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  1. Rip

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      I have 2016 nostalgia now

      Wish this dude were still here

  2. The end is near.

    1. crustyjpeg


      The end is here.     

    2. Swift
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      Spontaneous Explosions

      You're talking about Minecraft Console Edition right? @Lapis Productions

  3. I mean it is kinda bad because you can see the fingers clipping trough the wrist, the black floor and the small clipping between the mouth and those stuff on the head. Is that good enough? also the fandom is bad
  4. I think it was published by someone but its barely usable. Like i said before it causes constant lag.
  5. Welp to be said this has been tried back when MI:CE came out. But the problem is it was constantly lagging and used a lot of power of the PC. Anyways the idea right now seems kinda impossible, anyways you can search about this on the forums and see how much people have progressed with their versions of the multiplayer mod.
  6. Hoopty boody Mine-Imator!

  7. This was my first try of making art in Gravit Designer and i think it turned out well!
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