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  1. (click image to view in full resolution) W/o additional lighting: W/o edits: Some other edits I made for the funsies: Made this for fun. there's no real story to this (this character's real tho ).
  2. Rollo


    They are the same tone. Are you looking at her yellow sleeves? And thank
  3. Rollo


    Don't know what that's about since this is literally the link: And thank you!
  4. Rollo

    Karma Meme

    i dont get it
  5. Note: Before starting this tutorial it's very important that you middle-click this link, or right-click and click Open Link In New Tab. This is crucial to the process. Another note: If using a Chromebook, it must have Google Play functionality. ~Enjoy!
  6. so theres this free game on steam called mindnight.

    way fun game. go play it. makes you feel like sherlock holmes and ultimate hackerman at the same time.

    1. MYSELF3200


      Sorry, can't afford.

  7. Rollo

    FNIA Rigs 1 (Fad)

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!
  8. Rollo

    GOLEM FIGHT | Minecraft Life

    Wow! You are 100% the hero Mine-imator deserves. This is your first video, no less. Definitely a job very well done. Bravo.
  9. Rollo

    I created a Sonic game!

    there are pics on the website
  10. Rollo

    Should I make a EM Mike Afton rig?

    F.naf rigs are quite overdone. In fact, a lot of the people on this forum are tired of seeing anything related to the game. I would recommend coming up with something original, that shows your own style. We don't want to see the F.naf style again, we have plenty of that. Show us your creativity!
  11. It looks like he found an image online (I don't know exactly where he got his image) for a transparent sniper scope, and layered it on top inside a video editing program. I use Vegas Pro, which can do that, but it costs a lot of money. I'm sure there are free options out there that let you have multiple layers of video, and will work just the same. One I know of is Hitfilm Express. Hitfilm Express is completely free, is really great for new creators, and will do what you're looking for.
  12. Rollo

    The Freefall Collab!

    but it ends in one month
  13. Rollo

    The google interface

    ah, yeah it's been a while since i've taken art class. you are the graphic designer here lol
  14. Rollo

    The google interface

    wait but red and green are complementary colors. theyre on opposite sides of the color wheel which should mean they go very well together. i think its just the shade of red that he chose.
  15. Rollo


    It looks like you don't have the proper C++ framework on your computer. I would try backing up all your projects somewhere and reinstalling the program. If that doesn't work, someone else is gonna have to help you cause that's all I've got. And even if you did have the framework though, your computer's gonna need a LOT of memory to import an area that large at once. I would recommend doing it in little chunks.
  16. Rollo


    ARE YOU AN ABSOLUTE NERD??? WELL NOW YOU CAN NOT BE A NERD IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. BE A NERD THAT IS. With Swolmulator, anyone can be hella buff! All you gotta do is import the model, baby! You don't need to credit me if you use this in anything I dont fricken care dude.
  17. Just a reminder that there's a month left to complete the Freefall Collab (June 30th is the last day)!

    (If you're just hearing about this, you can still join up until the deadline)

    @MachineGunInc @Hagus @MasterArcher12 @YoshiHunter @Chaukeke @ky_09095 @Chirp @alfadog @Mighty Maison @HeYoNia @DatCoalDuck @Twotorule @TheCollieStalks @Pigeon_

    1. YoshiHunter


      Oh *bleep*, I gotta get to work!

    2. Mighty Maison
  18. Rollo

    The Freefall Collab!

    You already joined this collab, silly.
  19. Rollo

    Add this in mine-imator 1.1.5

    Well, Smart Moving is a Minecraft mod. And also relies on straight limbs rather than bending limbs. While those animations would be cool to have as presets in Mine-imator, there's just no way to implement them rather than looking at them frame-by-frame and remaking it.
  20. Rollo

    Alpha no render glitch fix

    We would fix it, but a lot of rigs actually use this to make mouths and eyes.
  21. Rollo


    connect your xbox account with discord...
  22. Rollo

    BooLean option

    Roblox is written in Lua, which was built for 3d software. Mine-imator is built in GameMaker Studio, which was made for 2d software. It's honestly a miracle anything 3d can even be made in GML. It's not necessarily about lag, it's about how many resources the program needs to take up. I may be wrong though, I didn't actually make the program so I don't know completely how it works.
  23. Rollo

    BooLean option

    I see what you mean. They way you described it before made it sound like what we have. Also grammatical errors. This would be neat but it would also take a lot of resources. Mine-imator can only handle so many vertices, and booleans could be used to totally break the program.
  24. Rollo

    BooLean option

    But you can already alter render depth...?
  25. Rollo

    I need an another community.

    You could try Hyun's Dojo but that's more for Flash animations. You could share them on the Minecraft subreddit. Maybe the Animation subreddit too but they might not take kindly to Minecraft. There's technically a Mine-imator subreddit but not many people get on it. I've heard Newgrounds is alright, but that might be exclusively for Flash animations. I've heard people say Vimeo is actually pretty good as well.
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