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  1. sorry for being late(really late).. but little did he know...
  2. make it available for pre-release my computer is so bad the highest it can run is pre-release
  3. tf, HUGE bump, this is from almost 4 years ago! do not bump old topics
  4. here is a tip DO NOT do fad, unless you can do them good
  5. Thebloxpro

    Nether Titan V.3

    So... I have done many takes on this rig but this is my newest and best one (in my opinion) I think this is one of my best rigs by far (again my opinion) and here is the download V DOWNLOAD V Send me some images i wanna see what ya'll do with it
  6. ^ This is, a bump!
  7. i could use some voice acting... ima make a script
  8. reminds me of this guy from gun on the ps2 because he used 2 golden double barreled shotguns
  9. can we get a sneak peek of what you are working on?


  10. im not getting the joke lol, is it something to do with deltarune?
  11. Thebloxpro

    Nether Titan Rig

    This is the first titan in the set, and I have decided to release it to see what people could do with it WARNING: it can be a bit awkward to work with this rig at some points though... Onto the rig! Features include; Sword (Right Hand) Mad Eye (Left Eye) Fingers Size Comparison Disclaimer! The Middle, Ring, and Pinky finger are all connected, index is separate to pose Extra Stuff
  12. ok i'll be sure to fix that, thanks for the help!!
  13. muhahaha i have found you jad


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