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  1. Add: - Tiles rendering ( 16K rendering isn't impossible anymore. This feature exists on Blender ) - Material ( +Normal Map +Reflection etc ) - .obj --> Mine-Imator Object file ( This may be considered stupid but... If this exists it would be incredible )
  2. Gaming PC, with a GTX 1050 inside ( Or no. )
  3. Omg the edit again... Don't apply that effect... It kills my eyes especially on smaller smartphone screen.
  4. If you want to apply some "Light Effect", use Photoshop instead ( Lasso tool + Brush = Less noisy because you do it manually ) of paint.net. If you don't have time for it or you can't buy Photoshop, there must be a setting that you can use to adjust the threshold.
  5. Good work! Here's a tips: No. More. Flatlands. Use schematics, if your pc isn't fast enough to load a big schematic, at least cover the blank space with custom fog.
  6. It's Mine-Imator. See that clock hanging by the cupboard,
  7. - Art - Rig used: Clock Rig @Awesome Emerald
  8. - Art - Rigs used: "Clock Rig", "Computer", "Book Rig", "Chairs 2 / Office Chairs" I FORGET where did I downloaded them from. Rigger, please put some Readme or credit on your rigs.
  9. Hi guys! I'm back with another wallpaper, send suggestions and tips! - Art -
  10. I'm back guys! Cinematic Art is here, let me know if something is wrong, or if you want to tell some any kind of suggestions and tips, please post it! - Art - Thanks!
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