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  1. That is so actuate to the show AND the fanbase. Nice!
  2. Then don't complain if its missing something. Sure you were proving a point, but it wasn't exactly the best way to put it.
  3. I was telling YOU to do that if you want a female version so bad.
  4. You do know that female facial rigs take one small change to have, right? Just add a cube and put it at the lower corner of the eyebrow. (The corner that faces away from the eye)
  5. Your getting the hang of it, still not real smooth, but definetly better than before.
  6. Actually, that's good for a start. You've got potential. I like the fact that your style isn't very common, or from what I've seen, never used at all until now. Also, if you click Follow, you will be notified of every reply to this topic. @NeonMurray
  7. Wow.
  8. Each person sepretly. And an Unoffical is made by one person as a "fan animation".
  9. What has been seen, cant be unseen...
  10. Not quite. If its made of Carbon fiber it would be relativly strong and easy to lift.
  11. Wrong. MGB is where TWO people animate there OC beating the other person's OC. Then you post both in one topic and the forums votes on who wins. (Its two seprate animations BTW, one for each opponent.)
  12. No.
  13. Nice.
  14. Today marks the day that Green has been OVER used. Still nice for a starter.
  15. Good effort for a new guy.
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