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  1. my friend @NovaCeres and I have been playing Minecraft a lot recently here's one thing that's come out of it
  2. It's actually a good first attempt! I'd also just keep practicing with the program to get more comfortable with things like camera composition and character posing, which you get better at with natural practice and maaybe looking at some examples.
  3. this is unrelated but for all your 700+ questions, suggestions and complaints you've made I haven't seen a single piece of work from you
  4. there's a lot of small tiny details here which help create a fantastic outstanding larger artwork here great job red
  5. That's really pleasing to look at, great job
  6. The code should all be on GitHub, you get to do it yourself!
  7. please do not repost my exact same message request word-for-word from ages ago, thanks
  8. This looks like an entirely different program
  9. Ahh! It's been a long time, but I have finally surpassed 1000 virtual internet points "Why am I always the sheriff??" Everyone visible, in no particular order: Me (great), @MachineGunInc @Sword @Rollo @DarkDragonPro @9redwoods @Ethaniel @crustyjpeg @DigitalEvorian @Gabe @Benji and @Super Solomob 422 "But where am I?" If you're not here, you're just behind the camera
  10. I totally forgot to mention but thank you all for helping me surpass 1000 rep! (Now 1020 😮)

    I might be generic and try to create a big character render to celebrate this... maybe



      Welp, looks like your a"shooting star"!

    2. __Mine__



      Try not to be a month late like I was ;u;

  11. no, not in the main viewport, sadly My only advice for a work-around is to import a camera and position it exactly above your object looking down and look at it from the little camera viewport
  12. Here's something very simple, and a bit more stylised than usual
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