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    I see you

    I SEE YOU Withered Fr eddy model by @Jnick, design by Trainguy
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    Are people seriously Coronavirus is the end of the world or something? I mean, it's death toll isn't anywhere near the amount that the flu kills on a yearly basis. It's got about a 96% recovery rate. It's not worth the panic that is looming over the world. Seriously, why don't things get delayed and canceled for the flu? Bernie Sanders said, "Casualties May Be Even Higher Than What Armed Forces Experienced in WW II". ...What? Yeah, and maybe deaths caused by slipping on banana peels at the top of stairways will exceed the deaths of WWII. The news and stuff are saying things like, "Oh no, this virus is so bad, they can't even contain it!". What viruses can we contain?! If that were a thing, do you think the common cold would still be around? Certainly not, nor would the flu or any other common sickness. Anyway, this thing is being blown way way out of proportion. I expect it'll be over by the end of April if not sooner.
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    Comedy Night

    Blaize and his friends attend a comedy night session and Quinn tells a funny joke. Randomly thought of this a few days ago and finally got around to animating it.
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    close one

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    I see you

    Yup, that's exactly how. Like 99% of topics end up on "Popular Creations" because either random off-topic chat is happening (which is against the forum's rules) or people are spreading drama and having pointless arguments. This happens almost daily nowadays. It's ridiculous.
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    Attack on Titan

    Tried recreating the A.O.T. 2 wallpaper in Mine-Imator but with some changes in matter of characters. Hope ya like it
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    Ferret Model (With Variant's!)

    Texture's By: Minecraft Animania Mod Model By: ZeeKay (Me) Image: Download Ferret Model! Included Variant's: Grey (Sable Mask) White (Panda) Yellow/Brownish (Cinnamon) Black (Sable Mitt) Albino (No i will not make a custom variant for you)
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    Jax Hallows

    Welcome.. to DOOM

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    anima cryses

    I see you

    Oh shit, he's here! ****! Ok got the phone. ''911'' ... ... Please, please! ... -Hey! Please help me he wanna kill me! -Calm down sir, tell who wanna kill you, and your exact location. I'm at- *noise* Oh, no OH GOD, OH SH- ... -Sir...? ontopic: Looks pretty nice!
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    Bacon's Portal Rigs Megathread

    Alright, exactly 1 person on the Discord asked for them so here's all my currently made Portal rigs, all in one convenient package! The below list covers everything currently in the pack: Currently included rigs: Planned rigs (or existing ones that need a lot of cleanup before being posted): Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bw-pBFbtU4qTFV2AORbHOHKiot1I5Qme Let me know if there are any issues with the rigs or if you have any suggestions that aren't on the list, and enjoy! Cave Johnson, we're done here.
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    Blender like face rig

    Ok so me and @Frost have made a face rig fully in mb that possible to pose multi ways.Its heavily based off blender/maya user mouth rigs.We also did not use alpha glitch for this as doing lighting breaks alpha face rigs or at least the ones we use(hozq's face rig). Pls don't ask for it this is for only my team and personal use only
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    Terraria Rig Pack

    Welcome in the fabolous terraria rig pack anyway this isn't finished yet, im going to add here bosses, items etc. and the download link of everything placed here Be sure to follow this post to not miss any Updates! "The jungle grows restless..." Bosses: Enemies: Items: Pets: Statues: Changelog Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s8tlzzn0gxktbh2/Terraria_Rig_Pack_V. Crew: @Bronze @Rawami @Ian_The_One @nrtcb V.
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    I've been testing out my animation skills and after 5 hours of intense thinking, adding transitions, i figured out how to make a smooth animation! (kinda) Tell me what you think!
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    Download link mega: Here to Download mediafire: Here to Download Kriss SV is..... Kriss SV was my Favorit SMG weapon. the body design, comfortable in hand. im making this to not to be tempted to buy the Airsoft. *if you not liking the attachement just hide it and flip the ironsight* There 7+ Paint and 4+ Cool Tattoed Version Kriss SV(this is joke don't hate me) the stock can be folded not include bullet sorry im a bad grammer
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    woah fad

    model by Anima-cryses
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    I CANT DECIDE WHETHER DIAMOND IS BETTER ORE EMERALD IS BUT NOW YOU CAN DECIDE WHICH ONE IS YOU FAVORITE WITH 3D ORES JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE FOR THE ORE PACK (OH AND ONE MORE THING you need to insert the textures [ textures is in the model pack ]) enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/folder/o4vzjtos0xqui/ore_not_get_it
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    I see you

    This is getting off-topic
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    I see you

    they need to change it based on how fast a post gains traction instead of just replies
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    I see you

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    Alright I listened to your advice changed some things. Made the edge more foggy, added some more buildings in the background, darkened the shadow and removed the station platform light. Keep in mind this is right at the edge of the set so that's why the edge is more defined, the station platform is quite long after this part. Here's just an opening shot
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    Sir Mistick The Yopstick

    No bloom

    Can someone just lock this please? This thread is going out of hand... (42 Responses what the hell?)
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    Screaming Nights Remake

