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Found 205 results

  1. MYSELF3200

    SKS Animating

    Got another one done. Credit to @CodyBI for the gun.
  2. napatgolf

    M4 Carbine rig 1.1:fixed sight and made trigger into folder first rig not much detail like gun barral and mag eject ehhhhh
  3. Private Cole Man

    [VMC] Updated Vest, Helmet, NVG, and M4A1 Rigs

    Hey guys, here are some updated rigs along with a couple new ones. YOU NEED THE COMMUNITY VERSION IN ORDER TO USE!!! Individual Pics: Do Give Credit! Downloads: Updated M4A1 Updated Vest (contains a basic rig) and MICH2000 Helmet with Anvis-9 Night Vision Goggles
  4. MYSELF3200

    M1 Carbine Animating

    Just a quick animation I decided to do today. Credit to @CodyBI for the model.
  5. jailrush

    Skill Test Animation

    Yet another test animation. I created this in about 3 hours. Any feedback would be appreciated. (I got a little lazy on this one not gonna lie). Credit to @EnderSculptor for his M1911.
  6. MarwelCoyote

    Archie Rig... Made by me :D

    Hello once again... its me MarwelCoyote and I WILL release this rig and put a download for those that want it sooooooo here are some pics and I hope you enjoy! ummm yeah OH and the download, here it is Credit me if this rig is used. Don't change it and claim it as your own please. Yay the download link WORKS If you find any mistakes, please tell me Thank you and peace out
  7. Daffa_the_One

    [DTO] Aug A3 Guardian (Legendary Edition)

    Aug Guardian the Legendary Weapon *Rig for MI 1.1.2 or Higher *Shoot Animation if you Play the Project *Cool Animted Muzzleflash Particle ============== Weapon Spec ============= Damage ; 32 Clip : 35 Bullet : 5.56 Advanced NATO Fire Rate : 1150 RPM ================ Rig Info ================ a Enchantment Aug A3 from Unknow Place. Powered by Infinity GSuardian Stone (not time stone xD). the Stone make the Gun Over Power Damage and High Fire Rate with Very Low Recoil and Very Accurately ========== Method of manufacture ========== *Make the Png of Model *Export to MegicaVoxel *Export to JSON With Cubik Studio *Build the rig in Mine Imator 1.1.2 =========== The Original Weapon =========== This gun original from game CSO/CSNZ (this gun so rare to get) ======================================= Delete All of Keyframe in Animated Tab if the Animation Annoying ---= Download the Rig Here =--- Upvote for More Cool rig from DTO(Daffa_the_One) Piece
  8. Daffa_the_One

    (DTO) HK417 Rig with 9 Paint Texture

    HK417 With 9 Texture Paint Info : *Made in Community Version but Still Work in 1.0.6 or 1.1.0+ *Now with 512x512 (higher detail model) *Shoot Sound FX Will play if you Play the Project *3D Muzzleflash Gun Request by : XDeAdly *Mine-Lord* DOWNLOAD ON MEDIAFIRE
  9. MYSELF3200

    Lewis Gun Animating

    Grab your Rattler and start showing those Germans what for. Finished up this one in around 2 days. Credit to @EnderSculptor for the gun model. It can be found in The Modelbench Armory. (Based loosely off of Battlefield's 1 Lewis Gun animation.)
  10. Hey guys! Ya missed me? I'm back from playing mega-tons of Blockland, Roblox, Minecraft, etc. I haven't used MI lately, and I decided to brush up!
  11. CodyBI

    M1 Carbine [Voxel]

    Well... It's a WW2 carbine. Shoots .30 Carbine rounds Download Give credit if used
  12. BladerInc

    Futuristic Rifle

    I present an VTM-390
  13. Daffa_the_One

    Glock 17 Rig with Voxel Model

    Glock 17 IM BACK Glock 17 Realeased *Miproject Format with Voxel Model *Customized and Regular Variant *This is for MI 1.1.2 ^<^ *Animated Shoot (Sorry, i not upload scar because my hard drive broken. so the scar project was canceled) !!Download Now!!
  14. NITRO

    FN SCAR-17 Automatic rifle

    Wow would you look at that hot fn scar 17? That fn scar is so hot id fn sleep with it Im just yanking your chain heres a automatic scar 17 As always ill give you the features -removable magazine -changeable iron sights -changeable color and textures Heres some pics Heres the download link funfact: scar 17 is my favorite gun
  15. NITRO

