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  1. Captured [Short Mine-Imator Animation]

    Thanks ! I only added the glowing eyes, because it looked a bit too dark, and the pupils of the eyes couldn't really be seen.
  2. Hey, I'm back ! Although I don't think anyone cares . I've been really busy with a lot of things and haven't had enough time to animate, so I could only animate this short animation for Halloween.
  3. BNHA Test Animation

    I was bored and wanted to brush up on my animation due to being away from it for a while.
  4. Full Cowl [Wallpaper]

    I got bored and decided to make this for some reason . Here's another angle:
  5. Hasty

    Looks amazing, great job!
  6. Bridgeside [4K Wallpaper]

    Credits: Parrot rig by @NietyFox Skins used: @TheGodOfTrouble and @NietyFox
  7. ERASED [Mine-Imator Animation]

    Thanks for the criticism, really appreciate it ! The animation was originally just test, but it ended up being longer than what I would consider a test animation to be. There were going to be some other things in the animation that would've conveyed what they were fighting for and some other plot points like how the grey Steve wasn't going full out at the beginning, he wanted to see what "Herobrine" could do (I decided to turn the "Blue Steve" into "Herobrine" halfway through animating since it seemed edgy , and it changed the atmosphere of the animation to a more serious tone). The fight was going to start off light and get more serious, but I ended the animation before it got to that xD. So to address some of the "Story line" points you made (Although this animation didn't really have much of a "Story line" to begin with ). At the beginning, "Blue" was pretty much just chilling on the ground since he noticed the Grey Steve's presence, I guess you could say. Blue had a more cocky attitude in the animation. You can tell that from him raising one eyebrow higher than the other to show interest towards the Grey Steve when Grey flashes an angry look at him. He also gives Grey a sword with a cocky look on his face to show that Grey isn't someone worth fighting against. I didn't add much emotion to Blue since he was bored of the fight, and I focused more on the emotions that Grey was conveying, since he was the one looking for a fight with Blue. The teleportation that Herobrine does was what I thought was a characteristic of him, since he usually teleports in animations or other videos that I've seen him in although it might've not been necessary in response to the kick. The "Story line" (If you could say that ) was that Herobrine took over the position of Steve and was disguising as him. Grey Steve wants to take back the position of being Steve, and that's pretty much it for the story line. I might've continued the story line more in depth if it hadn't started out as a test animation. The animation wasn't supposed to be a full fledged thing, it was just a way for me to practice some scenes that "could be" in my next big animation. Also the kick you mentioned, yeah it was pretty bad. I was going to go back and revise it, but since I never finished it, I decided not to. All of the fighting parts in the animation were animated frame by frame, so I spent around 5 hours on a scene that only happens for 3 seconds or so. It was also my first time animating frame by frame rather than heavily depending on transitions and getting used to it, so that I could apply it to another animation that I would be working on which could explain some choppy movements in the animation. Anyways, thanks for the criticism ! I'm not really that great of an animator, so I've still got a long way to go towards being an above average animator at the very least. I wouldn't have posted this animation if I had to be honest with you, but since people from my live streams were expecting it, and me not having enough content on my channel for the meantime as I go on to animate a bigger project that could take months to animate, I decided to post it and give my viewers some content at the very least.
  8. ERASED [Mine-Imator Animation]

    Welp, another failed animation . I had a lot of trouble with this animation due to the Windows 10 Creator Update causing some files to corrupt which lead to me putting an end to the animation. Also, sorry for the ads that appear on the video. I didn't know that the song was copyrighted til halfway through animating . Credits: Facial rig by: @SKIBBZ
  9. I was working on this animation a while back but had to stop due to the lack of time I had available. When I came back to it, I decided to put the animation to an end, since it was too long of a break from the animation, and it didn't really appeal to me. I've been inactive for a while, so might as well post it . Sorry if the animation seems confusing, there was going to be backstory for the first scene later on, but it was scrapped due to me not finishing the animation. Credits: Facial and Knife rig by: @SKIBBZ Lamp Post rig by: @Nimi
  10. where r u now?

  11. Long time, eh?


  12. The Artifact [Unfinished Mine-Imator Animation]

    Oh, I'm not going to finish it. I decided to quit animating this animation .
  13. I tried to make an animation , but I decided not to finish it half way through since the story line was pretty straight forward and had nothing really "unique" about it. I didn't want the project to go to waste, so I decided to post it. Next time, I'll probably try to plan out a story line first . Sorry if the animation isn't that great, if you have any feedback or criticism feel free to share it with me . Facial Rig by: @SKIBBZ Message Below for those who are willing to help me out, if not just ignore it:
  14. Showdown [Test Animation]

    Welp, I tried to make an animation and ended up not finishing it in the end . Halfway through, I realized that there was no real story line and decided to put the animation to an end. I was mainly trying to get used to animating in this animation due to me taking a break from it for a while, so I apologize if it looks pretty bad or rusty. I tried experimenting with some things in the animation so feel free to give me any criticism or feedback . Credits: Facial and Pistol rig by: @SKIBBZ
  15. it's great how your still using the profile pic i edited for you.

    any chance we could still chat with each other since you aren't on the forums much anymore?

    1. SahnzAnimation


      You can try adding me on Skype, though I don't use it much anymore :sweat:. Sorry for replying a "bit" late, Notifications stack up after being inactive for a while :wacko:.

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