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    Screaming Nights Remake

    The lighting could use some work, maybe a dark blue or purple to add to the scary ambience. The camera is very rigid and linear, I'd recommend experimenting with that a little more, take some inspiration from movies and such to see what angles are used and when. The posing is very stiff and could use some improvements, it may help to act out the action yourself, notice how your arms rest and how your legs bend, how your back arches and your head reacts when your doing these actions, it may be helpful to record it so you can watch it back later and use it to help you.
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    Thoughts on COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)? (Wrong thoughts only)
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    sword rigs request (closed)

    like dis if u dont like it i can change it
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    sword rigs request (closed)

    @wafflecakes ur sword is done http://www.mediafire.com/file/1f8qeeqj0jdnlnf/sword_katana_rig.rar/file
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    Cryptic Runner

    Humagear Module❗❗

    thank me later
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    Good news for star wars fans. Turns out Palpatines son is actually a failed clone of himself(he survived ROTJ via a clone body seen in TROS) that had no force power and was not identical. I think we'll all be happier not having to think about the fact that Palpatine had a love life.
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    An Overlapping Action Test

    Kinda sloppy.
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    amazing! this legit scared me at the end where theres a jumpscare
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    Another one bites the dust! My college has announced the move to online classes starting after spring break. Tomorrow is our last day on campus for the foreseeable future. Just a little reminder to those out there: wash your hands and stay safe!
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    2D Hall of Bastille [Wallpaper]

    Sorry if it's dark, you might wanna turn up the brightness. Ever since I've seen 9redwoods 2D wallpaper, I wanna try myself! Let me know what you think!
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    Underwater joy

    not as good as i had it in my head but ok credits: @Frost for helping me with it (thank u)
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    Crime Watch: Intros

    So there's this show that I like called Ozark, that I decides to combine with @Ethaniel's Crime Watch. For context, each intro has four symbols that foreshadow the events of each episode. Each symbol also forms the letters Z-A-R-K inside of the letter O, this forming O-Z-A-R-K I actually made these a while ago, but since the latest season is around the corner, figured I might as well post these here. The music in the second video was done by the wonderful @OzFalcon ...I really like this show
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    read if u want to

    That's because they don't spend 5 minutes making a render and don't upload like three renders every single day. There's a difference. By extension, this is most likely the reason why you're not getting upvotes from your renders; because you're putting very little time and effort into making them and flooding out others' renders from the "Recent Creations" list, as well as your own. I'll say yet again, you do not absolutely have to post a render every single day. Because when you spend so little time, the quality takes a hit, and it really shows.
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    No bloom

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    HFR [V.2] MI 1.2.6 + ONLY

    Yeah so this is for MI 1.2.6 + only because of the new bending system. ---INFO--- It's basically the same as V.1 except you can now do some other stuff with the eyelids and the pupils have been changed a bit. Oh yeah and i have redone the mouth entirely because the last version of it was absolutely horrible. The round variations of the pupils haven't been included because i don't feel like they're that useful, if you think otherwise feel free to say so in the comments. It isn't as scale friendly as it used to be but it shouldn't be too hard to scale up. Comes with a male and a female version. ---WHAT DO I PUT HERE--- If you were to stumble across any bugs feel free to report them either in my discord or in the comments here in this post. ---PICTURES/GIFS--- Please be sure to credit me if you use this because it took blood, sweat and tears to get it working, thanks! DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION FROM ME.
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    Well, about 3 monthes ago I posted a tutorial about sphere reflections in wich I used external software and claimed that it would not be possible to get the same effect just within MI. But well, it seames that I found a way to do that, event though some fine tuning still needs to be done and I still have to get creative to solve the problem with the bottom and top.
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    9redwoods Model V4

    V3 was available until now. It was broken in 1.2.6 because of bending issues with the old HSPM. Also, this is 100% MB. No .miobject files in the folder, which makes it feel more neat and organized.
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    H.S.P.M V.2 [REDONE] MI 1.2.6 + ONLY

    It's here! With improved bends and 3D second layers. All bugs have been fixed. This rig only works for MI 1.2.6 and above because of the new bending system. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you find any bugs, be sure to tell me about it in the comments below. Please be sure to credit me if you use it as it took a very long time to make, thanks. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE MY WORK WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION FROM ME.
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    Jax Hallows

    Arwing V2

    I got Bored and decided to remake an old Arwing Model, here is the new model and a download link for it. If the new model has any issues just let me know, I will fix it if it needs an update. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ggwhqfigradea3/Arwing_V2.rar/file You may need to play with the Depth Render for the item within the Arwing. try -1.| i also could not figure out what was happening with the Joy "sticks" for the handle. just set their depth render to 0 then back to -1. it will fix the problem. Also YES i know i named some of the parts horrible wrong. i forgot what they where called. Old Model.
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    Small car rig BREAKABLE!

    Hi everyone! ? Remember that car rig I've made a week ago? Well, now you can break it! because here is the "Small car rig BREAKABLE!" I've also made a video: To download it, just click here Also, please credit me if you use it on your animation! EDIT: the tutorial is now available!
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    What's this on the CCTV?

    "What's this on the CCTV?" Model by Jnick, Design by Trainguy
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    Is this you?

    Is this you?
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