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  1. ICExz13

    Police car

    Yea, none look right... There was one that was good, but it was not in the style I was looking for. It's better, but it loses the aesthetic.
  2. BASICALLY, to sum it up, my idea is for a Mineimator, Marvel character universe. - Big payload, I know. - I basically have been working on the Spider-Man project. It's a ton of work. But... it'll be even more work if I have the whole load myself. - To sum up the timeline... Release goes Spider-Man(Takes place modern time) -I've got the dibs on this side of the project. Captain America(Takes place as a prequel, late in WW2, of course. Ending with him being stuck in ice) Ironman(Starts as a prequel, in the 70s. Ends in present day with Ironman discovering the body of captain america) Spider-Man 2(Modern day of release, probably a couple years later in timeline.) X-Men(Takes place during the Vietnam war, someone's working on this, but... very little.) From there it'll all depend on how things go. Basically... I've been writing the Spider-Man project, and a friend is doing the X-Men side, sorta. But, all of these other characters have models and nothing to put them in. Below is a picture of some models for this. All of the characters need a similar style and very decent animation... The models aren't done... All of them need hand rigs, but I'm working on that. They also are only partially rigged in the faces. Some are, others still just have the skin I designed them with. All skins are 100% mine. Facerig by Sharp. There also needs to be a script work. I'm basically when it comes to everything else... the... very very very loosely described director of project management.. basically... I set up, a couple plotpoints if I think they are important... then let you fill it in, and do the other stuff if you like. It's a ton of work on its own, especially when I've got a spider-man project in the works, with a full voice cast and all. I'm mainly looking for a few people to help lighten the load, either scripts, or ideas, or animations... Maybe making a rig that's less... complicated. Currently, I'm using Sharp's face rig, with arms for fingers, and all kinda tricks used to get the movements and such I want. Depends on the shot. I'm doing a custom texture pack, so that in the end... it'll be less Mine-Imator, and more... Voxel animator. But still same program, just looking less minecrafty... since I want them to be taken semiseriously. I'm probably WAY over my head here, but if you guys have any ideas or anything please let me know, My email for this will be ICExz13@gmail.com if you have any ideas. - Here's an image kinda showing what I'm going for in style... This is a screenshots/proof of concepts for the Spider-Man project I'm doing. _ Thanks a ton! - This would all be nonprofit, fanmade. All rights go to Marvel. Just here to tell stories about cool characters. More characters are welcome... and a lot are still behind the scenes. But this is what I ONEDAY HOPE the roaster will look like. Feel free to contact me with ideas. If you can animate you're also free to take a stab at that bit... this would be a very very very very long term project... I originally started as a way to make myself known in mine-imator... and to put mine-imator on the map as a really good Animation Software. Free, easy to learn, hard to master. I've always had visions too big for my own good... maybe this time other people with like minds can step in and flesh this GIANT project out with me. - TL;DR: I want people to both help with writing, and building a shared universe.
  3. ICExz13

    Police car

    Could someone model me a Police car(New York, so white with blue lettering and stripes, not that these could fit in a small build) Preferably in Minecraft, fairly small scale(though can be resized) Like a minecraft style car, you'd build for a garage or something. I've tried forever to make one, but can't get it looking right. I need it for my big animation project! - Obviously, you'd be credited! - Pic is of my attempt... I used a retextured Nether Brick, for the black of the windshield... But as you can see, I am awful at cars...
  4. Oh boy, we gots an update here! I was really wanting to test out some green and red lighting... IDk I thought it'd look cool. IDK does it?
  5. In this post I'll be putting all of my art and such, made in mine-imator. First we have Kingpin, based on marvel comics. This is going to be used in the final animation of my Spider-Man project. This is more a teaser image than anything. Speaking of Spider-man why not a pic of the main man himself? A test of some more colorful lighting. I thought it'd look mysterious or edgy. I dono, either way it kinda works. Probably going to be toned down for the final project. THIS TOOK LIKE 15 LIGHTS More to come soon. Skins: Made by me. Facerig: Sharpwind's face rig. Props: Made by me, modeled in minecraft and shrank to size. City set: Made by BasVergagen at planet minecraft
  6. reflections are pretty simple... Create a cube, or simple shape like the flat plane and then set it's texture to a camera. It's pretty easy...from there go wild with it. here's an example of How I used that trick to do the reflection in Spidey's eyes for an upcoming animation. https://imgur.com/a/ksPTxF3 From there I just used the color stuff to add a white filter over it. I just made a skin with no eyes, then put a flat behind the eyes, set it's texture to a camera, then parented the camera to Spidey's head, that way anything Spidey's looking at is reflected. i then use the mix and such to change how much it reflects in each scene. = To do stuff like a sword and such, I'd reccomend making planes, and stretch them to the shapes of each pixel... over the orignal, kinda like a skin on it, using a lot of them... then parenting cameras to each of them... set them in a folder, and hide them.. then you'll only need to worry about it when you're rendering, instead of massive lag when animating. but for swords I'd say it's not needed really. And there may be an easier way
  7. Wow... Just... wow... This, this is quality. This is probably the best rig I've ever seen
  8. Yeaaa, but... I'm impatient! Sorry for that, I should have used just a pic!
  9. it's John Cena(do do do dooo) Honestly, I wanted to show off that I had a composer doing the music.
  10. This is mainly a teaser for my new project. music was composed for a teaser, by MaxxMcGee, such a great dude, always my go to composer.
  11. Testing a character that can fly. Figured I'd throw objects at him and make him react. This is a physics test I guess.
  12. Thanks xD, Has there been a ton of fortnight stuff lately xD?
  13. I think it looks really good. Maybe the jump was a bit far and that's what is causing the unrealism people are saying. I think it looks great though.
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