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  1. You left, but happy birthday

  2. Goodbye pals! I hope we cross paths too, it's great to do so with someone who used to be in the same forums as you... and even greater with a big fan. I don't really know for sure. Thing is, I'll probably be entering here quickly expecting to see some good content that catches my attention just to leave 2 secs later... This random checks might as well end up with me not visiting this place ever again. Ever. Goodbye pal. I hope you do well on animation as well, I see you already have a somewhat big fanbase at YT so best of luck with that I must say the same thing, Capinima was a great way of knowing you better. Thanks for everything pal. Yes, I've seen those and choosing an engine that suits the best for me was the hardest part. Luckily the diversity of games made in Unity is mostly what made me choose it overall. Ahhh, yes... this damn Skjold being Skjold with his sarcastic and not-so sarcastic comments as always... You have never changed since I joined, I'll miss you too
  3. Hi... For quite some time, I've been considering quitting animation and today I've decided to show you guys my decision. Yes, I quit. Why? Animating is not for me. I've recently found another hobby, game programming and development which seems to be less tedious, frustrating and has a better payoff as I see myself with little chances of a great future within the path of 3D animation specificly. And I mean specificly because game development also includes some it, so I cannot consider my time here learning the ins and outs of animating as a waste of time. So why is this topic in Narrative animations you may ask? Well, I've decided to show you guys how much progress I was in my current project. Technically, it's not fully finished but yet it still follows a script of events with characters in it. May it be small or not. I don't know if I will ever get back, but for the time I'll be on the steep learning curve of developing games with Unity. Plus, these forums have been feeling a little... dead? Maybe? So I don't know, I may stick around every now and then. Goodbye for now I guess, the path I'm taking will also get me out of the whole "Minecraft" thing which means I'm now able to make my own world, my own characters and my own story with no limits at the same time of doing something I like. I will always hate the disgusting and toxic side of this community, but I will also love the other side and appreciate it more overall. I don't know what will happen to me in regards to being here, lol, but you might care about my content or you may not. You can find some of my coolest creations in the about me page in my profile. ...And speaking of content! Some of the rigs in the animation are made by @BloxTheRigger and @SharkleSparkle.
  4. Maybe some SSAO in it would've made it a lot prettier
  5. If you missed my Space Shuttle megabuild, check it out:


  6. Thanks pal, but this one doesn't include an interior. It's hollow.
  7. Hi! After a long time of posting nothing, I'm back with another build of mine regarding my space fanatism. Here you have this beast that took me at least a week or so!: ========================================================================================================================= For all your space animation needs! This space shuttle was made as accurate as I could (accurate "paint-job", OMS engines and even RCS thrusters for any space nerds out there :P). Here you have some more images of the build: DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/djbbmodlg6lp6ec/Space+Shuttle+by+StickyMations.zip (288,59 KB) File includes Minecraft world save (1.11) and Mine-Imator project file for importing. ========================================================================================================================= Note: If you want to open the world save to take a look, I'd recommend you to put the render distance to 14 chunks before you open it to see it better. Don't claim as your own. Credit me if you use it.
  8. I'm about to finish the space shuttle I showed you guys in my last status. Most likely going to upload it here in about 1-2 days, It's going to be my best build yet.

  9. Aside from animating, this is the thing I've been working on for a few days now:


  10. You did the editing? That's really cool right there. But the first poster seems to have a problem with the SSAO in the area around the nose, idk it looks really ugly. Maybe you could fix that next time? Or even disable the SSAO option overall.
  11. Well, good for a start. I like the idea of this and the way you replicated things o3o, pretty good but you could look up tutorials to improve that terrible lighting next time.
  12. If god exists, then how do you explain this?:

    Haha! Game over, religious people!

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    2. BAC0NB0Y


      Why did Meh's voice change? T.J. Miller should not have to put up with this misery!

      Oh, nevermind.

    3. Emaniplex


      The... emojis fall on both the just and the unjust.  :steve_sneaky:

    4. TailsTheFox


      I didnt hate much the trailer till i saw this abomination, GOD DIDNT MAKE THIS WE DID UGGGGHHHHH

      sorry my reply box is just broken but im talking about the UGLY HIGH FIVE EMOJI

  13. Nice concept! Not something we've seen many times here, I love this. But is it just me or that door seems superimposed?
  14. Well yeah... but not in massive amounts like he did. Like, you see, this is just a filler he made and even so it would probably have +10 upvotes at this point. Tbh I don't think he deserved such approval in most occasions. In this case the scenery is the schematic that comes in with Mine-Imator, and that's something I'd think gives it less effort to the wallpaper. The torch glow is also very brigh and unfitting to the whole scene... Most of the time he gives us nothing special or new imo and it doesn't seem like much effort
  15. Does it include that secondary little mouth inside it's mouth yet?
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