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  • Interests Fortnite being released on Android and on Nintendo switch,along with free save the world. And also endorphin and euphoria. I mean, i'm not talking about the events of a real person,but i mean the game engines.
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  1. Jadturentale

    Intense Animation In Progress

    0:12 hes bouncing in reverse Is Coraline?
  2. Jadturentale


    his fingers tho it looks like hes gonna vomit with his fingers
  3. Jadturentale

    Inverse Kinematics In Mine-Imator

    please someone make a REAL one
  4. Jadturentale

    Fad Rig V.1

    i'm dead inside please help im being overused and nothing about my 5 nights is original please help "Hey, it's me, Barney, from Black Mesa!"
  5. Jadturentale

    Work In Progress Bendy Map

    were 2018 not 2017 wait did someone BUMP THIS?!?!?!??
  6. Jadturentale

    Work in progress animation. Shovel throw

    At the beginning when the character throws the shovel, it looks like you animated like FuturisticHub (some guy that i dont wanna talk about but that makes crappy animations), beacause it just dosent look natural how he steps (but im not saying this animation is crappy, FuturisticHub uses blender)
  7. Jadturentale

    Teaser poster for new project

    Hey! Good work on this, Hagus! (Also to people who didn't know, Hagus is the director of the series and i could be an animator) (oh and your character looks like he's constipated)
  8. Jadturentale

    Finding a cave in minecraft 2011-2018

    2011 was when i started playing Minecraft. Ah, the good old days when people were not saying "cancer" to minecraft when they didnt even play.
  9. Jadturentale


    Here's some critisicm: The health is wrong. The skybox looks more like just an image slapped in. Steve has NOTHING! But, hey! Keep up the good work
  10. Jadturentale


    Looks like Minecraft: Mirror's edge realistic cutscenes and animations edition yes i wish i'd have made a mod for that *Jake_28 making a mod for this*
  11. Jadturentale

    d e s p a c i t o

    ahem yes its out look on youtube
  12. Jadturentale

    Peanut Butter Porkbutt with Sprinkles

    no thanks
  13. Jadturentale

    Passing Storm

    realistico but better
  14. Jadturentale

    Wallpaper - The Void [2k] (I'm back to the Forums!)

    obviously inside the portal theres just an image
  15. Jadturentale

    The Invasion - 4K Wallpaper (New OC)

    There's pink glow for some reason. It looks like this is what it looks like when you ripp the covers of your sister's bed!
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