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  1. duh obviously they are private
  2. Made these two base rigs out of boredom, plus a non alpha face rig the posing on it is good, face rig was all by me, fingers was by someone credits to them whoever they are, and yeah there ya have it
  3. on the last part of the wrist it was bad, i was going for a more simplistic style this time
  4. how about you look on my profile page
  5. well he didnt need to do that, and plus thats not how he does it, i just tried my own style
  6. why are you here, this is an old rig also wdym by donate
  7. so this is just some things i made while i was bored so you can have them if you want there are fingers, and theres a finger hider if you want it non visible or not auto 3d rig obviously and you can add your own skins on them just make sure to put the front of the face in the top left corner for your texture, or if you dont wanna you can just use a regular texture and uhh yeah hope you enjoy the rig, but please credit me, it took awhile to make the female one for some reasons and if there are any problems just tell me ive seen a problem so take this one instead https://www.mediafire.com/file/57ayqqh9krqwau3/Template_Rigs_n_stuff.zip/file
  8. i just facepalmed so hard right now
  9. ill say this, trolls stink(no hate though jnick is an awesome guy)
  10. oh yeah says the guy who made fnaf rigs and retweeted fnaf posts on twitter
  11. bruh... this was literally 3 years ago.. yup, idk why hes commenting on this..
  12. well comparing to the rigs i make now, its not really good... the body shape of the female character is just not as good compared to some of the others but i appreciate it thank you
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