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Found 131 results

  1. I want every time if i wanna start & create a new project camera already in the hierarchy is placed instead of manually placing it in Reason: Because it is time saving and no more "that you forgot a camera to place" Also works better. Working camera - editing animation Main Camera - animation itself Click here to see example as image on Twitter The image and black wide arrow(in the image) represents the suggestion.
  2. Sub Surface Scattering is the effect you get when you put your fingers in-front of a flashlight, A lot like the already existing "Bleed Light" Option, However Bleed light has a couple of problems that could be changed, 1. Blurrier Light Bleeding. - Bleed Light is already a great option in Mine Imator, And Extremely similar to Sub Surface Scattering (SSS), But There's a big difference. The Images at the end of this post are a comparison of Bleed Light and Sub Surface Scattering/ 2. Less Harsh light. - Something about the Bleed Light Option has very harsh light while SSS Is more subtle and soft. And adds a nice effect to images using it (Thanks to DarthLilo for making the Image with SSS Below.) 3. Inability to Control the effects of Bleed Light - Bleed Light isn't very flexible of an option, you kinda just turn it on and work with it and a lot of the time it doesn't fit the style of a lot of images. So maybe have it act like a camera setting, You can change the Blur, Intensity and Color of The Bleed Light effect. Its a very subtle effect but it adds a smoothness feel to the image. For those of you who read this thank you. And I hope the Mine Imator Dev Team will take this into consideration. Thanks!
  3. Make A ''You Are Segure?'' to quit because i click unintentionally the exit button and i cant Cancel the exit message : (
  4. I was wandering through the MI forums when I stumbled upon a wind rig prank, but that's irrelevant. While I was reading through the comments, I had an interesting idea: Wind Paths: A line of sorts that can be moved around to direct the flow of wind along that line. It would have a Radius that controls to what extent from the line the wind is effected. The path itself would have a number of points that you can drag around to make a more complex path. This could be used to make a valley seem to have wind rising up it's sides while having little wind in the center of the valley. It also could be used to give the effect of swirling grass. This might have been suggested before, but as far as I'm aware of it hasn't.
  5. Well i (or we) need a feature that mine-imator can make two model's merge into one model, so we can avoid messy timeline and make an organize rig (for those who does not use modelbench). BUT if its a hassle or difficult to script this kind of feature, there's no need to make that. its just my suggestion
  6. Using big models in Mine-imator is hard on my computer, especially when the model I am using has 646 shapes in it... (Flan's Mod M1 Abrams tank that I made: https://imgur.com/a/fjjm9OY) SO, I had this idea: What if there was an option in the exporter that combined all intersecting shapes in a part into one big shape? If there was, it could reduce the importing speed for complex models in Mine-imator AND increase the performance of rendering in general. (The program wouldn't have to calculate the positions of all the shapes in a part as it moves in an animation)
  7. A simple addition where you could set an object or body part to always point towards a set object based on the object's rotation point. Also, with the option for this 'point towards' to affect a body part's bending (so that when, the leg for instance, is straight the leg's lower half will continue bending towards the set object). This function could allow mine-imator users to be able to make their own IK for not only characters, but models and items and etc.. I assume it wouldn't be too hard to add.
  8. Maybe there could be a keybind (like CTRL + SHIFT + A) to select all the keyframes in the project or another one that selects all the visible keyframes.
  9. I don’t really know what to call this, but what I’m suggesting is that if you select multiple UVs, and move them, they should get moved with the same offset as each other, and not just move all the the exact same spot in the UV map, for example if you wanted to move some pixels up one, you’d have to move all of the pixels individually, cause if you selected them all and did it, it would move them to the exact same spot as each other.
  10. So Vegas Pro has a feature that lets you place orange markers on your timeline, as sort of notes for your personal memory. I whipped up some quick examples here. These markers are obviously fake but that's pretty much what I normally use them for: reminding myself of important points in the animation and some things I need to add/fix. I realized that a similar feature would be really helpful in Mine-imator itself, and I threw together a mock-up of what it might look like. Essentially you'd be able to add such markers with the little flag button I made in 10 seconds and give yourself reminders. You could also package this with a rig or animation preset you made for additional info when people download it. For example, if your rig cycles through some preview poses. It would especially be helpful for a little project I'm going to be working on. Hopefully it's considered.
  11. Have you ever tried to build a female rig, only to find that the way wind works breaks the hair cubes? Well, what i am proposing is that not only cubes/shapes have a wind effect, but also parts. I have tried to get the multiple hair cubes to work and sync the wind effect with each other, but it just will not work. This idea would also be useful for capes on character models and advanced leaves. Also it means that the sinc of the wind would line the parts The idea is just to give parts (different from cubes) the wind option as well. Then it is possible to just drop all cubes into a single part tick the wind option! @Nimi
  12. Hello, I wanted to give a suggestion to the Mine Imator ! About the new features of the camera as Bloom and color correction, I want to give a suggestion of a new feature very important, The "camera shake" feature! Besides making it much easier and saving our time there are those who do not know how to do a video editing for the Shake effect (which would obviously be the refuge for those who find it quite annoying to animate a shaking camera every 2-3 frames!) In my opinion it would be an incredible feature that would greatly help the scenes where there will be impacts and other things! To assist them in the idea the feature could be as follows: Put the option of the movements: Max X: --- Max Y: --- Max Z: --- Or a direct option like: "Strenght": --- And: "Shake speed": --- I hope my idea is accepted, I look forward to an answer! : 3 (And sorry for my bad english !)
