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  1. Thanks, ah yes I love your car rigs, I downloaded the one from the fbi truck, could you add more popular cars? or the clover of Gta San andreas: 3 Thanks a lot for the compliment, and especially for the criticism, I agree with her, it really does remind movie poster haahahaha
  2. hahahahaha, then, translating "Insanos" means insane :D
  3. Wow, it looks really cool hahahahaha, I was interested in the book, thank you
  4. I'll use it for subscription too, forgive me if the translation is bad
  5. Cabecao


    but then man, our friend from the above comment solved our problems :D
  6. Cabecao


    This damn bug, whenever I add light source, lights appear on the edge of the map: / I also like it very much
  7. Português---------------Detectar idiomaAfricânerAlbanêsAlemãoAmáricoÁrabeArmênioAzerbaijanoBascoBengaliBielorrussoBirmanêsBósnioBúlgaroCanarimCatalãoCazaqueCebuanoChinês (simplificado)Chinês (tradicional)CingalêsCoreanoCorsoCroataCurdoDinamarquêsEslovacoEslovenoEspanholEsperantoEstonianoFilipinoFinlandêsFrancêsFrísio ocidentalGaélico escocêsGalegoGalêsGeorgianoGregoGuzerateHaitianoHauçáHavaianoHebraicoHíndiHmongHolandêsHúngaroIgboIídicheIndonésioInglêsIorubáIrlandêsIslandêsItalianoJaponêsJavanêsKhmerLaosianoLatimLetãoLituanoLuxemburguêsMacedônioMalaialaMalaioMalgaxeMaltêsMaoriMaratiMongolNepalêsNianjaNorueguêsPanjabiPashtoPersaPolonêsPortuguêsQuirguizRomenoRussoSamoanoSérvioSindiSomaliSoto do sulSuaíliSuecoSundanêsTadjiqueTailandêsTâmilTchecoTélugoTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbequeVietnamitaXhosaXonaZuluPortuguês thank you bro this is for an animation, is not putting brand and thing that will not adhere to anything
  8. Cabecao


    start of an animation no edition edited
  9. First and foremost, my English is very bad. So if English is horrible, it's google translator. finally this and my first rig, to make a corolla because I really like the old car (and I also want to make an animation) I still think it's bad, but if you want to rig I can download it after I finish :D
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