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  1. Thank you kind sir.
  2. We have the same amount of rep again... :D

  3. Would you rather the animation started with him jumping with no build up?
  4. Lip Sync TEST

    Don't comment the same thing 2 times. \ (•◡•) /
  5. Untitle 1[Cyberpunk wallpaper]

  6. AMA (100% Horse related) (CLOSED)

    All good things must come to an end. D';
  7. FREE a School bag rig just Download

    The guy who down voted you're post for no reason.
  8. FREE a School bag rig just Download

    Nice job! I don't know why @TheIanPlays88 would down vote this.
  9. H/A i500 [Cyberpunk hoverbike]

    Wow amazing job!
  10. Sonic Running test

    Wow! It is great, but if you improved the lighting a bit more it would be perfect.
  11. fandroid rig

    cuz he wanted 2 m8!!1!
  12. What's Behind a Closed door [Wallpaper]

    I don't know, what is behind the door?
  13. Laser pointer[Cyberpunk wallpaper]

    Pretty good, but the lighting could be improved.
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