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  1. Nice! I love the painting, can you customize the image?
  2. That could be another "wind object", but no, the idea is that you set up the path so that the wind would follow it in that area. Basically this allows you to have an editable tunnel of wind that effects the objects within it. To get an idea on what it would look like, look up what NURBS Paths look like in Blender as a reference.
  3. I was wandering through the MI forums when I stumbled upon a wind rig prank, but that's irrelevant. While I was reading through the comments, I had an interesting idea: Wind Paths: A line of sorts that can be moved around to direct the flow of wind along that line. It would have a Radius that controls to what extent from the line the wind is effected. The path itself would have a number of points that you can drag around to make a more complex path. This could be used to make a valley seem to have wind rising up it's sides while having little wind in the center of the valley. It also could be used to give the effect of swirling grass. This might have been suggested before, but as far as I'm aware of it hasn't.
  4. Lol If curious endermen existed in minecraft tho... MAN that would be annoying.
  5. Now to add another wallpapers with the hulk SMASHING Loki into floor <insert Nigel Thornberry here>
  6. Someone (I don't remember who) said that it is impossible to add a feature that can change an object's parent using keyframes with GameMaker, but it doesn't mean that it can't be added with code. If someone could pull something together, I think they should show it to Nimi.
  7. I've heard this can't be done, but I still want it to be added. Switching items in hands would get a whole lot easier.
  8. The golden apple looks amazing Good job btw
  9. Lol Wait. I just realized the angry wolves in the background... OH NO.
  10. Nooooo! You killed the wabbit! ( Nice render btw )
  11. I'm actually pretty curious. How many objects did you use to make this scene?
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