The Freefall Collab!

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The deadline has been updated to July 6th!

Welcome to the Freefall Collab!

In case there's any confusion about what the collab is about, you will be making two entries. One of your character jumping out of the given helicopter, and one of your character landing (for the end of the collab). In your first entry you are expected to include anything happening during the fall, after jumping. It could be anything. Be creative! Or you could have nothing happen. That's also an option I suppose. Remember, and this is very important, your entry for jumping out of the helicopter must be in a completely seperate video from the second entry.

First Entry: Jumping out of the plane AND falling down

Second Entry: Landing.

I would prefer all entries to be 1080p60, but that is not required (it'll just look bad in the final 1080p60 video if you make it worse). Add your own watermark if you can. If you can't, tell me in the message you send with your entry, and I'll make sure to make one for you. Any third-party editing software is great. Go for it. When you are sending your entry make sure you send both at once. It makes it a hell of a lot easier to organize. And please don't just send a YouTube link. It would be much easier for both me and you to send a download link instead for the actual video file. I think that's all I have to say for the topic. Make sure you read the handy dandy promotional card up there!

G4K7uJ5.png TPqJnsE.png

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New Deadline!

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1 hour ago, MasterArcher12 said:

why is your content appearing on my notifications... (I'm in)

I have no clue. 

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im in, my animation is exporting. gonna upload the video when it finishes exporting

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here it is (the first one)

heres the second one

sorry for the glitchiness, idk what caused it

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