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  1. Dawid24M

    Time of Evil #4

    This is my next fourth episode of this series. See for yourself. Special thanks for "Ghatos" for low-load cars. They were very useful for such a scene. I hope you will notice it. I warn you in advance. That there are mistakes in the film.
  2. Dawid24M

    Ford F-150 & Family van car rig

    Very detailed cars. Unfortunately, very much lags program mine-imator.
  3. Dawid24M

    Model car "BLADE" GTA

    Ghatos .This car has wheels and tires are only smaller and adapted to minecraft animation. Just like your cars. I will say I downloaded your cars. I apologize for the translator. I am in Poland.
  4. Dawid24M

    Model car "BLADE" GTA

    Zrobiłem kolejny model samochodu wzorowego na "Blade" od GTA - San Andreas. Dodał możliwość hybrydy na kołach. https://imgur.com/NDqasTq Tutaj możesz pobrać https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EYLxjYwWxSYAOODMT5-sBUjPFOOL6vnH/view?usp=sharing
  5. Dawid24M

    Low detail vehicle pack

    Excuse me. Bad translation.
  6. Dawid24M

    Low detail vehicle pack

    these cars are great. Just in time for placing them in the background without charging mine-imitators
  7. Dawid24M

    Low detail vehicle pack

    I also create cars. Check.
  8. Dawid24M

    A series that I intend to do

    Here you have what you will not find. However, this is not all
  9. Dawid24M

    A series that I intend to do

    it will be a nice scene. In case of anything, download my cars to the movie.
  10. Dawid24M


    a good idea. They will say that it is a computer graphic or in a studio
  11. Dawid24M


    a good idea. I can do it.
  12. Dawid24M


    What do you think about flat-earther. A very common topic on youtube. Maybe someone heard something about them.
  13. Dawid24M

    Nissan Cube car rig

    very detailed for minecraft.
  14. Dawid24M

    delivery van

    My next modelbench delivery van. At your request, you can insert your own picture in texture .png. If you want to change the color of the car's body just change the color in texture png. Download here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J22HyPqFoFAbEjlS26drX24njIHHH3u5/view?usp=sharing
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