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  1. Nerdinq

    Danger From Below (2K)

    The boat appears to be submerged underwater. Otherwise an awesome wallpaper
  2. I think this goes in tests? Anyway, I made a dance animation I think thank you @mbandersfor 2 of the dance presets. but I ran out of ideas so here's the semi final product. Should I finish this?
  3. Nerdinq

    Zweilous collab

    Do I have to try very hard?
  4. I live with 3 younger siblings and I don't want to kill myself. She just needs to see a counselor
  5. This animation is surprisingly long for it appearing to be one of your first few. I'd suggest learning how to use transitions to smooth out your animation, and maybe pace your story a little better it was hard to follow. Regardless, the length of the video is impressive so +1
  6. Nerdinq

    WaterFall-Nature 64x64 Handmade Schematic

    You should expand on it. Looks neat already though
  7. Nerdinq


    It''s MI
  8. Nerdinq


    a bit too quick for me
  9. Nerdinq

    Goblin Glider test.

    No, but I saw a battle royale animation.
  10. Nerdinq

    random finger rig test

    Looks like any other finger rig. Also use imgur next time when posting an image on the forums
  11. Nerdinq

    Codename Survival - Episode 4

    Looks promising +1 rep
  12. Nerdinq

    Goblin Glider test.

    Before I clicked the title, I had said a short prayer this was not related to fortnite in anyway. MY prayers have been answered. It looks nice btw
  13. Nerdinq

    Improved Jump Test

    It looks much better, thank you.
  14. Nerdinq

    Improved Jump Test

    Alright I fixed that Is this better than before?
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