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  1. personally, i think you'd be great in phyre's team, your stuff is great!
  2. first i have almost 1000 upvotes

    second its my third anniversary on the forums

    celebrate now

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      yay its 1000 congrats!

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      And I broke the pieces lmao

  3. Floofy

    Floof Redesign

    i always forget the tail
  4. Floofy

    Floof Redesign

    it’s hidden under the turtle neck and sweater
  5. Floofy

    I see you

    its not in popular creations..?
  6. model by Anima-cryses
  7. (very sorry for minor topic spam) You drive, you do anything to get out of the area, it's following you. You can hear screams when the EAS Alert System sounds stop, you keep driving, and driving, and driving. You realize something. You stop your truck on the side of the road, "...Not one of those people returned from the forest...", you're the only person who has lived through seeing and hearing this thing, that's why it's still following you. If you never stopped at that gas station, it wouldn't have possibly killed Henry. You could have killed the group if the thing caught them. You decide to do something about this, you can't live with yourself after possible causing the death of these people. You get out of your truck. there's no point in driving, instead you walk along the side of the road, it's getting brighter outside, and you can see something across trees. there's muffled screaming coming from the sirens. you turn on your camera, so people know what happened to you. it's getting closer, you can see it pushing trees. it's very close, but... it doesn't kill you. it doesn't react to you. it knows you are there. it doesn't want you. its heading towards your town. this is what it wants. it wants you to suffer. it wants you to know you caused the fall of your home city it wanted to follow you to your town it knew you just stand there and stare as the creature goes to your town to feast on the people it knew it knew it knew it knew it knew it knew BONUS: [EMERGENCY NEWS, 12:11 PM, March 4th, 2017, Location: West of North Carolina]: “The local fisherman, Johnson K. Lin, has been found on the edge of town, he was in the nearby forest. Currently he doesn't seem in a good mental state, because when the town police asked him questions, all he will say is, "it's here", "i brought it here", we currently don't know what "it" is but investigators are looking int- huh? what's this... oh.. Live report, another person, named Jason D. Lowmad, has gone missing in the town, we'll have to send another team out to search for him. If you didn’t know, people have been going missing since 7:53 AM Today, and so far four people have gone missing, with no trace.” Note: Im honestly really proud of this series, and put some work into it
  8. You vow to never go back to that lake, you don't know what that thing can do, along with the fact that you are the only one to see the creature and not go missing. You hop in your truck after walking out of the station, and head on the road right back to your home, because at this point it’s now 6:28 AM, and that fishing trip ain't happening. The ride was surprisingly calm, seemed too calm, but maybe that's just because you were on guard. You couldn't help but feel like something was still watching, stalking in the trees on the side of the road, but no matter, they're as thin as sticks, so they just move on their own, plus, you're in a moving car, there's nothing to worry.. You stop at a gas station to fuel up, since your tank was low. After fueling up, you think "Why not" and walk into the small store. While in there you buy a bag of chips and a lottery ticket, there was also a nice group of young adults in there that chatted with you. You also had a nice chat with the cash register, and he told you to call him "Henry". While walking out, you see a little section behind the fence full of very tall and thin trees, along with the mountains that were near the lake you think that this would be a good time to get a photo, since you never got one. After taking the photo, you continue back to the truck and jump in. You look on your phone and look at the image, appreciating it. But... somethings off.. there's something there.. After looking at the photo for 2 minutes, you see.. it.. the thing.. it's here.. and as soon as you realize that, you look back and see the thing looming over the gas station, it pushes its large, gross, and bony hand through the roof of the gas station, it moves its arm around inside the gas station. You see the group again, fearful for their lives, but you can't hear their screams, all you can hear is the loud sounds of the EAS Alert System. Before you drive off, you see the thing pull its hand out of the gas station, with Henry in his hands. You never see what happens, but you are sure its not good at all. (FOR MOBILE USERS) 7:30 PM CST Final part
  9. New story coming up today at [redacted]

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      yay-wait, redacted?

      everyone gangsta until he says it

  10. You wake up in your home. It's 12:44 AM, and you plan to go on a fishing trip in a lake near the nice mountains in the area. Driving down the dark road to the deck on the lake felt very long, but you make it there by 2:34 AM. It feels cool and somewhat windy, with the lowering moon reflecting off the lake. You head back to the trunk to pull out your fishing gear, when you suddenly hear... white noise? Coming from the trees, then it switches to a voice stating random words, "NINETEEN. ADULT. LAND. CAR.", at this point you run across the lake and hide in the long grass, pulling out your phone so when you report this.. whatever this is to the local rangers, they wont think you're crazy. Trees rustle, it's something big, and you see, above the vast area of trees, something sticking out of the top. Now the sound is a loud air raid siren, and its getting closer to the lake. You wait with fear, wondering what kind of.. thing.. could be making this sound. While thinking for an answer to that, a large, decomposing hand comes out of the trees, and with that hand, a disgustingly long and thin leg comes out, and with the legs, comes a short, mummified body that was so thin, you could see the Rib cage sticking out of the chest. You notice the worst part, its head was just a metal pole covered in flesh, with two air raid sirens attached. That must explain the sounds. The thing just stood there, you could see the teeth in the sirens biting together fast, like it was nervous, making a fast clicking sound. all of a sudden... it stops everything. though it doesn't have eyes, you can tell it's looking at you. The wait was deadly silent, the thing just stood there and stared at you. you didn't want to move, one movement might anger it, you didn't know if it was hostile At some point, the sun started coming up above the mountains, it would've been beautiful, but you can't focus on that now, the thing was still there on the deck. but, when the sun started going above the mountain, the thing started walking away, and disappeared into the trees. As soon as it left, you get into your truck and ride straight to the ranger station. You entered the station and tell the ranger everything, and show the footage on your phone to them. their face grows pale, they state, "We've gotten multiple cases of this creature in this area, but not one of those people returned from the forest, we either just found their phones or cameras, or a family member comes up to the station and says that the person hasn't been back home, you should get a lottery ticket."
  11. i mean you could of rendered it as an image..
  12. in case you missed it

  13. "Tear down the wall!" Alt Version: PS: this was fairly rushed, but i feel proud of it, so that's why i'm posting it here
  14. ask someone else my rig is ugly
  15. holy crap i just rediscovered pink floyd and i wish i never forgot them

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      Yet you call it irrelevant to the topic. 😩

  16. it just gets annoying to see people posting stuff not relating to the topic, i know it’s the same name but there’s a lot of stuff with the same name.
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