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  1. Please fix this problem with the second layer on your shoulders in the next version, thanks.
  2. Hhhm... Why a resource pack does not work? This file works in 1.0.6 vanilla.
  3. What do you think of this idea: The "thickening into" blocks and characters. For example: Any character which has a recess in the body. This recess will be limited to vanilla planes having no thickness. And with this feature will be able to increase the thickness of the planes to give the appearance of rig. I could write incomprehensible, blaming throughout the night time and Google translator.
  4. Kler

    Opel Blitz Rig

    I like, but try next time not to stretch the texture.
  5. Kler

    Karabiner 98k Rig

    Heh, RU-community will be waiting for the Soviet army model look!
  6. Kler

    Karabiner 98k Rig

    Are you also going to do the rigs on Soviet themes, or just about the Third Reich?
  7. Helly everybody. In pause betveen my animations, i create a simple wallpaper. Un-edited 4K
  8. Russian hard-roleplay minecraft server "elenarium". Contact me in VK, i give you link.
  9. Hello everybody. I created another character in the roleplay minecraft server, and in his honor I made this art. And without exposure settings: No photoshop: In conclusion I would say that this character does not apply to the dark souls. It is solely my idea, collected from various images and characters.
  10. Hello everybody. It has long been doing the animation, from about 1.0.0. On hands still survived, somehow brought to mind.
  11. Hello everybody. I play on a Russian server roleplay. And now, one of the players asked to do for his character (Necromancer) art, and you can see at the moment. Undead wolf attached.
  12. in the Russian community has developed an opinion that it is Super-Suit. I'm sorry if it's not, but it seems the trend went when all and sundry to do S-Suit's. Thank you everybody :3
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