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  1. Hectoris919

    I Cant Import Maps?! or Worlds

    How big is the map? If the map is too big, your memory will run out and you will get an error. If this wasn't the case, then I don't know what to make of it.
  2. Hectoris919

    Unique names bug

    I have had this problem on a few occasions as well. It happened to me whenever I did not rename the parts/shapes before saving. I think that the original names are being "remembered" by the program and creates the error. I have made a habit of naming the shape/part before saving at all to avoid this error and it works for me.
  3. Hectoris919

    Steve in the Wood HD 720p

    His eyes are bright... Maybe too bright. They are staring into my soul. Also with the background... Why did you make it transparent? Other than that I think you did a good job.
  4. Hectoris919

    A Hard Days Work HD 720p

    Welcome to my world
  5. Hectoris919

    The Battle of Eternal Blizzard

    Dat a lot of swords
  6. Hectoris919

    BonePunk / SkeleRockers

    Noice! Now to add the xylobone.
  7. Hectoris919

    Schematic Crash

    What is the version of the Minecraft schematic that you tried to import?
  8. Do you know which blocks cause the crash?
  9. Hectoris919

    Part Combining Export

    By the way, remember that I said it had 646 shapes... It will lag your computer. (If not, wow nice PC)
  10. Hectoris919

    Part Combining Export

    Here, I don't know if this will work but: https://github.com/Hector-GameBeast/Tank It contains the texture and sound files for it. Hope it works!
  11. Hectoris919

    Part Combining Export

    Thanks! I tried to make a Github link for this model... I was having difficulties with the site
  12. Using big models in Mine-imator is hard on my computer, especially when the model I am using has 646 shapes in it... (Flan's Mod M1 Abrams tank that I made: https://imgur.com/a/fjjm9OY) SO, I had this idea: What if there was an option in the exporter that combined all intersecting shapes in a part into one big shape? If there was, it could reduce the importing speed for complex models in Mine-imator AND increase the performance of rendering in general. (The program wouldn't have to calculate the positions of all the shapes in a part as it moves in an animation)
  13. Hectoris919

    Maverick's M4 (Only work on 1.2.2 or higher)

    Holy crap that is amazing! Did you use Modelbench for this? (If so, how many shapes did you use..? Just curious... )
  14. Hectoris919

    New thing to the Library + Resources menu

    I agree, but I think that there should be some sort of a confirmation box before deleting the files. Imagine if you are gathering resources for an animation and accidentally clicked this button...
  15. Hectoris919

    An exploit that must not be fixed

    But who wants to do that... I'm lazy...
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