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  1. Hey man, don't stress too hard over this. It took me a long time to create my first good looking walk cycle, and I still need help to animate walking to this day. I personally found Skibbz' old walking tutorial to be the best for me so I'd suggest that you go watch his in case it helps you like it helped me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0iWu74XdXo It's kinda hard to tell what exactly is wrong with it, because I think it'd be easier to grade if the whole steve was actually in motion and moving forwards with each step, but I'd say it doesn't look like the feet actually lift off the ground which gives it quite a sliding look and feel to it. As for transition wise, I'm just gonna tell you what Skibbz' tutorial tells you, and that you really only need to use linear when it comes to animating the legs part of a normal walk cycle, so don't worry too hard about that. Good luck, these things take time and practice!
  2. OzFalcon

    XTAR Revolver

    Looks like the old gun rigs Skibbz used to make. Very cool
  3. OzFalcon

    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    Overall a very very very nice update. The colours are a lot nicer and toned down, shading is now actually existant, but doesn't mess with the style too much. The eyes are much better than the previous version, shame on you for getting lazy with their faces in 1.0. And the cape is actually usable now so thumbs up
  4. please appreciate my little out of focus lens zooms... okay thanks bye
  5. oooo yikes. The hat really cuts off the DOF a lot
  6. A notable use of the anamorphic ratio
  7. uhhhhh Is this meant to be in the Modelbench subforum? You can't change the time in that program.
  9. The 2nd guy must've been deaf to not even hear the whooshing of the arrow. It's a nice animation
  10. Why don't you google that question and look at the numerous amount of articles, giving step-by-step solutions to your question?
  11. There's a simple editor built into the YouTube website, you can cut down that part off easily if you wanted too.
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