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  1. Voltic_Antix

    lukas rig mcsm

    Kept this in google drive for a while, didn't feel like posting this. i thought it was ugly cause the hair was horribly textured https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DP4eahCqXD2bkEo2C54ZgbLCH6j2DvKG
  2. Turning 14 in like two weeks

  3. Voltic_Antix

    Ultimate Custom Night Map Office

    Pretty good, i'd say it's fantastic nice detailing too...
  4. Voltic_Antix

    Animatronic rig sorry I had too.

    What Kind Of Grammar Is That? (1.) It's Not Too, It's To. (2.) If It Wasn't Fad I'd like it, But Its Pretty Good.
  5. Voltic_Antix

    Realistic Turning animation

    ahh so smooth, no seriously i love it.
  6. Voltic_Antix

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    The main reason for this is already explained, but i guess i have to quote someone else"The main reason of why people hate fad, is cause people started making good fad rigs, then the cringe rigs came, so people started disiking cringe fad rigs, but people kept posting cringy fad rigs, so people just starting hating all fad content"
  7. Voltic_Antix

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

    uhh yeah there are source filmmaker fortnite models, but there in beta https://sfmlab.com/?search_text=fortnite&incomplete=1&adult_content=1&category=&order_by=
  8. Voltic_Antix

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

    it's you kids that come to the forums and ruins most games like fad, or Fortnite, plus just try to use blender or sfm.
  9. Voltic_Antix

    White Pumpkin Rig!

    are you for real, or joke?
  10. Voltic_Antix

    White Pumpkin Rig!

    For those of you who are confused, @WitherKD Didn't Make The original rig I did, I Only Gave it to lucky subscribers on my discord, But while i didn't use Mine-Imator Forums @WitherKD Downloaded it and used it as his own, For those of you who want the original one Made by me, Here Is your Chance! For people who would rather use Media Fire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/oz90ltcd22y2dyh/White Pumpkin Rig (2).zip For people that use Google Drive! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hOB1PToTcxDab8kZ5CmTPEKyma9edvCJ Gif: No need to credit my Mine-imator account, Use my youtube Antix_Voltic
  11. Voltic_Antix

    White Pumpkin Rig

    People, Since i'm the original owner, i'm gonna put it on Mi Forums!
  12. Voltic_Antix

    White Pumpkin Rig

    feel free to use, but credit Me instead, don't use my mi forums, use my Youtube @Antix_Voltic.... And the underscore is in the name!
  13. Voltic_Antix

    Enchantedmob Funtime Freddys Rig Beta

    this good but its fad
  14. Voltic_Antix

    What is fad?

    its basically a cheap jumpscare horror game made by an creepy guy named scott cawthon in 2014
  15. Voltic_Antix

    Admin Rig!

    Still Working on this, cause i had to get a new pc, but every time i try to download paint.net it gives me a fatal error... gonna have to pause the progress but it's at 10%
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