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    ItsAlz Creation

    Lonely In forest

    Here you go,im back from the dead. HERE SOME WIP Non - edit.
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    Argus rig From Mobile Legends

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qic1om46pj5ojib/Argus+Rig.rar SpeedRender: Next: Saber (Onimaru Skin) Or Golden Frieza Rig
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    It's been like a year or something since the last time I posted something here. And this is what I've done? So basically, I recently was getting nostalgia of the old 2006-2008 sprite animations, like Super Mario Bros Z and stuff, so I had the urge to attempt to make my own sprite animation, but the thing is the only software for animation i got is Mine-imator, so... Heh.
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    100% realistic reloading animation

    super duper graphics pack bois model by @Daffa_the_One
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    Plantera Sneakpeak

    Im doing this rig with @Rawami so ye... *insert ok hand emote here*
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    Duolingo bird rig

    Dear mine-Imators users, Me, the "Duolingo bird", is finally in Mine-Imator. So you won't be able to escape from my lessons anymore. Pictures of me: Download me right now and don't dare to ignore me.
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Global Illumination

    GI would be extremely useful for lighting, since it would make it less annoying with sides that have the same shadow darkness. Here is an example of what i'm talking about (using shaders): GI On: GI Off
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    Hope you enjoyed, consider liking the video and possibly subscribing!
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    A New Raine

    She gave me her new OC today so I made this wallpaper yay Constructive Feedback is encouraged!!!
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    (T)hey (g)ot ov(e)r (i)t

    (T)hey (g)ot ov(e)r (i)t
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    Actor Collab Entry!

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    Cubic Ralsei

    Duolingo bird rig

    did you do your french lessons today
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    Aldous Rig-Mobile Legends

    Old Ver Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8ldmod1mt7zlc2a/Aldous_Rig.rar/file (New Ver Download): https://www.mediafire.com/file/3u1i44wfmy5tmlg/Aldous_Rig.rar/file Speed Render: Next: Argus Rig (Oldskin Ver Cuz I Like It Better Than The New One,The New One looks Like a StreetLamp) Reply Pls
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    Hey everyone, the Advanced Character Model Version 3 is finished! ! Import the .miproject ! Features: -Smooth and Sharp bends -Controllers, for that Blender/C4D feel (Not fake, they actually work) -Full body auto 3D second layers -Skin friendly, no skin editing required, just apply your skin and it works -Auto texture fingers (only for steve) Overview: Auto 3D extrusions: Full: Legs: Body and arms: Head: Fingers: Trailer animation by Hozq: That's all, hope you guys like it. (Contains both Steve and Alex) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8s9rdd76pkkuk67/ACMV3.ZIP/file ! You don't need to credit me, but it would be appreciated !
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    The Actor Collab

