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Found 251 results

  1. Is this one of your favorite firearm in the game you are playing? well, this is available for you now! KRISS Super V, Vector SMG for Mine-Imator (LQ Edition) This rig made by me using Mine-Imator Community Build 1.0.3 Download go to my page HQ edition will be available for a limited time, at certain times. 100% Mine-Imator
  2. https://imgur.com/z5o03y3 made with mine-imator ty @Belmo for teaching me the camera trick~
  3. Bat Rax

    [PUBG] AWM

    A Fully Functional Sniper Rifle From Pubg Samples : DOWNLOAD :
  4. Tommy, where are you? Here I am, here I am, holding a Thompson. The famous Tommy Gun is now in Mine-imator! All parts are working properly. ***Please credit me if used, DO NOT REMOVE ANY LOGO AND/OR TEXT!*** Download go to my page 100% Mine-imator
  5. Because for Soviet Union! Movable parts. DOWNLOAD
  6. TexasTony04


    Howdy, all. I got a rig request from Just Philip asking for a SIG MPX rig. To be honest, I didn't even know what that was until I looked it up. For all I knew, it could've been an infectious disease. Any way, after I got an image to model from, I whipped up this little guy. Now this is my first gun rig, so please forgive the sloppiness, but here it is if you want to use it. Thanks for viewing. DOWNLOAD-> http://www.mediafire.com/file/xb48u1p76l4gmmt/SIG_MPX.miobject/file ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is what I modeled it after Here's my rendition
  7. Luger rig yay... i don't know which model this is probably mix mash of 3-5 models but it works. It's animatable... animation able ? dunno but hey i made somthing after like 7 or nine months yay... here's pics and here is video download link . Upvote and follow me on MI . subscribe to my channel . It helps me alot by reminding there is people that likes things i does. Share this to your fellow Mine Imators . Have a wonderful day and spill a coffee https://www.mediafire.com/file/uw12vj3xkbog2ra/Luger.miobject/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ff17qshkzak82lk/Luger_[pre_animated].miobject/file
  8. Who likes the shotgun? this one is fully automatic! One of my old rig (December 08, 2018), feel free to download. 3D item based rig. =Please credit me if used= Download go to my page 100% Mine-Imator *you can also create a custom skin by replacing the white pixels with your own image/texture(s)
  9. Hey guys, here are some updated rigs along with a couple new ones. YOU NEED THE COMMUNITY VERSION IN ORDER TO USE!!! Individual Pics: Do Give Credit! Downloads: Updated M4A1 Updated Vest (contains a basic rig) and MICH2000 Helmet with Anvis-9 Night Vision Goggles
  10. From previous render to fresh Mine-Imator object, status: WIP Download go to my page 100% Mine-Imator
  11. FA DICE Presents: Steve Has A Gun 2 (a sequel to Steve Has A Gun) Additional info: Rigs made by @crustyjpeg. This wallpaper is a parody of @-StickyMations- animation "Steve Has A Gun" . It's a great animation and I totally suggest checking Sticky out. He's a cool dude. :3 FA is a real thing, and it is owned by the legendary dad @Rollo! It's a fun little server to hang out in and I get most of my inspiration from there! Come join us!
  12. Hey guys! Haven't posted in a while. Here's a simple wallpaper that showcases some of the stuff I'm working on. Namely: A new realistic model (will do some finishing touches before uploading) Add-ons for my M4A1/AR-15 rig (cartridge & sights, will upload too) Posing. I really need to work on posing. Set and camera work. Whatever the correct terms are. Any feedback, be it kind or harsh, is appreciated as long as it helps guide me on what and what not to do. Edit: Forgot to add credits Piegon99 for the Humvee and M2 machinegun (background) Me for everything else
  13. DAFFA IS BACK!!! Kar98K With 5 PUBG Skin *5 PUBG Skin *2 Type Model *Detail Model *Include Magazine Info *Made in Modelbench *Scaled in 0.20 *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 or Higher Download Here Want Donate for me Via Paypal? : Here Credit me If you post Art with this Rig
  14. Vector based rig (Barrett M82A1) *that's what I use to categorize a model without Minecraft things in it :v Sorry for my bad English, I'm Indonesian
  15. (This will be included in a next Deca City equipment and weaponry pack) This is the SPAS-13, manufactured in 2058 by Franchi, which also has made a variation for Deca City, that supports attachements such as suppresors, lasers and Pumpload mags. (This gun actually has no affiliation with the company itself at all and is simply fictional.) This gun is not supposed to be this detailed, even though it's more detailed than the one i used on my other wallpapers (which was just 4 cubes.). Contents: SPAS-13 Shotgun (with toggleable attachements) and a Deca Buckshot 26 Gauge Ammo box. When you will import the object file, you will see this (for the shotgun). More explanation: Here's just a random wallpaper i made with this for showcasing. I don't care about the posing, face or lighting, it's just showcasing.
  16. Image I'm using: (Airsoft M4A1, Actual rig will not have orange tip) In render So far... (Quick Note: Looks like something out of Fortnite, or possibly Roblox...) The way I imported the image was by importing it the normal way, resizing it to the amount of height/width in the image (1280 x 478), dividing the individual height/width scales a few times until plausible (Believe me, it's enormous if not scaled down), before finally creating and mixing blocks in order to fill in said image. Quick Question: Is this method, if even legal, allowed? I haven't ever heard of anyone else using a method similar to this. THE RIG HAS BEEN FINISHED, CLICK ON LINK TO SEE FINAL PRODUCT
  17. On a WIP post, I also explained how I make my rigs. You may see said post here... Without further ado, here's a showcase of the rig: Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfohifsxzm31wyh/M4A1.miobject?dl=0
  18. Mohamed AR

