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  1. Planning out the movements and attacks that are going to take place can help you know exactly what you need to animate and also give you a clear goal to strive for, though there's still nothing really wrong with just going with the flow and having the battle almost animate itself in a way.
  2. That's actually the Skibbz Facial Rig. Nice model though
  3. Heyyy, alliteration in the title B) I figured out the basic motif for Miles Morales in the Spider-Verse film, and spent this morning building it up with my orchestral library in Live Lite. I like to think I did a very cool job , but also want to say that Daniel Pemberton, the guy who composed for the film, did an amazing job with his intricate score. It's one of my most favourite soundtracks in recent years. https://instaud.io/3zT1
  4. Nexil's PC: Am I a joke to you? While the fog feels a bit too heavy in areas like the ravine near the top, it's still overall a very cool wallpaper. I would love to see more!
  5. Mmm yes here's a work in progress on an introductory thing I'm making
  6. From the little helicopters to the water "physics" to the subtle lights of the mech occasionally flicking, you've created a really top notch animation Stickster. Also nice sound effects b
    1. Dannyboi


      Of course he's the same size as a rabbit.

  7. The greens and yellows are a bit too high, and it's a bit too bright overall. I'd just work on the colours, my friend.
  8. Only thing I'd point out is that the enemy falls to the ground exactly in place. It would've been a bit nicer to have him be blown back slightly. Still good overall though!
  9. mmm more red and blue lighting
  10. Should I make a small-ish rig pack like this, with more of these kinds of sci-fi pistols?
  11. just google images of Minecraft? Reference images always help.
  12. The wackiness of the lighting with the reds, greens and blues isn't very appealing to one's eyes. Steve looks too red, the ground looks too green, the sky looks too blue and the slimes look dark. Try to simplify your lighting more.
  13. So you're doubly sure the sky colour in background settings isn't black?
  14. SFR V7 has fangs already.
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