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  1. muhahaha i have found you jad


  2. Thebloxpro

    Autumn Leaves

    So, I'm working on a new style on MI and I made this with the new style Sorry, I could not render 4k, I tried 6 times but everytime my graphics card crashed... don't have the best pc well damn that was fast
  3. Thebloxpro

    Halloween Fright (4K)

    Thanks! the 3D arms were really awkward to do also i was kinda inspired by this from a childhood game of mine
  4. Thebloxpro

    Should i make a collab?

    well its not a matter of rep, its about teh cooonteeent
  5. Thebloxpro

    Halloween Fright (4K)

    So I had this idea for a model and I decided to make this with it this took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to rig lol hope it was worth it! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
  6. Thebloxpro

    Should i make a collab?

    ehh im thinking of doing a collab on "let's kill tonight" by panic! at the disco, and upload on halloween day but idk if i should... here is the song if you haven't heard it before. yeah... was made in 2011 so dont expect any good footage
  7. soo... my sister was yelling at me saying "COME HERE OMG!!!"

    so i go out there and I see my cat... doing this... (edit, i found this gif online just to show what my cat was doing cuz i could not record it cuz he stopped)


    1. -StickyMations-


      Are you implying that the cat in the gif is yours (which it clearly isn't because a quick Google search proves otherwise) or are you implying that your cat is doing the same thing as in the gif? 🤔

    2. MYSELF3200


      Why is there a watermark from a gif website?

    3. Thebloxpro


      yes its the quickest thing i could find

  8. Thebloxpro

    A Starry Night (4K)

    ok, i just edited it, and i'd say it looks beautiful!
  9. Thebloxpro

    Lost in The Woods [4K]

    holy moly! this looks amazing!!can i get that face rig? and the creeper? did you rig those? omg!
  10. Thebloxpro

    Weird Dance ;-;

    looks like a pp dance but trying to hide it
  11. Thebloxpro

    A Starry Night (4K)

    lol its just something i made in like 5 mins
  12. Thebloxpro

    A Starry Night (4K)

    Well, This is a place I have not been to in a while... But I have seen the new mine-imator pre release and I was playing around with it for a while while playing around I made this cool wallpaper!
  13. Thebloxpro

    Lucas_Bucas RIG (not for download)

    if it's not downloadable, please move this to wallpapers and art. if it's in rigs, it must have a download
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