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  1. Despite that you also asked to " comment what i need to change or add" so I thought to politely point that out for future reference
  2. You need to make sure the ears are still the same hue as the rest of the face
  3. 3. The code is open-source, free to be edited/added on to if you have the programming skills > https://github.com/stuffbydavid/Mine-imator
  4. I like it Keep practicing and experiment with lighting and where you place your camera. You can further research about high/low angle shots and a little tool called the rule of thirds. MI actually comes with a camera overlay to help with the rule of thirds, so that's something
  5. DCTAnimations really just tried out the entire company of Adobe Inc.
  6. This isn't a wallpaper showing...
  7. I'd love to see you play with dynamics a lot more, but it's good
  8. It ain't my best work but its 'onest work Trying to experiment with particles more, albeit sloppily done
  9. It seems a lot all over the place, how many lights do you have in there? You might want to try removing them all (and turning sunlight to black) and using a big spot light to emulate the sun It might take a lot to tinker with, but 1 point lighting will definitely make your scene stronger, hope this helps somehow
  10. I love the new icon! Did you create it yourself? :)

    1. Voxy


      Nah, I used an image maker from Picrew, but it got taken down. Guess Nintendo wasn't too happy about it!

  11. They don't need an excuse to post though?? Leave them be
  12. Looks familiar but nice
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