    SCAR_L rig

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/r79xyctgr263wb1/SCAR_L.miobject/file Don't forget to follow me
  19. quentin789


    FOR DOWNLOAD HERE here !! Thanks for download For the image click here . BlueWalltm
  20. TheLuigiNoidMan

    TF2 Sentry

    I'm back at it again with TF2 rigs, it's just a turret, nothing special, except for the fact that there are no instructions on this, use at your own risk. Yeah, kinda hard to operate. (TOOLBOX NOT INCLUDED, THATS FOR YOU TO MAKE) Download for $999.99 Free: With Keyframes: https://bit.ly/2Njm9aN No Keyframes: https://bit.ly/2VbuL68
  21. PPSH-X cuz X makes it sound COOL besides this rig was supposed come with power armor but i don't have time to make that armor ... maybe next time . image i sparked me is here https://www.pinterest.com/pin/357402920426550266/ and image about the gun and download link is here https://www.mediafire.com/file/53kq15d785ywh1v/PPSH-X.miobject/file also consider Following me on MI-Forums and Subscribe to my channel . UpVote this page so it can help me... Patr... ok let's forgot about that edit: btw use this gun as hero gun or Main Character weapon or temporary weapon etc to lessen the usage of block [even tho i have 3.7 free GB ram] block or entity use is a 198
  22. I had nothing better to do, so I tried to recreate a tool gun to the best of my ability. Enjoy! Images: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oqmk2sydh21912a/Tool+Gun+Model.zip Compatible with Mine-imator 1.1.4 and over. You don't have to give credit, but it would be appreciated.
  23. AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel) Voxel is boring. So, im back to Item Sheet Method but with Modelbench -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Gun Spec] Damage : Medium Bullet : .300 Black Out Fire Rate : 800 RPM Wieght : 2.8 Kg Category : PWD Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Info] *Made with Item Sheet and Modelbench (.mimodel) *Iron Sight can be Rotate if you Add some Attachment *The Stock can be extended *Low Laggness if you Duplicate the Model *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>>>>>> Download Here <<<<<<<< ?Upvote or Comment for more Rig?
  24. M9 Beretta Rig (It's an old rig... no, no, it's not re-upload or re-submit or stealing or something... it's really really old rig that i made long time ago) So yeah, this is such a old rig... wait no.. it's very very old rig which was made in 2016. Originally i was going to used the rig for something, BUT since it useless now i guess you should have it. So what is the hammer and safety pin like that? As you know, M9 has annoying safety feature . That what people say... (Ah yes i forgot to unlock the safety pin folder near the slide (the gun slide y'know?). You could done it by your self aye?) NOTE: If you want to animated it don't click the object, just click it through the folder. [*QUOTE]The Beretta M9 — officially the Pistol, Semiautomatic, 9mm, M9 — is the designation for the Beretta 92FS semi-automatic pistol by the United States Armed Forces. The M9 was adopted by the United States military as their service pistol in 1985. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beretta_M9[/QUOTE] (download here) http://bit.ly/2RTT6jR Take it, just take it. No credit needed but i will appreciate it if you do. `Enjoy!
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