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    These are kind of old but here.Minebox made some renders on his discord sever with a creeper,zombie and steve which i ended up making enderman and alex based off how he does his style.Before you ask he said he wont ever do the same style as the snowgolem and iron golem for a animation and he stopped using mi.The renders i based these off were only tests by him in c4d.
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    Drone and Remote

    Hey, credit is cool. You can credit me if you want. This is specifically a Mavic Pro. I may create some alternative textures if people want. DOWNLOAD
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    Into Battle!

    Left to right. @crustyjpeg @Rollo @willingsas @mbanders @9redwoods @Slime Im mostly fine with how this turned out. I certainly lost my touch with lighting so if you feel like it, leave me some tips.
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    This Wallpaper Contain Violence and Gore, or more specifically, Cruelty, atleast i think it's Cruelty. Hello, it's that time where i'm soo bored making family friendly content, so i created some NSFW Content specifically for expressing my extreme emotional side, and yes i have a confession, some are sexual, but those are private. i remove the NSFW in the title because i'm 100% sure that it's not NSFW, atleast i hope. Yep, that it's bye.
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    Portal 2 | 4K

    Made this Portal 2 render, really happy with it. Chell isn't used cuz i figured out "why not have a custom character?", and I placed myself in lol. Anyways, credits! @BaconSandwich for his portal 2 pack, the wall textures, floor textures, the entrance/exit thing, the portal gun, and his turret. Glados is made by me(half complete), and MAYBE it will be private(not really sure). Happy extremely late b-day, Bacon :D, the Glados rig will truly be yours soon! CC is very much appreciated, might need help with lighting and stuff like that
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    -ACD(Automatic Chopper Drone)

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    Eva Face Animation Test

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    Hellish landscape, Nether Biomes. Piglin Bastions, Large magma oceans. Life is hot there, hotter than the debris. Cooler than mushrooms growing like some trees. Country Lode, take me home! To the portal I belong. Nether Biomes, Ghastly weeping. Take me home, Country Lode!
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    Update v2 (based on MD Beta data) Hello, Yanuar Mohendra here. And this time I'm proudly present to you my creation, Mine-Imator: Dungeons RigPack with new updates! So in this update, I've included more mobs, gears (armors, melees, ranged, and artifacts), other objects as chestes and triangle cobweb, and updated Inventory Menu rig! The mobs has two categories : - Friendlies - Enemies Preview of Updated Inventory Menu rig ! You can dowload the rigpack now here : ( you may need to go to previous post for better leaves block model or else) thanks to @Ian_The_One for the help.
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    So I just saw this article in passing, I didn't read it. Just the title, which was "Without a vaccine, herd immunity won't save us". Uuuuuuuh...not sure the author of this knows what 'herd immunity' is...
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    Me for some reasons


    idk what to say, tbh
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    Into Battle!

    The posing is pretty great, it really feels alive and energetic. While I'm generally against not using bends I think it worked pretty alright here. Only issue I have is Slime's legs, I feel like it woulda been better if you went for something like Minecraft's actual crouching animation. Now, the lighting isn't great. I think the purple was a bit excessive and should be toned down a bit. The lighting is also a bit too dark and the characters don't really stand out from the environment enough. I'd recommend, along with just increasing the sunlight and ambient brightness, adding some subtle point lights (with shadows turned off probably) around the characters to make them just a little brighter and more separated from the environment. Currently the TNT is really what my eyes immediately jump to despite it (i think) being more of a background element. I'd recommend replacing the glow with some smoke/fire particles on top to represent them being lit. Honestly despite the subpar lighting this is a nice wallpaper thanks to the energetic and expressive posing. And I hope my criticism helps a bit.
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    Credit to @BaconSandwich for the cube and portal gun and credit to @anima cryses for Freeman model glasses and crowbar
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    some render of Seth's room

    K, so I made a render of the room which was also in "Hiring at Mike's" animation of EnchantedMob. @Ystijger made the room, along with the coutch, the table and lamp, annnd the walls. I also asked Trainguy if I can use this, and he approved. So yeah, credits goes to him for this original room. imma sit on the coutch now
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    electric texture

