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  1. Potions Rig Pack!

    What if i told you this rig can be made with 2 items and with scaling, it can look just like this?
  2. Wallpaper #3 [Found easter egg?]

    @_Daniel_ Found it.
  3. Dodge Dakota rig

    This rig is Perfect.
  4. Cubes are Edgy. I get the joke, Bravo!
  5. Fight Concept Animation

    @Twotorule Sorry to inform you, but the MGB page that you submitted to hasnt been updated in almost a year.
  6. Very cool. But Stretched textures are something you should avoid.
  7. @CraftyFoxe Avoid using stretched textures.
  8. Thats some of my childhood restored. Thank you for this. The CGI series sucks in my opinion. (Only watch it when My cable goes out)
  9. Mine-imator | Undertale Disbelief Rig! [Updated]

    Its a good rig... But where is the credit for the guy who made the papyrus rig you edited?
  10. fad 2 Rig Show off

  11. Che3sy's Che3se Block PLUS KNIFE!

    Laser cannon satellite.
  12. Che3sy's Che3se Block PLUS KNIFE!

    im already following you, you have no need to mention me unless its for credit.
  13. Che3sy's Che3se Block PLUS KNIFE!

    Why did you mention me?
  14. It's Over, Isn't It? [4k]

    Its minecraft. Nothing should be a perfect circle
  15. Foggy

    just take the cube or what ever is the "light" and turn the brightness all the way up.
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