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  1. "Feel Warm"

    really nice
  2. Bone's Dusk

    the poor skeleton...
  3. Skywars : Rush [Hypixel]

    very funny.
  4. Weeb Stufs

  5. The rig bug curse.

  6. The rig bug curse.

    I just did. this is the new rig I was working on.
  7. The rig bug curse.

    This happens in mineimator 1.0.6 as well not just in Community Build and the rig is built out of just 1 itemsheet
  8. Echo | A Minecraft Wallpaper

    o nice.
  9. Borderlands 2 Deathtrap IronGolem Remodel (Idea)

    I didn't give an opinion because I have no idea what a Deathtrap from Borderlands is.
  10. 'Predator' Digital Mineimator Speedart

  11. Wallpaper- Morning Swim

  12. My first speed art. Enjoy Wallpaper: Speed Art
  13. Vespur, A little about him

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