    I don't care how you use it But if you use it, please leave 'the texture made by YongSSI' https://www.mediafire.com/file/5cnp0iq9kwyovuq/electric_texture.zip/file
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    le solo solio

    NFR Pack

    umm im new to posting topics now and okay, so this pack is kinda still w.i.p but the template rig is finished so here it is Smooth Body Bends(The Female One Is Kinda Bad Taper Effect Legs That Have Extrusions And Can Bend And Easy To Put On Skins(duh) https://www.mediafire.com/file/utvwuj4ogen5dvy/NFR_Rig_Pack.zip/file New Download Link https://www.mediafire.com/file/qfv46odqezrd2oo/NFR_Rig_Pack_%282%29.zip/file and the 3x3 pixel arm uv Take The One Above if you want
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    Collaboration with @Nzshark6 From left to right: @__Mine__, @TheCollieStalks, @Ian_The_One, @Nzshark6, @Slime, @DuallyElemental, @BaconSandwich
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    a render based on the song "blinding lights" by the weeknd. useless facts: i was listening to blinding lights by the weeknd (wow that was so not obvious!), audio is under the spoiler below the weeknd's outfit is extremely similar to the one my own OC (jex) is wearing, so the skin is just a jex edit and it works quite a bit i might make this into a simple dance animation because why not i made this a few days ago then changed it a bit today
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    i finally have minecraft :D!

    i finally have minecraft :D!
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    Dying well maybe...

    Hi all... if your reading this you are probably interested in animation... well I was Browsing through the "Keyframes" in the "Mine-Imator Resouses" section of this fourm... and what i saw really depresed me... People like YOU and people like ME trying to have fun trying to animate they posted and tryed and got discouraged and left time and time again i saw peoples work bashed... and people hurt but hiding behind there screens tryed to go through it and press forward... but all in all the Fire in their hearts died and they desier died and their longing for creativity died... This should Change! this should NOT be the way this fourm is... but is like this. why?
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    Cubic Ralsei

    About rules

    the top bar literally has a "guidelines" button
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    Dying well maybe...

    I learned that even stuff from toxic people are actually helpful, my advice would to ignore the toxicity and take the help out of what they said to improve. Yeah people should be nicer but hey don't let others get you down or discouraged, with practice and time, you'll become a great animator one day.
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    Dying well maybe...

    That’s bull. Do not let those shitty people laugh at you. When I was new, people made fun of me, but I kept on going. Do not give up. Besides, don’t have expectations on this forum. It’s got lots of negative people. Again, stay strong and ignore teases/cyber bullying.
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    female creeper chillin' near campfire

    maybe because she's a girl? (or girls don't have bobs)
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    There once was a time where I could make decent lighting... Those days are long gone, maybe they can come back?
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    thanks, captain obvious
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    What's downvote for? Nowadays I only use it for the occasional opinions I disagree with, since I feel bad about downvoting newbies' creations. But isn't that what the rep system was originally designed for?
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    Aerial Pursuit

    I don't usually make wallpapers (because I'm not great at lighting lmao) but I decided to make this after creating a custom elytra design for myself.
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    ItsAlz Creation

    Nether Fortress

    I made fanart for my friend and the ocs is become female rn..,here ya go
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    Pair Adventure [4K]

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    New to Mineimator, tips?

    @AnxiousCynic has a couple of really nice tutorials on this subject that help visualize it better than I ever could through text: The playlist these 2 videos are in are also my go-to recommendation for new users to start out with, AnxiousCynic must be getting tired of my tags at this point lol. Pretty sure he also has loads more tutorials for specific things once you're comfortable with the basics.
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    Fox Meeting [4K]

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    Leak [NSFW Wallpaper]

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    Alexey Uspensky

    Adam Jensen skin render

    Nothing special here. Just had to render the preview of the skin I've done.
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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share the animation I just recently finished, my first fully animated video done completely in Mine-imator! I'm open to criticism and any ideas for future videos I could make, thanks for watching!
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    just a remake.

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    Undertale animated song finally here !

    After 4h of intance work it's finally here, I know it's not the best I can do but it's pretty cool. Feel free to watch it :
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    Blender armature-like features

    Said the guy who loved that Nimi is gonna make MI more advanced(MI 1.3) Ironic, I say
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