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    Props (4K Realism)

    Making realistic looking prop for future realism renders. I really hope I can make a pack for these props to release! Props made by me and I did NOT use any item packs or texture packs. Sad fact: The stool can't be resized yet
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    The Last Train

    Some mistakes I noticed once I finished but oh well.
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    First time using Mine-Imator :p

    That's alright! With a lot more practice you could make some great stuff. Here's some tips I'd give. There isn't much scenery. It's not required when making short tests but if you plan on making longer, story-driven animations it's a must-have. The movements are pretty choppy. When you select a keyframe there's an option to add a transition. Depending on the movement, I would test out a bunch of them to make it look more smooth. That goes for the camera too. The text on the tombstone is a little hard to read. I would make it a brighter color, like a white-ish. The green "The End" was fine though. Good job, and keep at it!
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    Games [4K]

    Hi, I'm not ded! This is the first time I've shown these characters off, and they've grown on me since I came up with them. I really wanted to get this up tonight so that I could make sure I don't give up on it and so that my personal development of new characters actually stays connected to other people instead of staying in my own head. It may or may not be rushed, idk honestly but I really enjoyed the rigging of the characters and the scene. The camera angle could probably be improved, but I'm not sure how at the moment. I'm going to use these characters in a short animation I plan on getting out for Halloween. Enjoy! Quick bios: (On the left) Chase the lizard, age 27, female. Laid back, pretty sturdy emotionally and quick-witted, but also competitive and can be careless with other's emotions. (On the right) Sean the Shiba Inu, age 25, male. Chill/happy, always ready to make people laugh and very loyal, even if he isn't always smart or perceptive enough to make much of a difference. Relationship between the two: They're next door neighbors and good friends, and they make music together. They've known each other since Sean moved in a couple years ago. Rigs used: RedAnimator's Face Rig for the character's eyes and Orlando2303's Switch rig. All the other rigs were by me.
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    The Last Train

    Damn commies.
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    Beware of the Weredag. Huh, the new demo thing sure has a lot of fancy stuff.
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    So I'm gonna talk about Portal. I think Portal and Portal 2 were both amazing games. The story line was good for both, as well as the gameplay. The idea of a portal gun and solving puzzles with it was a genius idea, and it was executed perfectly. The puzzles themselves take some thinking, but aren't so difficult that it makes people give up. Now onto other aspects of the game. Mainly Glados, voiced by Ellen McLain. She is one heck of a voice actor, and also is a good singer. She portrays Glados perfectly, and is very smooth. Glados the character is probably the #1 Video Game Villian in my eyes, although at the end she does let you go, which btw was an extremely satisfying ending if you ask me. Last thing the plot twist in both Portal 1 and Portal 2 were surprising, and well done. Unsuspecting players in Portal 1 were extremely surprised when Glados tries to kill you, and you probably failed to escape the death trap the first time (I did). As for Portal 2, Wheatly taking over was PERFECT, because he was trying to help you, but got power hungry. Neither one I saw coming, which is what I loved about it. To sum up, Portal 10/10 would play again for a long time and Portal 2 11/10 would play forever.
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    Michael Myers Rig (Halloween 1978)

    Hello! Seeing as how a new Halloween movie is coming out friday, I figured, Hey! Why dont i make a Micheal Myers rig? And so i did. FEATURES And just so you can see the rig in a wallpaper, DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6rsstqog7imvbe/Michael_Myers_Rig.zip/file
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    Hi guys! 3rd dinosaur rig pack release at last! Sorry for uploading this pack late. Let's find out what is in this pack! 1. Velociraptor Antirrhopus the velociraptors that was shown in Jurassic Park Series. They are 'Velociraptor(Jurassic Park)' 'Velociraptor(Jurassic Park Ver.male)' 'Velociraptor Sornaensis' in order. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FKhOuvI2uUH-hXcRF65M9ofOUSY_hFWx 2. carnotaurus A big dinosaur white two horns! download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JrOhDf_3il7dUGES_tPJ65vhjn88i7E8 3. Pteranodon A famous pterosaur in Jurassic park series. It's flying form is okay, but hard to make sitting pose! download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vkORhdqdtuLOj_QHSov0D_MKB8TCOZLv Please leave my credit when you use these rigs, and If there is an error, report me! I hope you like my dinosaur rigs! (Sadly, next dinosaur pack will be released much later...)
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    Is Fad Still Bad?
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    Nerf Retaliator