    SAIGA-12K Auto shotgun

    The saiga-12k is a magazine fed auto shotgun Features -removable magazine -removable stock -moveable trigger -saiga 12k shells Some parts of the rig have cubes with the name Cube - skinable that means you can add skins to it like replace the color or add a custom textures Keep in mind you dont have to put skins on that specific block you can put your skins on whatever cube you chose Here is the download and heres some pics of this beauty if you use this be sure to credit me scar-h coming soon
  16. MrCurry1989

    Minimalistic MP5

    Sorry for not uploading so much because I decided to try a little bit Modelbench instead of Blockbench, so here's my MP5, of course. As they say, no pics, no clicks. Of course, it works with potato PC's, that's why i'm making 'em. Because i don't have that. Download:
  17. NITRO

    "Fad" gun

    This is a gun that shoots fads based off of bullet force the gun: the clips/magazine: the bullets you can chose from: some hot goof holding the beauty DoWnLoAd:
  18. MYSELF3200

    M2 Browning Animating

    .50 BMG, baby. (The glass is there so the camera movement actually looks right. I'm not switching from flatlands because there is no point.) Leave a comment if anything needs to be worked on. Credit to @EnderSculptor for the rig. (It can be found in The Modelbench Armory.)
  19. Shmirtz Animations

    Guns witch helped shape the world

    As part of an on-going series, I'm making 50 guns that somewhat shaped the world. Here is the first 10. list credit - I promise all of these are good quality and may or may not be the right size. re-scaling recommended big link alert: read the description, please images (i'm new to this forum and don't know how it works so here is a link to the screenshot instead) guns that shaped the world screenshot 1.png# benelli black eagle (no.50) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 2.png# Knight MK-85 (no.49) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 3.png# Glock 17 (no.48) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 4.png# CZ-75 (no.47 and personal favourite) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 5.png# Ruger number one (no.46) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 6.png# Smith & Wesson Model 60 (but no.45) - guns that shaped the world Screenshot 7.png# Ruger 10/22 (saved as Ruger 10 22) (no.44) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 8.png# not sure why I went with a bricky style... Remington 1100 (no.43) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 9.png# M-16 (no.42) - guns that shaped the world screenshot 10.png# there IS a Remington 700 but Mediafire doesn't want to upload it I use blockbench, it's pretty easy for one time off creations. Great for smaller things Credit: me, Minecraft texture guy and the creators of blockbench usage: any reason. They are models and not entities, so they do not move. FPS works the best here, as in animating in first person, the arms don't always make it. Use for whatever the hell you want but please give me credit. Most certainly don't use it and say you made it. It takes me about 10 minutes to do each. custom texture packs might mess up the textures a bit because I don't use generic block textures e.g. wood or stone, I use things like anvil bases and cauldron bottoms and a beacon. Disclaimer - I don't know how to use disclaimer properly and I am a Brit from Brit-land (aka Great Briton) so I don't have the pointless rights to guns and whatnot. If you chose to open these files in blockbench, I might not have used the right terms for a lot of the parts of the gun. I think the pointy bit out the front is a barrel and the resty part at the back is a stock. don't bother correcting me. we also spell grey and fibre wrong. Like, comment and subscribe! -this is youtube, right? LINK ATTACK!
  20. NITRO


    I made a 1911 thing feel free to use it just credit me if u got any other questions just dm me on discord nitrosucc#9030 Download - Ill remake probably and might add skins for now just get a png image and replace th grey parts of the guns texture to whatever u want
  21. MYSELF3200

    MP40 Animating

    I was having trouble finding something to animate until this MP40 I had lying around my files popped into my head. If anyone has any gun rigs they want animated, feel free to ask, because I don't have anything to animate right now. Credit to @Juno for the rig.
  22. MrCurry1989

    Minimalistic MAC10

    Hi, this is my first time creating rigs on Workbench and using Mine-imator, so... quality here is... crappy. Well, i present you, my MAC10. Warning!: Maybe you will need to resize the model. Pics: And, please, use it as you wish, don't bother giving credit to me, only don't claim it's yours. Download:
  23. MYSELF3200

    Kolibri Animating

    The smallest centerfire pistol in the world. Shoutout to @EnderSculptor for the model and asking me to animate it.