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  1. This turned out quite well! Great job everybody!
  2. Eh, I ish not back. But I did make a weapon. Something:
  3. Am I back? Nah, I'm not. But I am. But no. Eh. Anyways, here's a pic of all of my weapons, all in one render. I think I won't be that much active, since I'm busy and stuff (Not really).
  4. Here's mine (Prolly sucks tho) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fynef5kym6lk1qc/Make+a+Pose+Entry.zip
  5. This looks good. Count me in if it's not too late to join.
  6. Once again, title's lame huh? Well, since it's almost Christmas, I made a render for it, featuring all my characters. I was lazy when I was working on the second render, pardon me. Credits to @SKIBBZ for the Mouth Items and @BloxTheRigger for the Christmas tree rig.
  7. Out of pure randomness and laziness, I decided to just display my character clothes, so pardon me if the render's too simple and plain. Front: Back: The one on the second to the right of the clothes is not made by me.
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