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Dev update #23: 10th year anniversary and... IK?!

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You two are legends! I've been using MI for almost a decade at this point. And watching it grow from a niche game maker project to what looks like a professional-grade animation software is mind-boggling.



I thank you for your efforts Nimi. You've been an incredible developer and I wish you nothing but good luck with your next projects.


Also give us the source code pls :ph34r:

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On 8/20/2022 at 3:47 PM, Shayzis said:

I see blurred text! Are you hiding content from us? Shame. >:]

This whole update is absolutely amazing, you guys did an absolutely marvelous job, I can't wait!

The blurred text was for suspense for Twitter, the blurred options are;

Keyframe settings:

- Constraints (Above the "Material" tab, will have options for path following and IK if supported.)

Render settings:

- Reflections

- Gamma correction

- Object material maps (Projects won't have the options visible by default for UI cleanliness for new users, will need to manually show the options.)

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On 8/20/2022 at 7:57 PM, Draco63 said:

I never thought I'd live to see the day reflections got added to MI. Are they screenspace, cubemaps, raytraced, or something else?

The new indirect lighting (/global illumination) and reflections use screen space ray tracing.

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The biggest advancement in Mine Imator's history must be this one. I appreciate the upgrade, and so do other MI users. HUGE BRAVOS to the Mine Imator Development team for their tireless efforts and commitment to progress Mine Imator for the community, you all deserve a pat on the back for your accomplishment. 👍
I'm really looking forward to this update

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Will you continue to update the new features in the future? Also, is it possible to add Global and Local coordinates in mine-imator? By the way, Thank you for everything you did in mine-imator.






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everything looks very cool. but I still feel that there are things that I think are missing. one is this topic of local and global position in objects: link

and another topic would be (and I feel like it's still a topic of discussion for years) is the topic of "Bend in objects" (and I mean the bend as the bending of the arms and legs of the characters), I know that it's been here for a long time ( I was present) I know that a vote was made here between the "square bend" and the "soft bend" for version 0.7 of mine-imator and that in the end it was obtained in version 1.0.0. The point is that the "bend" Type applies to all objects that have it, and cannot be applied individually to each object. I think they should make the "bend" not be "global" but that each object has defined the type of "bend" that will be used in the project. In fact, in modelbench they could add the option of "type of bend" with the options "square" and "soft" to define it in the objects.

Likewise, all the work they have done so far is appreciated. I will really look forward to this new version. :steve_wink::Cake:


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