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  1. This was really well animated. I could tell a lot of effort was put into this. I enjoyed the story and could understand all the expression. Well done.
  2. It's been a while since I've animated and I found the motivation to animate again, so go easy on me. What should I fix before I call it good?
  3. I hate to butt in half way into the argument, but I approached you with a solution to this which appears to have been disregarded considering your previous comments. I'm sorry but I still agree with them. You've had plenty of time to change and I personally I don't feel you get any more excuses for these actions
  4. @MysticCoyote Bro do you even animate, like you've been on this forum for 2 years and you only post machinimas. 

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    2. MysticCoyote


      BOOMmaker has taken the cake! He's got it right! 

      Although, I am sorry me posting my videos on this site does offend you Nerdinq! My intentions are not to have people upset, rather the other way around and to entertain and make people laugh and have a great time! So I mean... I'm sorry that I'm not that for you. Although there are many mine-imator creators on here that I'm sure you'll love! I rather liked your This is America spoof! That was cool! Your test was very fluent on how your movement was! I do come on here to also watch other people! So I do apologies for not being what you were looking for! 

    3. Nerdinq


      @MysticCoyote Alright, well then I guess I'm glad to have another competent member of the community. Thank you for the compliments. Looking forward to your future content.

    4. MysticCoyote


      @Nerdinq Feel free to subscribe if you like the content :P

  5. Maybe use a few more ease out transitions or ease in. Pretty okay though.
  6. I have no more motivation, rip.

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