    Nerf Retaliator Nerf Retaliator with 21 Meter long Shoot 12 Shoot Magazine Detail Model with Item sheet Lagless With 4 Color(paint) >>>Download<<<
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    Humanized Female Dragon Rig

    This is my version of a humanized female Ender Dragon Time Made: 2 days. **Will Soon Probably be Updating if I want to update it** Drawing Verison will be on the bottom Front View Back View: Old Versions *Down there, I re-rigged her a bit* Extra Views + Addons Chinese Dragon Tattoo - Glows in the dark. Claw View - Bendable Feet to follow the foot movement. Horns
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    please use transition like this: Example: If transition to this and create a new keyframe and go to position and change it to this. it will make it smooth https://imgur.com/a/84EUvr4
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    How to make a good fight scene?

    He meant DOn't use overcomplicated transitions, basically use linear transitions if you're going to be making quick short moves
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    you like huey lewis and the news? their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when sports came out in '83, i think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically. the whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs a big boost. he's been compared to elvis costello, but i think huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humour.
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    "I'm building a team."

    "I'm building a team."
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    A series that I intend to do

    I'll use it for subscription too, forgive me if the translation is bad
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    Happy Bday, I think
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    I got the sudden urge to make a Portal animation.
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    happy birthday, my guy!
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    happy birthdavid

    happy birthdavid
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    Moved to "Mine-imator issues and bugs"(from "Modelbench issues and bugs"). This bug is now fixed, though I don't know the current plans for when the next release will be.
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    The Tan James


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    JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    I know this is a late reply but, good gosh ! can't believe it's the man himself . Thanks for the kind reply (I'll fix the brightness issues in my later wallpapers ?)
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    JB Animations

    The Holy Knight (4K)

    Hola mi amigos ! how are ya all doing ? so, I was making my submission for The Medieval Collab posted by @SharpWind and halfway I thought, Hmm... I could make a wallpaper outta dis And so here it is ! Edited Unedited My editing software of choice is Paint.net Also, the rigs featured here aren't made by me You can thanks the creators for that : @Waluiqi for the Medieval Sword @Holy Knight for the Holy Knight And that's all for today, I'll be back with my submission next time
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    That was one of the strangest things I've ever seen
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    My car package

    This time I'm sharing all my cars that I made before program ModelBench. Here you can download. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I1D_jeprPHiTVduX2h8pBCnqI8M90-0V/view?usp=sharing
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    Note for users: The mod has been discontinued, so do not expect any future updates or patches for bugs. Version 1 (7/31/16): Changes: +Dark Oak/Acacia leaves now use the biome color instead of a default color. +Fixed the Plains, Forest, Desert, Jungle, Mushroom Island, Extreme hills, & Taiga "foliage color" so it stays accurate to Minecrafts foliage color. Addition: +Added Mesa biome. +Added 4 new video templates. +Added a "Letterbox" option to Render settings. +Added a "Youtube Banner overlay" option to the Render settings. +Added a 120FPS option in Program settings. +Added saving for vanilla Mine-imator 1.0.6. Pictures: Downloads removed due to mod being outdated Known bugs:
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    Fight Practice

    I'm practicing fights. This is my first one ever. ?
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    Super Human Models

    Calm your **** m8? by the way your supposed to downvote things that are bad. Anyways have a good time??
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    Great job man! Keep checking up on the forums and watch some tutorials, and in no time you'll be awesome!
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    Super Human Models

    Yes. You sure do!
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    The features that i needed in Mine-imator is : Godrays Setting Camera Effect. Gassian Blur Camera Effect. Trails Effect. Better Render Setting. Making Object Bendable (Not in Modelbench). Custom Transitions. There.
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