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Akmal Zonia

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    Some guy who draws
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  • Interests Making Skins. Drawing. Listening to Music.
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  1. im alive,


  2. Three Headed Ghast From Minecraft Story Mode

    I guess its good its not that hard to make one anyway
  3. Why was there two people suddenly quoting and liking two different posts I made from 2-3 years ago

    1. tditdatdwt


      The people just love you, Akmal

  4. Minecraft Sound Pack

  5. *COUGH* my first rig posted ever holy crap


  6. Bow Shooting

  7. I admit, I copied TheSociallyAwkwardTurtle 's style of transparent background profile picture

    Im guilty

    1. Mime360 Animations
    2. Skjold


      I did it before y'all so screw off

      Its even a gif.

    3. Akmal Zonia

      Akmal Zonia

      I just realized yours was also transparent after I posted this

  8. MIP Losers

    I aspire to be in that one day
  9. Borderlands 2 is nice

    1. Aronanners


      Indeed it is, who are you playing as?

    2. Akmal Zonia

      Akmal Zonia

      Zer0, just starting UVHM 

      Recently started Krieg for Co-op playthroughs only

      Im gonna play all anyway

    3. Aronanners


      Niiice. I've been meaning to play it again for a while. Might try Gaige, because of the whole 'being able to digistruct freaking CLAWS' thing.

  10. Im loving the new updates, I should look back into Mine-imator
  11. i literally explained it up there, its fine, hes done anyway
  12. Considering the fact noone bothered to give any opinions and ideas I decided to go for it anyway heres a short progress.
  13. Coming soon...

    This seems very interesting I might try using Mine-imator again just for this
  14. Okay, so as some of you probably know my recent work which was Remodeling the Iron Golem into Bastion from Overwatch Now I need opinions if i should make Deathtrap from Borderlands, Skill for Gaige the Mechromancer, DLC character, as the Iron Golem in Minecraft I of course will have to remove the legs, and I fell like this would be a unique and interesting thing to make because of the details and the textures. Anyone got Opinions or Graphical ideas on how to shape him before i start my project?
  15. Herobrine Sighting

    Ah, the good old Herobrine stories Its always so interesting hearing about these
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