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  1. Frost doesn't always need to follow every topic, nor do you need to mention him for an almost pointless reason
  2. I like the fog, but everything seems a bit bland, and not in a "haha yes that's what I was going for" way
  3. If you learn to export the individual characters and assets and assemble them in an external editing program, it offers a lot more wiggle room for varied lighting, preventing rigs breaking due to scaling and more fine tuning features.
  4. Mine-Imator Gladiator Battle, really popular in the old MI days Think of stuff like REALITY
  5. This was Ethan trying out a concept using the idea of dominant and recessive genes and Punnett Squares, not 2 + 3 = 5 pixel arms
  6. Who called you a toxic waste?
  7. <Obligatory "Eww Community Build" comment>
  8. It's probably going to be annoying battle we'll have to face, but your comment "Youtube once again screwing up everyone in the process." just felt a little out of place when the article makes it clear that this change has come from government rules rather than YouTube itself.
  9. I've wanted to try something Spider-Verse related in MI for a while now, involving rendering character movement at 12FPS and a seperate environment plate at 24FPS, so this could be... neato
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