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  1. Mine-imator 1.1.0

    Damn it be out.
  2. 44 models for an apartment

    Jesus, This is amazing!
  3. Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

    Wooohooo baby this is gonna be fun!
  4. Coming soon...

  5. Hoopty boody Mine-Imator!

  6. covfefe in minecraft

    10/10 best gameplay ever - IGN
  7. Cade Dantero | SMR Concept Images

    The last few pictures: The hangover.
  8. Superhero [Gravit Designer]

    This was my first try of making art in Gravit Designer and i think it turned out well!
  9. 2d intro for Lapis (Mine-Imator)

    Thanks again!
  10. Resting at a forest. [Wallpaper]

    Oh look blood.
  11. Rather than downloading from Softonic, they actually have their own website https://pixlr.com Which is actually verified as their site. So yeah.
  12. Happeh burthday i guess.

  13. Quitting animating, bye!

    Welp another one leaves us... I wish you luck on your journeys as a developer and so on...
  14. Some My Artwork Creation

    And then... Art,
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