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  1. OzFalcon

    Some Animal Crossing sounding music

    I made this thing a while back, it reminded me of Animal Crossing so uhhh... yes. I threw in some rain and a fireplace sound effect for a t m o s p h e r e https://instaud.io/3jdE
  2. OzFalcon


    "This is an unexpected move from them. It's too aggressive."
  3. OzFalcon

    Rampage - Wallpaper [4k]

    On first glance, this looked like a very rushed wallpaper. An uninteresting pose slapped with some poor lighting. I don't know if it's because you put too many lights in or just didn't mess with the ambient colouring, cause it just doesn't look very dark or menacing at all. The composition and camera positioning could also use some work to make it more interesting. Also why is he killing a First Order stormtrooper they didn't exist back then I'm literally shaking rn grrr smh
  4. OzFalcon

    Warm Mornings

    nice topic name
  5. OzFalcon

    How do I bend terrain?

    Why'd you pick out something as generic as Pixxel then
  6. OzFalcon

    Forum updating live

    Then again, your parents are there to stop you from getting involved in such things like karwoods... I'm starting to wonder if people out there actually realise why parents are doing their best to restrict such things. The internet is a horrible place, I wouldn't want to let my child explore it unprotected.
  7. OzFalcon

    Ethan & Ethan

    That's what I thought, but Sticky keeps bullying me on Discord, saying that I'm wrong
  8. OzFalcon

    Ethan & Ethan

    Sorry, just to clarify. Are you calling Ethan guilty or yourself guilty?
  9. OzFalcon

    Half way - Wallpaper [2k] Ft. Forumers

    who are you again
  10. OzFalcon

    Late Night Bois [wallpaper]

    Nice wheels
  11. OzFalcon

    Ethan & Ethan

    You know, I find it a little disturbing that all this is happening in a graveyard
  12. I made this western animated wallpaper/gif thing, yeehaw 🤠


    1. ThatGuyBrian


      it's 12-o-clock

    2. TheJeweledWolf


      Longest standoff ever xD

      Nice tumbleweed.

  13. OzFalcon

    Spiderman Into the Spiderverse [4K cinematic]

    like what's up danger?
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