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  1. I think the use of a skin with a heavy use of its 3D layer was not a great idea to practice bevel edges with
  2. The collab has already closed and editing is almost done for it.
  3. It would look a bit better if the bricks were extruded Especially with such a blank background, I think it would've really added some depth to the image.
  4. They're pretty good, but I would just point out that things like the pupils compared to Caiden's torso for example, there's a very noticeable clash in pixel sizes
  5. I think I had a similiar problem a while back, where one of my projects decided to disappear off the face of the earth, not even showing up in my recycling bin. Hope you find out a solution, whereas I didn't
  6. Where are my fingers
  7. The composition is quite nice, I would just fix the glowing traffic cone
  8. Not gonna lie, but when you guys all make 6 similiar status updates for a joke it's pretty lame gamer 😪

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      insert upvote emoji here since cannot react anymore today and my body cannot react to my brother slapping me in the face

  9. Maybe there's a smidge too much detail on the top as it cones inwards under the lamp, but good nonetheless! Netflix should hurry up and put the Whittaker episodes up already
  10. IDK man, I know you haven't used it in a while but there's a massive lack of shadows, almost making it look like something made in the old beta version.
  11. Overseer Overseer Overseer Overseer Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer! Yeah, officer from overseer
  12. Wait wait wait, did you really only make a furry skin with those 3 shaved pixels off, and then use the arms to hide that in the previous 2 panels
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