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    just animator and rigger
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  1. oh my god , dats fucin awesome .
  2. oh my ******* god ,,,, THATS AWESOMEEEE
  3. can someone do ezio rig pls , im really big fan of ac games
  4. 1.I DID BUT STILL SAME 2.windows 10 6 gb ram 2k display 400 gb disk space umm i cant find crash logs folder . _.
  5. i run as admin still same i check task manager and there is no MI process
  6. just when i click doesnt happen , i dont have bug logs and i reinstall directx 11 still same
  7. please help when i click mine imator community build and doesnt happen . I tried with vanilla mine imator , same thing happens
  8. its beatiful, awesome and aaam just beatiful. lol can you make lamborghini or camaro orrrrr bugatti pls you are awesome
  9. im not american dude ...my main language is different ahh nevermind just stop talking
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