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  1. help

    You're asking us to confirm something that's described in the release notes?
  2. help

    1). Backup project files etc. 2). Uninstall current version. 3). Install desired version.
  3. Resoursas - Release Edition

    That pack totally redoes a lot of textures. This is exactly what it's supposed to be - an improved vanilla pack. So please, do us all a favor and complain to somebody who cares. Buddy, this is a forum.
  4. Resoursas - Release Edition

    Will isn't responsible for your assumptions. This pack is designed to improve on the original Vanilla textures. If it ain't your cup of tea, that's your deal. Oh yeah. Look through the list of textures. I'm trying to work out how the glowstone lamp looks like that from just adjusting "blending and saturation".
  5. I need a Half life Crowbar

    There's such a thing as 3D voxel-style. Mine-imator is 3D. Hell, Minecraft is 3D. Here's one. Search box is there for a reason.
  6. Some Models I made

    Don't think Microsoft was responsible for the IBM PC. Pretty sure it just used a rebranded version of MS-DOS, but otherwise no.
  7. Suffer

    You... seriously don't need to tag Nimi every time you make something with the community build.. that's like if you tagged David in everything you did with MI. Good wallpaper though.
  8. 3d charcter

  9. The Good Ol' Days [Wallpaper]

    Looks pretty good, but personally I'd prefer it with some background scenery, less bloom, and less motion blur. Unless the guy on the bottom right is diving into the shot, which it's hard to tell if he is or not, it doesn't make much sense.
  10. Lip Sync TEST

    Don't make it 29 seconds long. Nobody wants to see it.
  11. Vespur, A little about him

    S T O P
  12. Lip Sync TEST

    No. Stop. What are you doing. Nobody wants to sit through a 29 second intro(which just includes a bootleg version of the Spider-Man titles and nothing interesting) to get to 10 seconds of arbitrary lip syncing.
  13. Vespur, A little about him

  14. Vespur, A little about him

    What the hell are you doing. Stop.
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