  13. The reaction limit is probably here to prevent eventuals bots from botlike (or botdislike) posts.I think it's pretty annoying because I can only give reactions to a few posts and comments per day before I run out of reaction. So I got an idea: users who have more than 100 of reputation have unlimited reactions! The forum will still be protected from bots, and we will get rid of this reaction limit! What do you think ?
  14. This probably was already on the Modelbench timeline, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add Cylender, Cone, and Sphere elements to the editor. p.s. I have to create cylinders and spheres out of many, many rotated Surfaces or Cubes... Quite frustrating to work with. ?
  15. Hello, I'm new to the forum but I've been a mine-imator for a while now Following the update of 1.2.0, I suggest: A selective glow system ( basically, we can modify the intensity of each block to which we put glow) because currently we are forced to modify all the glows... which is a pity for me. example: such glow is at 250% and this one at 100% And if possible, what I would be surprised about for the moment: A system to be able to modify our schematics block by block. But I believe it's average because we're already quite a bit behind with the maj of the doors, hatches... With all due respect and support EQuiAndCie
  16. Hey, David. It'd be really awesome if you could have the ability to export .MANI models as other types of files, For example, BLEND files, .MDL files (Source, Quake, GoldSrc, etc.), different files like that. So you can import the animation into Blender or something, It'd be awesome for developers of Minecraft-Related Games, mods, etc. And it'd be amazing. Thanks for your time! -Aronan
  17. When a video is rendering in Sony Vegas or you're downloading something in Steam, the icon on the taskbar turns into a sort of progress bar. That would be really nice to have while I'm doing other things while waiting for my project to render, and then maybe a sound effect to signify it's completion. thatwouldbenicethanksbye
  18. i recently made a timelapse of me animating my next video. i would like to post it somewhere, but there is no forums section for it.
  19. This was just something I whipped up during the trade day. Unrelated: I'm 73% complete now, expecting to finish in August. I'm unsure if I want to take the free college. Images are pretty big so watch out.
  20. Now before someone says "But Pika, you're just greedy to have your mod in Vanilla.", I'm not. I just think the things that my mod fixed, should be put into Vanilla Mine-imator. I mean, it's quite easy to fix the foilage. For example, for the leaves, I just copy-pasted some code from how the other leaves(Oak, Jungle) are rendered, and for the vines, I just made the color be "null" and applied the leaves model so it uses the biome color. The desert/savanna color is litteraly just changing a couple values to "0, 255"(or "255, 0"). The Mesa just checks if the 21st biome is selected, and if it is, it doesn't use the biome color file, it just uses a stored color value.(Which is what Minecraft does with the Mesa color, Hex:9E814D, RGB: 158, 129, 77(That's the exact color Minecraft uses.)) I think that people shouldn't have to download a modification of Mine-imator in order to have these simple things, fixed.
  21. Can anybody rig this image? I will give them FULL credit to all the work.
  22. Good'ie, everyone. This idea didn't create by me exactly, It was creating by Ponlawat Gaming (Because he sucks at English. :P). Me and him wanted to present about suggestion that should be in Mine-Imator. It is something like ... " Co-Op Animating in Mine-Imator " (Maybe) because we dunno what it should called ... We know that you wouldn't gonna imagine it correctly but he made an examples Interface what it should look like. (NOTE: This is NOT featuring in Mine-Imator 1.0.6 so, don't be stupid to go check your Mine-Imator. This is editing with Photoshop.) Starting Interface (When you open Mine-Imator) Joining Server Interface (When you are already clicking " Join Server " button) Main Interface (When you are already joining server) Chat System User List System (Players joining server) Main Interface #2 (When animating together) And as you see, this is very useful benefits for who are making movie and needing some helpers like Rigging, Animating or something like that so you can animating together easily and more cheaper, faster. (Working same function as Minecraft Server (L.A.N), if admin leaves the program, players (users) will disconnect too) [ I know you guy gonna comments something like: It's impossible!, No way! But this is just suggestion ... (Me and him also suck at source code tho. :v) ] If it possible, that would very helpful for the community! So, our dreaming movie project would gonna be possible for like ... 20% maybe tho ... Check out for the original idea creator! : Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxPONVB1ilgkd491nyx0fyQ Thankfully to David for the Mine-Imator! We hope this suggestion will be true. That would help all of our community! Appreciate!
  23. Hello! Simple suggestion pretty much. Like leaves, it would be nice if you could toggle it so other objects(cubes & other misc. shapes) could change colour based on biome. These objects already have a toggle to be effected by leaves. This will be really useful when trying to create plant life and other shrubbery. Just a quick suggestion! I bet that this would pretty easily be implemented since this is already a thing for leaves. @David
  24. So what I mean is that you're able to import a texture, and you can select how often it replaces a texture of a particlular block. Let's take MCSM for example. You can see that the grass differs in differs in textures here and there. This feature would really add some more depth to animation graphics and would help "break up" the usual same texture being repeated.
  25. how about adding custom themes for mineimator forums? by it, i mean nothing that would change the whole mine-imator forums, just custom themes, like the option to customize the colors of MI forums interface, kind of like currently in mineimator, or it would be nice to have like five themes, wich you would be able to find in options menu, (normal (current), calming (like green and baby blue theme), agressive (black and red theme) and some minecraft themes: desert (sandy), ocean (blue), plains (bright green), forest (dark green), mushroom island (brown), cave (grey), snow (white), maybe nether and end), and maybe all ores colors or mobs colors? PS: yes I know it would be a LOT of work
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