    Howdy everyone! I am looking for people to join my collab. Here is what the collab is about "The collab is going to be about me and my sister who is finding actors for our upcoming movies. The actors [People who joined the collab] will be acting themselves saying lines from a movie/show or something random, like "Hey, this isn't my script!". They can animate themselves doing some kind of dramatic move or being nervous or something like that, it up to your imagination!. It's not a really good collab but still, it has some nice ideas to it r-right?" The Rules: 1. NSFW is not allowed 2. Entries must be 5 - 30 seconds long 3. You can only make 3 entries in total 4. Do not mess around with the setups in the template except for the lighting 5. Use the render setting below 6. Gore/Blood is allowed but keep it minimal 7. If you are inactive for more than 2 weeks then you will be kicked out of the server 8. You can have 1 - 3 characters in the scene, but not more 9. You can break the 4th wall 10. You can scale the setup back to 1 to animate easier, but you have to scale it back to 10 when you render your entries out 11. 2D animations are allowed 12. Render your entries in 1080p 30 fps 13. Sound effects are allowed, music is not recommended but still allowed 14. You are allowed to use voice lines from movies/games/etc... 15. You are allowed to record your own voice and put it in your entries Rules might be update in the future! Here is one of the entries for the collab [I will be sending about 1 - 3 in total so you can understand what the collab is about, the entries i sent still going to be in the final video]: 1. Made by @JosSamLoh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you interested to join the collab, here the invite link to it discord! [Discord Link REDACTED] In order to join now You have to DM my Discord: RandomJeremy#6675 I hope you have a good day! : b the collab reached 70 members idk if i can edit any more entries but that doesn't mean you can't join it anymore, just uh-- dm me on discord i might not responde, but you can still dm me without friending me just right click my pfp after you attempted to friend me and click messages i will check it when i have a chance ok bye better late than ever right xd
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    I am the Emperor of the Aparthian Empire in a Minecraft semi vanilla server. Please read the information below! It's very important [[ If you ever wanted to become a Queen or Empress this is your chance !!! ]] About the empire: The empire is a combination of towns, with Belkyr City or "Red City" (medieval themed) being the heart of the Empire, and two more towns with "jarls" running them including: • Fort Gold: an old western style "town" but its actually an Outpost in a mesa neighboring Belkyr city, it will be mainly used as an Outpost and for mining resources and soon a villager trading hall + Villager farm. Jarl: "Wizard_of_Woz". Citizens: None but other Aparthians can come live here if they wanted. • Star Federation: A small colony neighboring Belkyr City, ( Modern Themed), the word federation in the name is only for decorative purposes. Construction has been slow but it so far I only know it will display a big tower. Jarl: Suckerpunched10 (Asby) Citizens: None, it is unsure if Asby will have living space for people there. How the empire works: We are a monarchy which goals are to be a dominant force and grow as much as possible. We Will have a king and an emperor with emperor being the higher rank. We do go to war but only when absolutely necessary. Right now we do not have enemies only allies. We have grown to about 14 active people with the biggest population in the server. (Server name is Novadia and the owner is Jakipmon) Contact me here if you're interested in becoming Empress of Aparthia or Queen: Duke Kadir#7636 Current high ranking titles: Jarl: Manages a town/colony/outpost/City . Emperor: Has power over the entire empire. Duke: Oversees the Jarls, can give commands to lower ranks and gives advice to the Emperor. Low ranking titles: Peasant: A poor citizen that only owns one small house (mostly new people). People with high ranks: Emperor: (me) Duke_Kadir the First Duke: Akunahten The Great ( He will be promoted to king) Queen: None Empress: None I have yet to work on new titles based on the medieval class system or feudal system. [[ Info about Empress and Queen title ]] • About Empress title: To become Empress of Aparthia you must marry the Emperor in a church (The Church of Aparthia) which is yet to be built. The Empress must live with the emperor in a castle that is also in a queue to be built where other nobles will also live. The Empress is as respected and powerful as the Emperor and has the job of running the Empire, that means overseeing projects, creating plans, promoting people, overseeing the army, getting people to join the empire etc etc.. but the Emperor and the Empress are expected to work together in order to run the empire more smoothly. The Emperor may divorce the Empress if she becomes inactive or does not do her job well or does not work together with the emperor, in this case when divorce happens the Empress loses her title and power. The Empress cannot divorce the Emperor. At least half of the population most be present at the Royal Wedding and other allies will be invited as well. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Empress they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Empress" or "Your majesty (name)" or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is (For her majesty (name) ) • About Queen title: To become Queen of Aparthia you must marry the king in the same way an Empress does and live with the king in the castle. The queen is as powerful and respected as the king of Aparthia and has the same job/responsibilities as the king which will be decided soon. The Queen and King shall work together to run the empire smoothly. The king may divorce the Queen if the Emperor approves. The Queen can also divorce the king if the Emperor approves. When divorce happens the Queen loses her title and power. The Royal Wedding must be equal to the emperor's wedding and as important. ** When someone of lower rank wishes to speak to the Queen they must begin what they will say with addressing her as "My Queen" or "Your majesty (name) or just "Your majesty" and in written form when sending a mail letter for example it is ( For her majesty (name) ) • Requirements for Empress and Queen title: 1.Must be a hard worker 2. Must be active 3.Must be smart and a good planner 4.Must work well with others 5. Must be charming, nice and polite 6. Must have at least one ingame skill she's good At (example: Building, Redstone, Business) 7. Must call the emperor or king: (My love, honey or other name that implies they are together and 8. love each other) 9. Should be able to handle/write paperwork 10. Must be of female gender IRL/Ingame
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    Some Wip for Some Project

