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  1. Hey! Welcome to the community! You'll have to forgive some of the comments, critiquing things is oddly difficult here, given everyone's individual styles. If it's alright, I'd love to give a couple pointers! SO, when creating a wallpaper, you'll wanna be careful about using too much bloom, especially for things like words. It'll end up filling up your scene too much and people can lost interest quickly. Instead, see about playing around with spotlights and pointlights. Since it's only an image, and not an animation, you can get away with more complicated lights and using spotlights to your advantage. Just be careful about washing your colors out with them. We still wanna see what you got without it all being red. Dynamic poses and spacing are also great for posters. You dont wanna fall into the whole MCU movie poster hole (which is really easy, trust me). For posing, full extensions, minor stretching, and bends are your friends. You've got the bends down, but lets see about where the limits are with a character's realism and explore that! If you're up for giving it another shot, I'm all for staying updated! Can't wait to see what else you've got.
  2. Theres no real movie it's just an April Fools joke unfortunately, but thank you for the compliment!
  3. I finally animated something? It's more like than you think! Click this link below to find out more!
  4. Don't be so hard on yourself and your wallpaper. Interesting posing though, be sure to avoid ultra stiff limbs and keep things dynamic when it comes to renders. Not sure how I feel about the left ankle though, it makes their foot look broken. I can tell you took a somewhat anime-ish approach with this posing, which is a difficult thing to do with minecraft characters, they're not really built for that kinda thing. The character design itself is also interesting, but you may want some scenery in your image next time around. Otherwise ya boi is just projecting edgy through the void. Lighting and scenery can be just as essential as the characters themselves. Things like those can really sell a scene.
  5. I'm trying to get back into animation. Just a small WIP of something using @vash0110's rig


    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      So is every old member coming back?




      Cyro better be next

  6. I haven't posted in a long while oof Anyways, I made a bunch of character models for a group I'm a part of I also made a bunch of simple wallpapers with them, planning on animating with them sometime soon.
  7. The lighting isn't very good. You can see the position where you put only one point light. It's recommended that you take out any glow stone in schematics and replace them in MI Make sure their brightness is 85-100%. Some light aren't super bright while some are very bright. Turn off the shadows for them and place a point light in the middle of the block. This will look like the block is actually giving off light. When selecting the color of your point light, select the average of the colors. (you can do that here http://matkl.github.io/average-color/ ) Also don't be afraid to put some very subtle ambient lighting in shadows. That would make hidden characters easier to see to the viewer. The posing isn't too bad, but you might want to avoid turning the torso too much on some characters. It look awkward. You also should avoid inconsistent rigs, like the shotgun. If the everything is square, except one thing, it's a detail that stands out too much.
  8. Your profile picture remains your best feature.

    1. blockerlocker


      Other than your RadicalPersonality™

    2. Zeno


      I was going to say I don't know who he is, then I realized he's in Kekeky. ffs

    3. Upgraded Moon
  9. Happy birthday

    1. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      Thank you!

  10. Happy (early) birthday.

    1. Upgraded Moon

      Upgraded Moon

      Thank you! :)

  11. This is literally just a copy of Mind the Gap
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