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  • Interests Fortnite being released on Android and on Nintendo switch,along with free save the world. And also endorphin and euphoria. I mean, i'm not talking about the events of a real person,but i mean the game engines.
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  1. Start Screen Question

    its a software that u use to make models in mine imator im sure your new to this beacause modelbench is new in other words (joke words), its a bench that has models sitting on it.
  2. adding a model in MI [BUG]

    Oh. That dosent happen for me.
  3. Weird error when redo-ing

    GML? It reminds me of GM. Maybe it conflicts with something you made in Gamemaker. But if it's not... I don't know,honestly. But there are constant bugfixes and updates.
  4. Skin Download

    The update came out!
  5. adding a model in MI [BUG]

    Are you on Windows 8.1 or lower? Beacause these Windows versions cause LOTS of problems to certain people.
  6. The secret life of a chest (Mine-Imator animation)

    (I didn't even see the chest floating,so your right) The chest loops it's only animation and i was (sorta) lazy,beacause i just woke up.
  7. Create part bug

    Oh. Yes i am. He just told me you get notifications when somebody talks.
  8. Modelbench Beta 0.4.2

    Yeah, i totally don't have problems with this modeling software!
  9. Create part bug

    It's annoying to get random notifications.. Are you secretly tagging me?
  10. I got a notification from this. Why are there random notifications?
  11. The secret life of a chest (Mine-Imator animation)

    I TOUGHT that you disliked this video,but no. It's just some fad fan disliking my video. It all started when i made a fad Roblox game trolling video... And that fad Fan is still disliking EVERY video of mine. Sorry.
  12. Wet Rope Twisting Test

    Oh, it means that you need to wait for the creators of the site to approve your post.
  13. So what is ModelBench?

    It's a model maker that is (sorta) hard to use and that has Z and Y axis reversed. It also has a complicated UV Editor.
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