    Take this Lighting will be added later but this project is so laggy credit to @JustSoupe and @Alkaide for their epic rigs
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    100% realistic reloading animation

    Reaper is that you?
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    Lonely In forest

    I forget how good the bends are on the ACM are.... +1 (I saw this on discord)
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Lonely In forest

    acm v3 amirite
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    Global Illumination

    i meant HDRIs as in HDRI skybox influenced lighting
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    Hey you there Why don't you get your Spanish lesson done? Notifications Don't seem to do the trick on anyone How many times do I have to burn it in your brain? Hola amigo (hello friend) It's been a little over 24 hours I know you're busy But you underestimate my pow'r Don't let the karma creep up on you Hacer la leccion (do the lesson) You don't know what I can do We can have a little fun Hey you there I think you better get it over with before 𝙄 𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙛𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙮 I have them locked up in a tower En el piso más alto (on the highest floor) It didn't have to come to this You only had to run the app Oh, look at you, so eager now! Such an open book! So finish what you started now You're not quite off the hook Una pregunta Hope you get it right Everything you love is on the line... All you needed was a little push! ¡Todo lo que necesitabas era un pequeño empujón! (All you needed was a little push!) Hey you there Look at you, you got your Spanish lesson done Notifications I guess they won't do the trick on anyone
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    [Sh]e's b[rok]en

    [Sh]e's b[rok]en
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    Cubic Ralsei

    Shooting Stars (4K Cinematic)

    Yes, you can even play Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars and it'll be completely fitting. also by the way with some of my deca city conflict wallpapers you can order them to figure out a story, just a small hint
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    Duolingo bird rig

    ha jokes on you, i speak the language of the gods
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    If you accidentally stain your clothes, just get the stain everywhere else so it doesn't look like there is a stain.
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    Duolingo bird rig

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone! This means a lot to me.
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    Cubic Ralsei


    it's supposed to look more like regular minecraft
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    Simple. Noice. But Lighting Could Be Better.
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    Brachiosaurus rig preview

    Hello guys! A new dinosaur rig after a long time! It is Brachiosaurus, a dinosaur lived in jurassic period. It's front legs are longer than the behind ones. Like other dinosaur rigs, it's design is based on Jurassic Park series. "Welcome to Jurassic Park." My fourth dinosaur pack will be uploaded after making two dinosaurs. Did you like this rig?
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    we want mineimator for the phones!
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    Introduce yourself!

    Alkaide. September 8 2002. Definitely identifies myself as a thicc dragon. Usually makes comedic animations, which I think are decently funny for my viewers. Has lost the will to find the meaning of love. 100% innocent- don't trust me. If I dislike it, I dislike it. If I like it, I like it. If it's bad, it's bad. If it's good, it's good. If it's Alkaide, it's Alkaide. Been using Mine-imator since 2016. Is a fellow religious Christian, pls don't be hatin' by religion mate. I respecc what u believe so pls respecc mine too. kek? kek. Dislikes edginess because I can't be one lol.
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    Wait fully 3D? With working bends?! I think I missed something, 'cause last I checked that was impossible.
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    Some models I've recently made for BonePunk/SkeleRockers art. There are two textures for the Guitar, red and black. There are no drumsticks, so you have to make them by yourselves, sorry about that. You don't have to give a credit, but I would appreciate if you do. Mediafire Download Dropbox Download
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    Adri526's Lightsaber Rigs !

    Hi, today I wanted to share with you my Star Wars Lightsaber Rigs that I used in several wallpapers. Here are some pictures : ---> Download <--- You will find 3 lightsaber models in the archive. Don't forget to credit me if used. Enjoy !
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    We want mineimator for phones
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