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    Animator (learning), Proffesional poser, Scene maker and artist

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  • Location In front of his computer animating,arting, Fortniting, Synerging,Minecrafting, Brick Planeting and Unreal Engineering.
  • Interests Fortnite being released on Android and on Nintendo switch,along with free save the world. And also endorphin and euphoria. I mean, i'm not talking about the events of a real person,but i mean the game engines.
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  1. Jadturentale

    Morning!...on the bed :|

    this shouldn't be allowed in the mine imator forums
  2. Jadturentale

    Annoying Bending Issue

  3. Jadturentale


  4. Jadturentale


    the rain is pixelized and pixels can be seen on a reflection so no
  5. Jadturentale

    android sent by cyberlife

    hello, i am the android sent by cyberlife also yes i changed animation style
  6. muhahaha i have found you jad


  7. remake of the strangely akward mobile version artwork where alex falls off a cliff
  8. Jadturentale

    Today (Promotional art-styled artwork)

    Thanks! I'l get better next time.
  9. Jadturentale

    My Mine-imator is a darn bug

    what are your drivers? they seem broken 32 bit does work with mine-imator.
  10. Today's a new day, and a new story is starting! critisicm is accepted, thanks for criticizing
  11. i wanna have one of those pfps, is there a template?

  12. Jadturentale

    We Are Number One Collab

    rest in peace, robbie rotten
  13. Jadturentale

    5 Things to play around on Mine-Imator

    I make content by making it.
  14. Jadturentale

    Annoying Bending Issue

    jake..... why
  15. Jadturentale

    I cannot enter negative values

    name of a modpack, how did this happen?
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