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  1. Thebloxpro

    Enchantedmob Funtime Freddys Rig Beta

    nice prof pic dude just get win rar or go to an online converter
  2. Thebloxpro


    *Too bad there is no such thing as a search bar* "awwwwwww..."
  3. Thebloxpro

    Enchanted Mob Baby Rig (Beta 1)

    skin craft, try to do funtime T-reddy
  4. Thebloxpro

    Lefty Rig

    needs a bit of work, try using item sheets for the cheeks and other stuff also, put dah puppet in him
  5. Thebloxpro

    Standing Mirror Rig

    I like how you try to keep your rigs within the minecraft barrier! AMAZING "Rate: "
  6. Thebloxpro

    Simple Bedroom map

  7. Thebloxpro

    This is Halloween Collab parts

    ok i understand
  8. Thebloxpro

    Ink Bendy Rig

  9. Thebloxpro

    This is Halloween Collab parts

    oh thanks for reminding me, i want you to send mp4 with out the music, ima see if Supah can edit it.
  10. Thebloxpro

    This is Halloween Collab parts

    2 Spots left!
  11. Thebloxpro

    This is Halloween Collab parts

    U got it, when you finish your part send me the download link
  12. Thebloxpro

    Doom Praetor Suit (W.I.P)

    :OO it's a Helment! MY WEAKNESS!! but good so far
  13. (I'm sorry that I got the longest part...) Part 1: Artamiel Crescent Part 2: HMAN The Animator Part 3: Dsuper49 Part 4: FoxtrotHeaven Part 5: Open Part 6: Thericalviber Part 7: Open Part 8: Thecraft Productions Part 9: Dr. Cuto Part 10: Open Deadline is October 28
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