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  1. Modelbench Q&A

    That sounds AWESOME! Can't wait for this!
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    So I assume there'll be an option to add Bending? Or will it be multiple things, like option for Character, option for item, option for block?
  3. Modelbench Q&A

    May have been answered, but Will this be used to make Character, Block, or item models?
  4. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    There's a bunch of holes in my models, especially around the seams, is this a settings issue, or a problem with the build? It's just like the seams aren't fully meeting, so there's caps which look pretty bad, since they are there in the full render as well. I want to keep using it, especially since the custom rotation for characters, but just can't yet since any animation will be full of holes, and static looking stuff.

    Eh... I want to come in big. I've been animating in multiple programs since I was a kid, so, I figure the whole...breaking in thing got stale on me... So, Jump in with big guns. Going to try and make the most ambitious Mineimator Project ever. I've got small animations on the channel to show a bit of what I've been doing. But, either way... I figure I'm going to do this anyway, so best to offer VA roles to the people who are using this before the youtube crowd. Though I see what you mean Back in Pivot I was decently well Known on the pivot forums, have some well known tutuorials in it. I did flash for a good while, though didn't post anything to youtube, since flash was so boring. Now I'm in mineimator, since it's an easy, free 3d software. This is the next project out... I have a Composer set up for the music(REALLY GOOD ONE TOO) Have GodzillaMendoza/Xavier on as a voice actor writer... I wanted to go big or go home. Only time will tell.
  6. Hey there guys, I've got a project going and I'm in need of a few voices. Age range should be between 16-25ish, or anyone who sounds in that range, since it's set in Junior high school. I plan for this to be a 4 "film" project. The project is essentially a reimagining of Spider-Man. Same characters, and basic stuff, but I've rewritten a lot of things. So, as of now, I'll need a ton of big roles. And a few small ones/Misc voices. Spider-Man/Peter Parker: has already been cast. Xavier Mendoza gets that credit. As for open spots I need Gwen Stacy(16 Female, 2 side roles, 1 main role.)- OPEN Marry Jane Watson(17, 2 side roles)- OPEN Fel(16 female, 2 side role, 1 cameo role)-OPEN Betty Brant(17 Female, CAMEOS/Small role)-OPEN May Parker(48 Female, 3 Side roles)-OPEN Working on getting this one cast, however, if anyone can sell me, I'm willing to change my mind. MISC Female Voices(Various)-OPEN _ Harry Osborne(17 Male, 2 Side roles, 1 main role)-OPEN, Though considering someone. Norman Osborne(42 Male, 2 Side Roles)-Open Edward Brock Jr(18 Male, Small roles)-Considering an actor, though willing to change. Ben Parker(59 Male, 1 Side role, ? Cameos)-Open Abner Jenkins(31 Male, 1 main, 1 cameo)-CAST, details to come. ADDITIONAL TO COME AS SEQUEL IS WRITTEN. Main script has been written by Me, and help from Xavier Mendoza, and a few other spidey fans. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClX1UplIBxyA1k4Vog75StQ Is my youtube channel since a few people would like to see work before applying. It's mainly demos getting a hang of the program. Anyone who'd like to try out, please let me know. I will also be casting via Youtube, since that's where a lot of good people are as well, though this will go up 3 days before any youtube call comes, to give mineimator people first shots.
  7. this update sounds incredible, but quick question... Will it fix the ALEX skin bug? On the arms the texture messes up, especially on the Jacket/mask layer thing on top.
  8. THE NEEEEED This is going to be incredible... I'm going to hold off animating my project a little longer till the prerelease comes out, and maybe even full release, since the more stable rendering will help a ton.
  9. Lip Sync TEST

    It's not my intro. It's there to credit the voice actor. It's part of the public demo. It's not a channel intro. It's credit to the voice actor. It's part of this being the first public demo of the project. as said in both the description thing, and in the previous replies, this is 2 demos in one, being the first phase of public tests. The first is rough, and was done to properly credit the actor, and show a rough estimate of another piece of a project. Since the plan wasn't originally to upload completely to public. Also, I say right in the thing to skip to 21 second for the first half of the demo. So... I don't get why everyone's complaining.
  10. Lip Sync TEST

    Here's a short LipSync demo I did. It's done using a mouth texture, that's done on a plane. I wanted to give it a cartoonish, and yest stylized feel. So, I've not seen this style before, So... I did it. Plus it was my first time. Skip to 21 seconds in to get to the Lip Sync The other thing is a demo for the project intro credits. Voice provided by the wonderful GodzillaMendoza
  11. Can someone make a wrestling arena?

    Yes, but those don't have perms for use outside of playing them. I'd need one with full use to use in a project.
  12. Alex Model is messed up

    How do you do it exactly? I have zero idea how to do what you're talking about. Second layer? Make it an extra pixel? Like... please try and do a tutorial of sorts on it so I can get what you mean. I have no idea how to do that.
  13. So, I'm working on a HUGE Project, which will include a scene with a wrestler, and a caged match. My attempts at making a wrestling arena have failed, and I figured I'd come here. You will obviously get credit. You will have a lot of freedom in making it, I'm not too picky, I just need it for this. I've got quite a few larger youtubers voicing it(Not huge, but like 25K+ subs), and a composer working on this. Thanks guys. EDIT I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO CLERIFY THIS WOULD BE AN INDOORS AREA, ROOFED. KINDA LIKE A WWE MATCH
  14. Insert your Rig Requests HERE

    IFK if this is still open, but I'm working on a large project... Could you make a caged wrestling area? Like the whole building? You'd obviously get credit on the project, it's very large in scale, but I'm just not competent in anything other than house making to make a cage match, and the whole wrestling arena... I have a bunch of people on this program including a couple pretty big(at least in comparison to myself and most) youtubers on it... I tried making the cage match and the area, but it just didn't work well. Thanks, if you can't/don want to do it there's no biggie there, I figured I'd ask
  15. Alex Model is messed up

    You can't do that... The second layer is part of the same skin file, and has to be a PNG... and with a skin if you extend the pixles out it'll just put it somewhere on the body... you can't have the second layer a 4 when the first is a 1... At least there's not any way I have found.
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