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  1. witchery
  2. wait you want us to animate with it but WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD >.> rig a scythe plz
  3. noice you should add a background music and sound effects and your game will be much better than ever
  4. request

    since you put it that way I'll just rig your skin no worries.
  5. request

    yes u can as long as you have a rig to participate in.
  6. YEs, you read the title I know the Internet phenomenon was made months ago, but what does that matter? So, basically I wanted to make a special animation based on the copy cat Internet phenomenon with different people in it. I have everything planned and I just have to animate the animation but I don't have the people in it. The Due Date is Wednesday (July 19) To deal with these things normally people would just keep overeusing the same characters, but after seeing this version of the Internet phenomenon I was inspired to make each and every character different in the animation. Probably the animation will take some time about 1-3 weeks or so, but it'd be cool if you could send your rigs before Wednesday Only 16 Participants can be in the animation because Im also adding some special people. If I cant get 16 participants i will have to come up with some new rigs and waste my time rigging more characters instead of animating. (which is lame) If you haven't rigged your skin or even have a rig you have time until Wednesday (July 19). So if you would like to be in the animation please send your rigs through private message or on discord (u will not me) to me ***Notice*** In order to make the animation special I will only accept people with proper rigs such as like having a facial rig, having hair, having texture and etc. And for the rest if you would like to participate please don't comment down below the rig download link it because other people might just swoop in so just send a message. I can promise you the animation quality won't be like these ones Ask questions if you're not sure of anything in the comments. Participants
  7. junkyard

    thks i really appreciate it! its really nice you cared and expressed yourself because you're the only one for the rest...
  8. posing
  9. junkyard

    Another Photoshop Art A MI wallpaper A terrible yt banner A horrible remix that was never really finished
  10. lmao idont even enjoy my own remixes 

    1. Zeno



    2. CatOnCaffeine


      No worries, I don't enjoy it either. :whistling: 

    3. Zeno


      whaT do u use u need MASSivE and fL STOODIO too DOBSTOP

  11. wallpaper

    lmao i dont even know
  12. noice
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