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  1. I would like to take a part at 1:56 - 2:00 :D
  2. [] This tram isn't exist in the real world. An automated tram for the medium-dense city area or in a country side. No driver, runs on pure energy and keeps quiet while operating. [ Attributes ] - Low detail , low spec computer could run this object nicely. - There are a poster beside a seats, you may replace another picture via a file, or remove it at the library panel. - Not good for narrow turning. [ Under repairing this :p ] >> Get one for your project! << Free resource , allow to modify , but not for reupload and claim as your own creation, no credit needed for having this on your Mine Imator project or your final export is on your Youtube channel. Credit needed when this resource file is uploaded somewhere else.
  3. Thank for your suggestion, I've changed the spelling and made the letters smaller. Sorry if you can't understand this topic because of this thread grammar is distorted.
  4. This collab has been closed because of low participants by Atory_Ricky. 28 01 2018 Hello every body! Today, I would like to come up with one collaboration by me and Atory_Rigky Eiei ! Police VS Thief Story in brief. Intro : There was a thief hacked the government system. Not so long after that, police had arrived and arrested him. So bad, he was be able to escape from the police, and he has to catch that thief before he will trouble someone or something. In this task, the one who joined the assignment will have to create the creation by using following factors. -*- Except for police and thief characters, you can't use any main character that you wish to be use, but you may put them as your background or helping police to arrest the theft , or helping theft to be free. -*- Police and thief must not be death in your work, thief must not be arrested by any factors, or at last, he is able to be free after that. -*- Magic and beyond natural are not likely to be accept, in case that it is too over or OP. Put those factors as the beautiful background is fine. -*- Scene, animator's skill, and hard working are required. In case that you are not good at doing this, feel free to do your best! -*- inappropriate work such as sexual and social or person satirical will not be accepted. But violence or blood can be. -*- Take the resources here POLICE --- THIEF -*- Every creations will be considered by Atory_Rigky Eiei and experienced animators of MAUT and the others. -*- No limit of applying , registration is not required until you have done your creation. If you done, follow the link and fill in the blank. You will need Gmail account in order to do that. https://goo.gl/forms/xnp29Y9gQ43kArM13 WORK EXAMPLE Events --- Established the collaboration [ Was on planning by Atory , decided to open the collaboration after a queue. 15 / 11 / 2017 --- Opening for world wide animators [ Started to accept any creation ] 02 / 12 / 2017 --- Closed the creation main applying period [ So , all the creations will be edit at this period ] 10 / 02 / 2018 --- Fixed work applying stage 10 / 02 / 2018 --- Completely closed the applying stage 24 / 02 / 2018 --- The creation will be full released [ Everything has finished ] 03 / 03 / 2018 ** The time table may changed depend on the event. ** The full release will be on Atory_Rigky Eiei - Youtube ** https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWgYUhMgKCBx1DZBF5Bw35A This collaboration host by Nature Gecko Group and Atory_Rigky Eiei. -*-*- Thank for participating -*-*-
  5. That's so beautiful! Super extremely nice creation!
  6. In general, this is for a children to ride on it. But in the picture, it is moving by the soul energy and then turn it into a ghost rider..... Download tricycle! [You can use this resource for your project freely]
  7. Because that train always running on the elevated railways with 400KMH. So , the engineer design it to be look like a dragon head.
  8. This is "Naturaris Railways" or NR lines on the "Nature Anameric" Information : Max speed -- 450KM , service at 400KM. Electric train. 5 cars per train. 12X4 seat per cars. 1 train per 5 minute at the station.
  9. The first entry is about 40S long and the second is about 35S. Before I sent it , I cut those entry and keep only fighting and flying intestine scenes. That made it no longer then 30S.
  10. NOTE : This creation is full of blood, inner organs dropping out, or flying intestines.
  11. May be your item in this file which name is "Robot light" made this error. It can be so many reason such as arrangement on your rig file or your object texture. Now , your rig is ready to be use! You may change or write more texture and item in the file that I put on the file. //Support for MI1.0.6 or more. . . Click here and get your rig , I hope this will be helpful for any of your project. Good luck :)
  12. Nice work! But I think there is a problem to connect upper arm and lower arm. [Also the leg] If you want to fix , you can try to connect those by cylinder or using human's parts instead to make it more smooth.
  13. May be... You should try to save it at .mproj and using only 1 texture frame. [You used 5] If you could not import twice , you may duplicate it twice.
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