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  1. Thebloxpro

    Lucas_Bucas RIG (not for download)

    if it's not downloadable, please move this to wallpapers and art. if it's in rigs, it must have a download
  2. Thebloxpro

    Realistic Rig

    no bumping old topics please same for you 2
  3. Thebloxpro

    Zombie Villager and Villager-Human

    please don't bump topics from 5 years ago
  4. Thebloxpro

    Fredbears rig | F.N.A.F

    Nightmarionne looks depressed
  5. Thebloxpro

    [Don't judge me] Simple fad 1 Characters Rig

  6. Thebloxpro

    New Mike and Clyde rig

    Ok, it is not TOO bad. Its pretty good in fact! I like the use of item sheets, most newbies don't use those! I'll leave an up-vote for the effort put into this.
  7. Thebloxpro

    Grimlock G1 Rig (Transformable) [Transformers]

    i love this series of rigs
  8. Thebloxpro

    Black Ops III Reaper

    ya know it looks more like you went to google, searched "minecraft black ops 3 reaper skin", downloaded it and put it in mineimator, then rescaled the head
  9. Thebloxpro

    BaconSandwich Rig V1!

    na ima just take the head thx *nom*
  10. Thebloxpro

    Animatronic rig sorry I had too.

    not to bad?? okay...
  11. Thebloxpro

    Supah.exe Rig

    ... pretty simple, I would not rate BAD but I'd say like 3/5
  12. Thebloxpro


    you could just make your own, like i do
  13. Thebloxpro

    Baldi rig

    yay... say hello to the next fad
  14. Thebloxpro

    The Best Rig

  15. Thebloxpro

    D:BH Connor Rig!

    where is his LED?
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