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  1. Well, rules like that are usually pretty flexible (English as a language is just... the worst thing with contradicting rules), though here it's just more of a design choice. I'll be sure to consider this next time though...
  2. Did the music sound like this originally? It just kinda sounds like there's an extreme reduction of any bass and makes it a tiny bit tinny
  3. OzFalcon


    is that a desaturated Spartan from Halo?
  4. Could we have some generic laser sighting and torch attachments?
  5. the coolest arc in all of TCW, no I do not take any criticism
  6. Turning on unlimited values in the settings area, I took the model and scaled its Y to -1 yes sir
  7. first time i've done reflections so go semi-easy on me.. I can't take credit for a single asset here, some are from @DigitalEvorian , the buildings by @SKIBBZ , and the vending machine, car, and steel beams by @PigmanMovie, @Patric and @PhiliP
  8. Yep, the DL-44(?) blaster from Star Wars used the C96 (a real life gun) as a base in the original trilogy I'm pretty sure a certain blaster in the recent Mandalorian show also uses a real gun as its base, you'd have to fact check me on that
  9. I watch your animations and they look so smooth man. There's definitely like some sort of skill level difference that I don't know how to comprehend

    1. OzFalcon


      Thank so much :)

      I'm still far from amazing but it's a lot of practice

    2. CraftyFoxe


      I have a question on how to animate characters with folders. So do you make it so every single limb and head has it's own folder and does that folder go into yet another folder.

  10. Hate is a strong word, and I really wouldn't say the people who commented were hating it , but it's the movement of both the vehicles and characters that need a lot of improvement to look a bit more natural and realistic. Things like clipping and the motion of these things. If I were to give advice, it'd be to just practice some more, and practice more with using folders for the vehicles, overlapping X, Y and Z movements so they have a flow to them
  11. hoaghrga boog guitar by blox I think mkay
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