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  1. SAME!!! I was recreating the M1 Abrams tank in Flan's Mod with Modelbench and was almost done when it wouldn't let me save! I had to copy the whole temp file data into a self-made .mimodel file to 'Save' Luckily it worked and now I have my tank.
  2. Project Idea: Would it be possible to create a Minecraft mod creation software that is compatible with Mine-imator & Modelbench? The main idea is that it should be able to use .mimodel and .miframes to aid the development of building models of mobs or blocks with .mimodel files and animating them with .miframes files. But other than that, it could be used to teach code and how it works as well.
  3. This probably was already on the Modelbench timeline, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add Cylender, Cone, and Sphere elements to the editor. p.s. I have to create cylinders and spheres out of many, many rotated Surfaces or Cubes... Quite frustrating to work with.
  4. I mean bending in two different directions as two separate bending points. (Like pointing your hand forward and bending your elbow or twisting your ankle side to side without moving your leg)
  5. This could be useful for making limbs that have more than one joint in a single part (i.e. fingers, tentacles, wrists on forearms, ankle joints on legs, etc.) If used, it shouldn't be possible to add a bending point on top of an existing point, as that could cause really weird errors... BUT if this does get added, there might need to be some changes in Mine-imator, for example: Listing/Displaying the bending points for easy selection and positioning, and Controlling each bending point in the animator
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