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Found 216 results

  1. SharkleSparkle

    AK47 Rig [First Rig]

    This is the first rig I've ever made, and I have to say its pretty good. Well I don't have to say its pretty good, but I like to congratulate myself. Because I'm a *****. Give Credit If You Use It In Your Rigs. Otherwise I Don't Really Care. Download: Tell me what you think and whether you think I should make more or give up completely. Also gimme suggestions because I'm creatively flawed. ~ Mr. "Got told how to change his profile picture"
  2. Private Cole Man

    M4A1/AR-15 Rig

    Heya! I made another rig. Yeah, I know it's the same 'ol AR-type rifle (an M4A1 in this case), but I just love them. Just as how AK's are to CodyBI, AR's are my specializations. Sorry if I don't go too detailed with this post. I'm kinda feeling lazy after making another one, having it corrupted, remaking it, letting it lie around 80% complete, finishing it, then going to school the morning after. I'm thinking of making another common gun next. Any suggestions? Gallery Video Demo Notes: The Z and X folders switched places XP. Downloads Here's the download: DOWNLOAD HERE Lagging too much? Try using this placeholder first, then replace it with the original. DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. ▲ Using K-7 with Female Solider worked in Desert ▲ K-7 Sliencer SubmachineGun Ammo 9X19mm ParaBullem Weight : 4Kg Distance : 606mm (Extend Gunstock) =788mm Effective Range : 100~150M Well,Today is my country's Independence Day So,I thought how i celebrate today.. Then, i came to mide to make My country's Gun So, Result is K-7 I hope you guys liked it And Upvote And reply
  4. SoldierGG1

    Super Shotgun [DooM][Rig]

    Super shotgun from DOOM get this rig and rip and tear all the demons on your way ! >:3c also you can customize the color of the handle, barrels, and hinge extra images oh gosh i need to start using a lightroom cuz shadows are dirty ;-; download the SUPER SHOTGUN HERE Subscribe to my channel pls ;-; if you like it give me a BIG FAT thumbs up eeeeegh i guess i'll work on v2 next week
  5. NITRO

    "Fad" gun

    This is a gun that shoots fads based off of bullet force the gun: the clips/magazine: the bullets you can chose from: some hot goof holding the beauty DoWnLoAd:
  6. SoldierGG1

    Pistol RIG v1

    This is the Pistol made by me and it is based on glock 17 images are down below also you can change the colors of sidecover and body color [secondary color and primary color] Subscribe to my channel pls ;-; here is download link: if you like the rig give me a BIG FAT thumbs up
  7. T_Medic_T


    / SA80/ / United Kingdom / / 5.56mm X 45NATO / / 785mm Distance / /Susat scope version / / About 5KG weight feat.Magazine and Susat Scope / /This is my first blockBench Work/ /How do you think Guys?/ /If you liked it/ /Pls upvote my Gun/ ▲ Wallpaper Unknown Soldier Hold SA80 ▲
  8. castedshadow98


    I present to you my tactical shot gun rig. It isn't much but i hope you like it Download:
  9. NerdCouncil

    Palindel (RWBY weapon)

    I decided to try my hand at rigging after watching this video. Enjoy. Here's my rig for this. Download Rig:
  10. MrCurry1989

    Minimalistic MP5

    Sorry for not uploading so much because I decided to try a little bit Modelbench instead of Blockbench, so here's my MP5, of course. As they say, no pics, no clicks. Of course, it works with potato PC's, that's why i'm making 'em. Because i don't have that. Download:
  11. This pack includes: -PM (USSR and East germany variants) -Sig P320 -Glock 19 with TFO TruGlo sights (Made with items, works both 1.0.6 (CB 1.0.3) and 1.1.+ Screenshots Download
  12. MahdiGamer145

    Glue Gun

    This is a glue gun model for minecraft
  13. AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel) Voxel is boring. So, im back to Item Sheet Method but with Modelbench -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Gun Spec] Damage : Medium Bullet : .300 Black Out Fire Rate : 800 RPM Wieght : 2.8 Kg Category : PWD Rifle -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Info] *Made with Item Sheet and Modelbench (.mimodel) *Iron Sight can be Rotate if you Add some Attachment *The Stock can be extended *Low Laggness if you Duplicate the Model *For Mine Imator 1.1.4 >>>>>>>> Download Here <<<<<<<< Upvote or Comment for more Rig
  14. Finished this animation earlier than expected so decided to post it. Credit to @EnderSculptor for the gun. (Coming in a later update to The Modelbench Armory.)
  15. "Ever wanted to NOT die? Well then, this is the product for you!" - Intellitec Technologies Corporation. The first of its kind, the JMX-20 is the first personal defense weapon with reliable railgun capabilities, able to launch the entire bullet at once. That is about 60% more bullet per bullet. However, in the event of battery failure, the weapon is fully capable of firing normally in fully automatic or semi-automatic. A perfect choice for disposing of any imminent threats and/or obstacles. The JMX-20 by Intellitec Technologies, a Conglomerate Company. (This is my first ever rig. Any feedback is appreciated.) Download: "Shorty" version:
  16. Johannes

    ISG8 Submachine Gun

    An all-original gun in no way grabbing inspiration from the H&K MP5 by Intellitec, the ISG8 is a simple and affordable solution of any form of security agency with a necessity for a fast-firing reliable weapon. - Intellitec Technologies Corp., a Conglomerate Company. Download: Edit: We just realized our gun designer, Garry, made this gun for left-handed folk. Dammit, Garry! Anywho, the fixed, right handed version is here:
  17. Johannes

    PL4 Defender

    The PL4 was originally designed as a flare gun by Enfax International before the contract was picked up by Intellitec Technologies. Rechambered with the .20 Low-Velocity caliber ammo, the PL4 now serves as the perfect defensive close-combat, low-cost solution for security forces and civilians everywhere. - Intellitec Technologies Corp., a Conglomerate Company. Download: Defender.miobject
  18. It's very Linear. I blame lag. The Soldiers rigs used in this animation were made by @Piegon99 & @MGhost (99% of the rigs in this animation were made by them) The glasses rig was made by @KyodonZ
  19. MYSELF3200

    SKS Animating

    Got another one done. Credit to @CodyBI for the gun.
  20. napatgolf

    M4 Carbine rig 1.1:fixed sight and made trigger into folder first rig not much detail like gun barral and mag eject ehhhhh
  21. Private Cole Man

    [VMC] Updated Vest, Helmet, NVG, and M4A1 Rigs

    Hey guys, here are some updated rigs along with a couple new ones. YOU NEED THE COMMUNITY VERSION IN ORDER TO USE!!! Individual Pics: Do Give Credit! Downloads: Updated M4A1 Updated Vest (contains a basic rig) and MICH2000 Helmet with Anvis-9 Night Vision Goggles
  22. MYSELF3200

    M1 Carbine Animating

    Just a quick animation I decided to do today. Credit to @CodyBI for the model.
  23. jailrush

    Skill Test Animation

    Yet another test animation. I created this in about 3 hours. Any feedback would be appreciated. (I got a little lazy on this one not gonna lie). Credit to @EnderSculptor for his M1911.
  24. MarwelCoyote

    Archie Rig... Made by me :D

    Hello once again... its me MarwelCoyote and I WILL release this rig and put a download for those that want it sooooooo here are some pics and I hope you enjoy! ummm yeah OH and the download, here it is Credit me if this rig is used. Don't change it and claim it as your own please. Yay the download link WORKS If you find any mistakes, please tell me Thank you and peace out