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  1. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

    Cryo in trouble
  2. Simple night scene lighting

    It just looks...not very great...
  3. Online Mine-imator

    "were" working on it.
  4. Simple night scene lighting

    It works! But when are you going to fix the walk cycle?
  5. Online Mine-imator

    read three comments above this one
  6. I can't open MI 1.1.0

    ooooopppsssss nobody saw that.....
  7. I can't open MI 1.1.0

    It says something different now.
  8. R E A L I T Y - Concept 5 [TEASER]

    Can't wait! It's gonna be EPIC!
  9. I can't open MI 1.1.0

    So whenever I try to open it, it says I do not have permission to access it. I tried Run as Administrator, but it didn't work. Help @david!
  10. Online Mine-imator

    @4ward animations has it.
  11. Online Mine-imator

    yes we did, but we're not going to finish
  12. Online Mine-imator

    Ok guys, we are not going to finish. You guys were right. Sorry about this, it was just a big argument. It will been discontinued.
  13. do you still have that picture you made me?


  14. Wave Cycle

  15. Anyone Remember This?

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