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  1. Fosni

    Open for Commissions

    Hey long time no see. Anyways I figure some people might like commissions done and I'm open to do commissions of any character you desire. or you can pay half if that more comfortable. Here are some examples of my art V
  2. I'm back again. Here's my video hopefully it makes you laugh. Also i don't know how to insert YouTube videos in here anymore the voices where thanks to @vash0110 and @Cryotivity
  3. I animated this based on the manga/anime/movies Berserk The actual character \/
  4. Fosni

    CS:GO Knife Pack

    wheres @Cryotivity when you need him?
  5. whoa whoa slow down there. he can animate whatever he wants. He simply animated a fight sequence and wanted to post it. He's praticing his skills in a short animation.
  6. try diffrent camera angles and a moving camera
  7. its fine. its cool that i could inspire you though i dont really have a problem with it. it just looked a little familiar anyways keep up the good work
  8. just wondering did you get the sword extending from this?
  9. Fosni

    [art] shadow

    looks really good
  10. Incase you missed it

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      im confused and what u guys are on about 


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      Me too, dude.

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      Me too, bros.

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