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  1. Maybe one day you'll see C1 remastered :) Hope you're doing fine wherever you are

  2. Where have u gone D:

    1. Super Solomob 422

      Super Solomob 422

      This is making me sad.

  3. Oh my..... Let's assume that never happened. (Actually the active tag made me think it's still in work)
  4. Hello, I'm really interested in your problem and would like to help. Can you Please add me on skype.It's : misterishav
  5. What if he added a surface and gave it a lens flare texture ?
  6. Just passing by.....

  7. Yes,Ease out is my favorite transition,I mixture of Ease out and Ease in gives amazing results. I like using quadratic the most.
  8. My PC i broken,I want to animate.I had to make a certain animation for Sir Ironwave,Now i'm feeling guilty.

    1. Emaniplex


      Dude, don't feel guilty because you physically can't animate.  :(

      Also that sucks. What are your plans...?  :|  

    2. GOZZE


      @Emanatronic not much for now,I am just focuing on getting a descent device to get done with animation for IronWave :)

  9. Need for improvement.,Try moving the body more and add more motion to it like when he's moving forward make his body bend in backward direction and as he is about to hit make him quickly move his body in front. Other than that,It was good for beginners
  10. Yeh,i regret starting the storyline anyways.......
  11. That was a reference to Skyrim.....
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