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  1. I was bored so I got nothing to do. The original video is in the description. pls sub for more videos about how to cure autism
  2. Wallpaper making

    What did you used for video editing?
  3. Modelbench Q&A

    Not related to the topic, but can you atleast add the "bloom" effect to the Pre-release?
  4. Intro Template by Atomer #2

    Apparently, the music is messing up. Also, maybe a little improvement for the movements? After he kicked the guy I was like, what happened?
  5. Dancing Test :P

    You should've fix the positioning. :/
  6. Dancing Test :P

  7. In The Swamp

    i was messing up dem effects :'c
  8. In The Swamp

    i knowwww, i suck so bad. :c
  9. In The Swamp

    "You might wanna check behind your back, just incase something would happen really bad." "Someone is watching you, in the trees, or maybe it's just your mind that tricks you." just dont insert any shrek memes please
  10. A Warm Hug

    why bump?
  11. Iced | A Mine-imator Wallpaper

    Still practicing how to edit photos. That left arm thingy was supposed to be hi ice powers thingy. Anyways, i'll try to improve asap. I don't know if that's a pun related to the wallpaper but HAHA! Thanks!
  12. Iced | A Mine-imator Wallpaper

    the snow btw um, it was supposed to be like hes consumed by the ice but sad, cant do it. ill try to improve asap.
  13. How's everyone? iiExynus here and back at it with another wallpaper. Now this one is just like some kind of fog test or something, because I just really noticed that THIS day, there was a fog control :/ And uh yeah, I was surprised and I thought I can just do like the snow-y stuffs and all that. So... here? Here is also the Timelapse video Any suggestions or feedbacks or any improvements I should do will be taken Have a nice day! :3 i got lazy for the name so pls forgive me :c
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