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  1. Waat why dont you have any rep? :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Frossa


      He asked me to.

    3. NotAn...
    4. TheIceBlock3


      Saw that he had no rep on a topic and was going to ask him before I saw this

  2. I know its not the end of the month, but I'm going now. 

    The collab will be still going on, but I won't be here any longer. 

    You can find me on discord or youtube. (Artemis Xenoganova) 

    bye :3 

    1. Dannyboi
    2. Colonel Muffin

      Colonel Muffin

      You're going to have rep and you're going to like it, mister.

  3. .-. kill me pls
  4. is jumping off the Empire State Building worth after seeing this?
  5. wallpaper collab

    the only thing you're gonna get is a kick right out of the collab for not following the rules and disrespecting me, I already told you and you didn't follow the rules and ignore me. boi you're going on my naughty list.
  6. So I don't know how to make those animated sound beat lines in videos from like Trap City or Trap Nation. 

    What is the program they use? Pls tell me. 

    1. Arczision™


      I use Hitfilm to do that

    2. Zeno


      Usually After Effects. The only way I know of to make it in Hitfilm relies on features in the Pro version.

  7. springtrap

    why are you stealing another person's rig?
  8. technically at times like this you could report or downvote.
  9. yes, I have already gave out 8 reputation.
  10. cool too bad I'm at my reputation limit
  11. all of these are amazing you should make a rig showcase.
  12. awesome. too bad I can't give reputation anymore.
  13. lets use it on Trump
  14. I can't see the wallpaper. just codes
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