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  1. Jadturentale

    Forum Dark theme?

    It's the invision community thing and i doubt it's possible to make custom themes. Just try Skibbz's method.
  2. Jadturentale

    Zurgame Rig Trailer Animation

    the music is very wierd (i turned the volume down at the first second), only linear transitions, bad text tracking, bad lighting. Just a few tips, if you want natural movement, use different transitions.
  3. Jadturentale

    Creepy (sort of) CNSEP5 sort of teaser thing i made

    i'm still asking this question at this video even if i made this
  4. i should've posted this on halloween tbh Something happened.
  5. Jadturentale

    Strange bug

    happened to me once, had to install the most recent version of mine imator
  6. Jadturentale

    Forum Battle

    Mine Imator Forums: Non popular ppl are offended by popular ppl, globally. By Crafting table that has camera, blocks and lots of things in it.
  7. Jadturentale

    I need a Skin Editor

  8. So i just realized Blender does not feel so good. Welp, Mine-imator is our only bunker now!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nimi


      Blender 2.8 is still in beta though.

    3. Hagus


      Gosh dang it Nimi, I told you not to clap when you had all the Mine-imator stones.

    4. Jadturentale


      Mine-imator is still what i use though.

  9. Jadturentale

    video player for imator for me

    oh god, i feel bad for the people who dont understand i think he means like a surface with a video/GIF on it
  10. Hey, i now have a Galaxy Tab S4! (I even wrote this with it)

    Its sort of like a laptop, but made by samsung. I use it now all the time!

  11. Jadturentale

    Strange bug

    do you have a 32 bit pc by any chance?
  12. Jadturentale

    Mr. Blockman | Episode 1

    this is how it feels like to chew 5 gum haha dead memes are funny
  13. unknown.png

    Artificial disaster: Notification flood!

    1. Jake_28


      Same thing happened to me, but it said Jadturlental and HeyYoNia commented, not qouted

  14. Jadturentale

    Windy anything!

    wHaT aBoUT OlDeR vErSiOnS???
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