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  1. maybe because she's a girl? (or girls don't have bobs)
  2. Chee5e

    Well (Rig)

    Hello guys! For 2-3 hours I have made simple well's rig Hope you like it Pictures https://youtu.be/RktxmG_wlG8 Features *can past in ground without empty field; *have rotating part and ropes (watch video); *if you want add object in well's inside, don't forget to change render depth -3; DOWNLOAD P.S.: If you use this rig (for your arts and/or animations), please credit me
  3. Chee5e


    Simple campfire DOWNLOAD
  4. Rigs: Furniture - RomkaBad Books and item sheet - Frampo Christmas tree and furniture - BloxTheRigger
  5. Chee5e

    [RIG] Medieval Warrior

    Sorry, I accidentaly posted Fixed
  6. Hello guys! I have created warrior rig. Hope you like it. =] Download P.S.: Sword rig by Kler
  7. Credits: Presents by Frampo Christmas Tree by BloxTheRigger Hat by Pigeon_
  8. #1 Sorry, my bad, first topic( #2 Thanks)
  9. CodyBi's Saiga test CodyBi's Saiga test
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