how to use keyframe interpolation and a few other features; I like to use mine-imator to test things out so yeah....
  9. I am trying to make a minecraft character rig and make it have sharp bends, but the bending are so weirdly smooth and the bend sort of collides with the part that is not bending. Please add more settings to the bending system
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